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Video card advice

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Would appreciate any advice on what are the key features to checkout on video cards.Looking for something in the less expensive Nvidia Geforce GTX range,

thanks in advance 


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You looking to pick up an older card from eBay - or a newer mid end card?



If new what about this: 






Basically if you run games with high requirements the card heats up so big fans mean better cooling and very quiet compared to basic reference cards.


It has a very good cooling system and runs lower temps than the older 700 series cards - because its a newer Maxwell chip


Fubar runs this Twin Frozr card with SF2 and says it works great - comes with an MSI app where you can change it to game/OC/quiet mode with one click.

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Thanks for that MigBuster I have in fact been looking at  the equivalent to the MSI card in the twin fan EVGA GTX 750 ti FTW 2gb  and there were two others EVGA cards with very 


similar if not the same specs but with single fan slightly cheaper so I guess I have been looking in the right area.

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