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Some screenshots from Naval Action.

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With my pre-order I was invited into the alpha testing. The game right now is pretty basic with the focus being combat, However, much is planned for the future. The water and wind is the nicest Ive seen in a game. The ship models are awesome. The combat is fun and challenging. It includes trying to come alongside and board...arrrrrrr! The cannon can be loaded with ball, double shot, grapeshot, or chain for tearing up masts and sails. Damage modeling is good with holes in sails or sides, broken bowsprit, etc.









Admittedly, not a lot of animation yet to boarding but the basic mechanics are there.



Took a beating. Damage control is overwhelmed...Im going down.



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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner dsawan. I don't know if it is moddable yet. Ive also been asking about a game editor. Im not sure the devs have gotten far anough along in the development to answer those questions with any certainty.

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Here is a little movie I put together. Another player and I took on two A.I. 8 gun brigs. We were sailing 6 gun cutters. I had equipped my ship with long range 6lb. "long" guns which gave me a good reach. We both focused our fire on the lead brig initially. I would fire a ranging shot and watch where it landed thru my telescope. Then cut loose with a broadside using solid shot. Eventually I found myself downwind firing at the second brig, leaving the first brig to my squadron mate. After a desperate fight where he sustained much damage, he did manage to sink the brig. By then, I had closed with him and the second brig and we both took it under fire until the AI brig turned away. I turned to give chase and firing chain shot slowed him down. Switching to double shot at close range, I inflicted a great deal of punishment on him and as he started to sink, we were given the victory.

   Please excuse the video as it is comprised of several 30 second recordings using an unregistered version of fraps. So it doesn't always connect very well between the clips. I didn't add any dialog to it either. But it gives you a good idea of the sights and sounds of the game.



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