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Saitek Pain in the Ass!

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This is more of a heads up than a rant guys and the info may come in handy especially if you are thinking of buying the Saitek X52Pro for xmas or a present for someone else.


I've spent the last 2 months getting FSX to run as smooth as possible with about 40GB of various addons and had it running perfectly with all sorts of custom military traffic etc, I was using a CH Flight Yoke as I mainly fly the Nimrod or P3 Orion, anyway i downloaded a couple of fighters so decided to buy the Saitek X52 pro, brand new.


I downloaded the latest drivers and thats where the trouble began, a known problem i may add, but unknown to me. The result was like a virus sweeping through my system, none of my games would work, the PC kept freezing and hanging, all sorts of crap going on.


The solution was the drivers were conflicting with my Z87 motherboard, not sure if it conflicts with other MOB's, but the fix is:ti disable xHCI in BIOS which means that all USB port will operate at USB 2.0, this fixed the solution however i had to uninstall SF2, FSX, DCS and then reinstall them all. Now the X52Pro works brilliantly, but what a ball ache, should've just bought a Thrustmaster Hotas X for £30 and been problem free.


Anyway, just thought i would share as it took me 4 hours of solid googling etc to find a fix.

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That's pretty pi$$ poor dev work from Saitek!!!!!


I feel your pain :(


It is and of all the other people that have endured this pain not one person got the fix from Saitek, it came from some other poor sod that went through hours of crap to find a fix, hopefully i can prevent that happening to members of this site.

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I figured long ago never use a joystick that requires software.


Interestingly, the *top* joystick is the old Saitek, the Cyborg Graphite, commonly found at The WalMarts for about 20$.


Largest throw by a long shot, 6 inches, way more than the fancy sticks.

Most massive base

Largest and most firm feedback stick buttons

Hardcore trigger click and feel.

Largest most massive throttle.

Most rugged stick ever made. Mine lasted for 10 years, still worked fine but it started developing wear finally...and dusty as cht. I just replaced it with one of two backups. They are inexpensive.

Best firm feedback hat buttons, although only 4-way. Its supposed to be 8-way but the diagnals don't work as accurately as the normal 4. That's the only drawback I found.


2nd best, no software.


1st Best of all, the Cyborg Graphite's simplicity and ruggedness best simulates a classical joystick found in warplanes from  WW2 thru at least the 60s. I consider the expensive fancy pants super sticks that come with software to be future space battleship sticks or something.


Well, maybe it did come with software. But if so, I never used it.

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