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  1. I think Steam is the only way forward to reach a wider audience and achieve the £££$$$$$ required to upgrade this series, a few people have mentioned in this post that there are a lot of people out there that don't even know SF2 exists. In my opinion SF2 is the perfect air combat platform for those of us that don't have the time to take up the more complicated challenges that DCS offers.
  2. Lets hope some talented modders from here take up the task then, i really love the V Bombers of the Rioyal Air Force
  3. Hi Guy's, does anyone have a model of the Victor & the Valiant Cold War RAF Bombers, I've tried applying to join the A-TEAM website as I believe they may have them but I've had no feedback for joining, if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it?
  4. Running SF2 and all expansion packs with no problem on this laptop even with Saitek X52 Pro and CH Pedals plugged in, not bad for a £300 laptop
  5. Looking for some advice on custom mission building, in years gone by I've made my own custom missions in SF2V, having recently returned to the game after a couple of years I've been trying to create CAS missions for gunships however none of the enemy or friendly objects I've placed such as US Army & NVA Squads are showing up on the ground where I've placed them in the custom mission builder. The only mods I'm using is the Green Hell 3.5 mod and some downloaded Huey's/Cobra's, any help on the matter is greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks dude ill order the book its got some pretty good reviews
  7. I'm currently reading this book about the aeroscouts of the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam, the author "Hugh Mills" was shot down 16 times, wounded 3 times and earned numerous decorations of service including 3 silver stars and 4 distinguished flying crosses and 3 bronze stars. I've read a number of books on the Vietnam War and this is by the best, it even beats "Chickenhawk" which until now was my favourite of all time.
  8. My bad I understood it had become Freeware according to the video, I purchased mine about 7 years ago so assumed Thirdwire had discontinued any support/sales.
  9. Apparently SF2 and all the expansion packs can be downloaded for free all legal and above board, I can't remember the name of the site but I saw it on a SF2 video on Youtube, it wasn't a torrent site or anything dodgy like that.
  10. Cheers pal i'll have a go at installing tonight then and see if its up to speed
  11. Hi guys just wondering if my laptop would run SF2, I've got SF2 Full expansions and mods installed on my gaming PC with Windows 7 but it would be handy to have it on my laptop for travel, any idea if these specs could run it before I go through the arduous process to install SF2 & mods onto my laptop just to find its slower than a trailer park quiz night? AMD Ryzen 3 2200U 8GB DDR4 RAM 256GB SSD Radeon Vega3 Graphics
  12. Cold War Movies

    Some great titles in this post
  13. Cold War Movies

    I watched some great cold war movies this weekend if anyone likes that type of thing:- Bridge of Spies (Colonel Abel & the Shooting down of the U2 with Gary Powers), starring Tom Hanks The Russia House (Sean Connery Micheal Pfiefer) The Fourth Protocol (Rogue KGB plan to detonate a nuclear bomb close to an RAF Base in England and blame the local USAF Unit for the accident (Micheal Caine & Piers Brosnan) Thought they were worth a mention, highly enjoyable
  14. Castle AFB Museum, part 1

    Great to see a Vulcan made it to the States for show
  15. Hi Guys, returning to SF2 after a while doing other stuff and I've been through the downloads section and I can see the modders have been very busy with some fantastic work being done. So far I've reinstalled SF2, SF2V, SF2E, SF2I, SF2NA, & Expansion Packs, I was just wondering what mods you guys are running as a good combination?

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