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EAW 140 public release available

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The files are at OneDrive and the link is here:


The first file that you need is the "140basicRV1" which is a 7 zip self installer.

It can be run anywhere on your PC and it will create a fully working folder named "140basicRV1".

The only thing you need to add before launching is your "eaw.ini" file. I have included mine (myeaw.ini) to rename and try if you do not have one. If you do use mine then edit it so that the entry "VirtualCockpit=1" appears in the first section. If you leave it as "VirtualCockpit=0" you will not see the cockpit needles.

After installing you need to test it, and to do so you need to run the "DirSetExeManagerV5" and choose the exe, the "DefaultEAW" theatre and the planeset (1). EAW140 will CTD if no planeset is selected. At this stage none of the other theatres would have been installed. You do have a choice of exes for either the new map or the old.


Then you should be able to fly

On my Win 7 PC i need to use the "d3dwindower" program to avoid garbled maps for single mission selection.

Once it is working you can download the five other theatres. Again they are 7-zip self installers, but this time each one must be run in your "140basicRV1" folder.

:cool:  Jel

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I have added the "d3dwindower" zipfile to the download page to provide a possible solution for Windows 7 users encountering bad screen graphics.

Download the zip and extract the two files in it. I put them in my "140basicRV1" folder:
The two files added are the "D3dHook.dll" and the "D3DWindower.exe".

Running the "D3DWindower.exe" gives an empty window:

Click on the "eaw.exe" and "DirSetExeManagerV5.exe" icons in your "140basicRV1" folder and drag them into the empty window:

You can now launch either program from this window (which will appear when you run the "D3DWindower.exe") by double clicking the icon.
EAW will run in windowed mode, with the selection screens in their natural resolution and the game in the resolution set in your "eaw.ini" file. I use less than full screen to accommodate the window borders.
I have no graphics problems when I use the windower, and the results in Windows 7 are much better.

Maybe because of its age and very old code some anti-virus programs treat the windower with suspicion, but I assure you that it is completely safe. I have been using it for over two years on various PCs.


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