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  1. Here's a link to the real thing Video I saw it several times when it was in the shed at Dinting, and the last time I saw it was when it visited Adelaide. I remember standing in front of one of the big driving wheels for a photograph, and those wheels dwarfed me
  2. 160 and Support?

    That is a strange question because there is no "eaw.ini" folder, just an "eaw.ini" file. As Russ writes you can re-name the current one. When there is no "eaw.ini" file the exe writes a new one with the default settings.
  3. There is a series of threads at SimHQ, so I am posting the links. Open them in a new window GameRanger pictures European theatre Spain Mediterranean Finland Moggy's IRAQ Carrier Air War South Pacific Air War Jel
  4. 160 and Support?

    Have you tried with no "eaw.ini" at all?
  5. ... because that's what UAW160 is all about
  6. Good to read

    Thanks, and it was good to read the thanks from "Schming56" who needed a bit of help to get going, but is now a happy long time EAW user
  7. Good to read

    Unashamedly promoting 160
  8. 160 and Support?

    From the instructions It is suggested that you use your own "eaw.ini" file. You must have one from your Win7installation, but did you try it?
  9. 160 and Support?

    A statement made without any supporting evidence
  10. 160 and Support?

    I run 160 in Win10, and so do many other people. Did you put your own "eaw.ini" file from your Win7 installation into your Win10 UAW160 folder? When you tried to fly 160 did you get the main selection screen? If you did, did you select a single mission or an instant mission? Instant missions use data stored from single missions, and if no single missions have been flown then there can be problems.
  11. 160 and Support?

    The link is here: PSExe_for_Dummies The file that you will download is named "PlaneSetExeTheatreSwitchV4.ex_" so it needs to be renamed as "PlaneSetExeTheatreSwitchV4.exe" before you put it in your UAW160 folder.
  12. Milestone

    Hi Claudio I did not realise that you were still around, so it is good to see your post. I just checked your page at Sandbaggers, and there is a lot of great stuff still available
  13. 160 and Support?

    As posted elsewhere I will release it after a few more tests Opening screen: A planeset was selected:
  14. 160 and Support?

    Which posts, apart from yours and RIBobs?
  15. Milestone

    Nobody apart from Mark is hosting any of your programs, and why would they want to?
  16. 160 and Support?

    Two potential newbies are curious about UAW160,and they read threads that say it is difficult to install, and that the file-manager is difficult to use. The first believes that and does not bother. The second decides to carry on regardless, gets a successful installation and is able to select an exe, a planeset and a theatre and fly UAW160 with no problems. He wonders why those posts were made. However, because of those posts we lost a newbie who did not bother to try
  17. 160 and Support?

    Here we have the 1.29 file-manager in operation: It does exactly the same thing as the 160 version.
  18. 160 and Support?

    Just consider how 160 actually works The 160 exe looks for three files. 1. A "Dir.set" file in the root folder which is a list of places where it will find the files it needs for the theatre. This came into play when 1.28c was released. 2. A "PDir.set" file in the "Gamedata" folder which is a list of places where it will find the files it needs for the aircraft skins. 3. A "FMDir.set" file in the "Gamedata" folder which is a list of places where it will find the files it needs for the aircraft flight models. "PDir.set" and "FMDir.set" files were first used in 1.28E So, since 1.28E we have used file-managers to put these three files in the appropriate places to allow users to select different theatres and planesets. In my opinion the "PlaneSetExeTheatreSwitchV3.exe" is the easiest of all of them to use. Nobody is suggesting that any of the previous ones were easier, or that there are difficulties with them, so why are people raising ill-founded concerns about using the "PlaneSetExeTheatreSwitchV3.exe" ? Can anyone suggest a better way to put these three files in the right places?
  19. 160 and Support?

    Absolute garbage There are three lists. 1. Clicking a planeset lists the planes and loads the paths to the skin files and the FM files for the exe to read. 2. Clicking the exe list selects and loads the exe you want to use. 3. Clicking a theatre selects the theatre you want to use Clicking "Launch EAW" launches the game. Four mouseclicks, but you want a tutorial? Sorry Mark, but ill-informed posts like this require a response.
  20. The 500x500 Solomons terrain, with the tile and height maps converted to "eaw32.tm" and "eaw6.hm". I was able to use their pilot map too I was using a hastily converted EAW ETO target map for what has been a successful test of my conversion software
  21. 160 and Support?

    Accepted. I posted from memory and on checking I had misinterpreted a couple of things that you wrote. The third 7-zip that you referred to installs the visual basic runtimes. Many users' PCs have them already installed, so it is not needed, and if a user only wants the ETO set-up from the first 7-zip there is no need for them at all.
  22. 160 and Support?

    Mark I have a problem with some of the things you have written in my threads at SimHQ which are simply not true You tell people that UAW160 is difficult to install for a newbie. Well if that is the case lets us compare what an EAW newbie needs to do to install EAWPro, and UAW160 UAW160: 1. Download a self-installing file from a link and run it. The user now has a working installation with an exe, an ETO theatre and a default planeset EAWPro: 1. Obtain a 1.2 installation and run it. 2. Copy the EAW folder. 3. Download a zipfile from a link and put it in the copy of the EAW folder. 4. Extract the files. The user now has a working installation with an exe, an ETO theatre and a default planeset. Neither installation process is difficult, so why do you keep telling people that installing 160 is difficult? If the newbie wants to extend his UAW installation he downloads another self installer, runs it in his "UAW160" folder, and now has several theatres, several planesets and the "PlaneSetExeTheatreSwitchV3.exe" file-manager which is a simple to use utility which allows him to pick a theatre, a plane-set, the version of the eaw.exe of his choice, and then launch the game.
  23. I was not sure if the Old Person was me However, this whole thing was a simple experiment to see if I could extract the data from SF files, to produce a tile map, a target map, a height map, and a list of target names and create a theatre for UAW160. It entailed the writing of new software, but it was successful. That's all
  24. I needed a break from working on Darwin, so I went back to further develop the SF1 Solomons theatre for 160 multiplayer fun With a bit more work I will have a beta out in a couple of days Jel

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