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  1. European Air War in 2019

    I encountered problems with XP. For EAW programming I run XP on a virtual machine on my Win10 drive. However, the graphics driver for the VM cannot handle EAW on the VM. I use a caddy for my HDDs so I tried to install XP on an old HDD, It failed because there was no drivers available that are suitable for my graphics card. Jel
  2. I disagree that it was deliberately taken off course. One suggestion directly relating to the topic was that the ETO theatre could be modded with more AAA at the airfields used by the 262s. In a response VBH discouraged people from using my editors to do this, which implied that there is a problem with them. This was the statement that took the thread off course. It needed to be challenged, and it was.
  3. In my screenie the carrier is a base and I flew a mission in a MB-3 The Wildcat is TMod81 and there is a value in the "TMod081.dat" file that sets the height if certain other conditions are met. The beauty of this is that there is no need to mess with the Z value of the 3dz. We can have Wildcats on the ground at airbases, or on carrier decks, or at any required height using this system. We took the TMod table out of the exe, put the default one in a "TMod.dat" file, to which we added additional values so that a line of data is 70 bytes. The exe reads "TMod.dat" and then reads any individual files such as "TMod081.dat", which is 74 bytes in length due to a four byte header. I cannot see you being able to get EAWPro to use new types of external files, with some complex conditional code to run routines that use the data in them. I can see the structure of your exe, and I can see the limitations that it imposes. What you have done despite these limitations is excellent. The point of the discussion is that you advised people not to use my editors, which implied that they were unreliable. Now you have changed your tune, and I agree that without a good understanding of how EAW works editing targets would be difficult for a newbie. It is the complexity of the EAW structure that is the problem, not the editors.
  4. Here's a shot with four Wildcat TMods parked out of the way, and the MB-3s ready for take-off:
  5. I did not edit the hit bubble table. I used a conditional routine that positions TMods on the carrier deck using a value in the "TMod.dat" file that is completely unrelated to the hit bubble. It achieved what had been requested in a much better way without having to modify any hit bubbles. What I did cannot be done the same way in 1.2 or EAWPro because there is no external TMod.dat file and no individual "TModXY.dat" files with additional values that can be edited and used in conditional routines. There are no carriers with raised decks 60 feet high.
  6. So why did you not comment in general terms to dissuade newbies from modding instead of singling out the use of my editors. The fact that you did that suggests that you were implying that there are reliability problems with my editors, whereas you are now saying that the problem is due to the complexity of EAW itself rather than with the editors.
  7. ....and their 3dz file names begin with "TMod".
  8. The targets and TMods are independent of the terrain tiles, so they will always show up
  9. The default EAW theatre is a 640x320 grid of terrain tiles. When you fly EAW and chose a target and a home base you see a map with the targets and bases on it. They were put in their positions on the grid using an editor which can add new targets, and delete or move existing ones. When you take off from your home base you will see hangars, AAA guns, barracks, fuel dumps and the like. These are the "TMods", and they were added to the your home base and placed in position and orientation using the same editor. When you fly you may see ships, trains, trucks and armoured vehicles. These are also "TMods". You may also be attacking a radar tower or a warehouse. Again these are "TMods" which need to be added and positioned by the target editor. There are other TMods such as trees, forests, houses, farms, cathedrals, windmills. These can be added and positioned using the target editor, but many are positioned on terrain tiles using a different editor. So if you note the numbers of targets and TMods in EAW1.2, and compare that with the numbers in EAWPro or ETO2018 you can see how many new targets and TMods have been added and positioned by VBH and Ray. This was time consuming work. The figures were quoted to recognise that. I would add that Ray has used my target editor to make SPAW, ModSqadBoB, in addition to his ETO2015. Moggy has used it for IRAQ , Dunkirk, and Switzerland. Pobs used it to make Spanish Air War and a Burma theatre. I used it to upgrade a number of older theatres such as DAW, Malta, Carrier Air War, and Pearl Harbour. I also made experimental limited tileset versions of the 1914-18 Western front, and the BoB theatre. The files we created have worked flawlessly, and I am justifiably proud of the reliability of my work. Jel
  10. Consider the case of a player who would like to learn how to modify a 1.28 - 160 ETO theatre. It could not be done by hex editing, so what are your suggestions?
  11. Here are some statistical facts regarding the development of the ETO theatre. I have checked the sizes of the "targets.dat" and "tardata.dat" files to calculate the number of targets, and the number of TMods. In EAW1.2 there are 302 targets and 3826 Tmods In the EAWPro public release there are 309 targets and 17894 Tmods In ETO 2018 there are 316 targets and 31751 TMods This theatre is Ray's ETO 2015 plus a few convoy targets added by me. It gives the reader some idea of the amount of work that has been done by VBH and Ray in order to produce much more interesting ETO theatres in terms of targets and ground objects. Jel
  12. The fuselage hit bubble is a single value in the 160 "plane.dat" file for an individual aircraft, or in the 30 plane "planes.dat" file used by 1.2 and EAWPro. It does not get changed in the game.
  13. Over 10 years ago Will Gee introduced the TM2 system with 4 bytes per tile. It cannot be applied to the 1.2, FXExe and EAWPro exes. However, as a result the target editor was modified, and it has continually evolved due to input from users and further development of the 1.28 series up to 160. In the development of the 1.28 series we took out a TMod table which was hard coded in the eaw.exe, put the data in an editable file, and later split this file into individual TMod data files which the exe reads. These files are easily edited with an appropriate editor with which the user knows exactly which values are being edited. Individual edited files can be copied into the root folder for testing. Similarly, when we split "planes.dat" into 30 individual files each single file is easily edited, allowing the hit bubbles to be set (and lots of other things too). Again the users know exactly what they are editing. Formation tables were put into editable external files, and the exe was edited to allow additional types. Similarly the exe was edited to accommodate additional runway types in an editable file, and as a result the carriers from 1.28c onwards have runways on raided decks. The hard coded data in the1.2 exe was a PITA. VBH made a good file map of the eaw.exe which made his hex-editing achievements possible, but no other modder has found the need to hex-edit since working editors became available. What he has achieved is remarkable, but the possibilities are restricted because of the hard coded data in the exe, its inability to read use the data from any new external files, and limited available space for any new code to be added. VBH claims that he cannot run the 1.28 series, which I do not dispute, but if he cannot, then despite his years of working with EAW he has limited experience from which to comment on the editing software that we use when he has nothing to test the results with.
  14. As you have quoted VBH"s comment I must re-iterate how ill-informed and misguiding they are in terms of the current software that we use. You should ask the modders who use it, but I would add that it needs a good understanding of what the files involved actually do in EAW. With the hit-bubble system locked into EAWPro I would doubt that the eaw.exe could be hex-edited to achieve the result that you would like. In terms of the damage model the bomb-bay is effectively just a part of the fuselage, and there is no code relating to whether or not it contains bombs.
  15. Ray was correct about survival chances. However, it was not a general statement, but one specific to having to fly below 100 feet and below 150 mph in a straight line to release a torpedo in SPAW. The targets were invariably in a convoy of well armed ships and the fire was intense. His adjustments made it much better. There is a lot of small AAA fire, but fewer hits.

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