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  1. Good to read

    I had a PM from OldGrognard at SHQ who tried to install UAW160, and things went from bad to worse. From what he wrote he got the PC Accelerator "virus" from the MediaFire download, which caused a multitude of problems. I did not think that this was possible, and it is certainly not bundled with the downloadable 7-zips. What are your thoughts?
  2. 160 and Support?

    Any progress???
  3. Here's a link to the real thing Video I saw it several times when it was in the shed at Dinting, and the last time I saw it was when it visited Adelaide. I remember standing in front of one of the big driving wheels for a photograph, and those wheels dwarfed me
  4. 160 and Support?

    That is a strange question because there is no "eaw.ini" folder, just an "eaw.ini" file. As Russ writes you can re-name the current one. When there is no "eaw.ini" file the exe writes a new one with the default settings.
  5. There is a series of threads at SimHQ, so I am posting the links. Open them in a new window GameRanger pictures European theatre Spain Mediterranean Finland Moggy's IRAQ Carrier Air War South Pacific Air War Jel
  6. 160 and Support?

    Have you tried with no "eaw.ini" at all?
  7. Good to read

    Thanks, and it was good to read the thanks from "Schming56" who needed a bit of help to get going, but is now a happy long time EAW user
  8. Good to read

    Unashamedly promoting 160
  9. ... because that's what UAW160 is all about
  10. 160 and Support?

    From the instructions It is suggested that you use your own "eaw.ini" file. You must have one from your Win7installation, but did you try it?
  11. 160 and Support?

    A statement made without any supporting evidence
  12. 160 and Support?

    I run 160 in Win10, and so do many other people. Did you put your own "eaw.ini" file from your Win7 installation into your Win10 UAW160 folder? When you tried to fly 160 did you get the main selection screen? If you did, did you select a single mission or an instant mission? Instant missions use data stored from single missions, and if no single missions have been flown then there can be problems.
  13. 160 and Support?

    The link is here: PSExe_for_Dummies The file that you will download is named "PlaneSetExeTheatreSwitchV4.ex_" so it needs to be renamed as "PlaneSetExeTheatreSwitchV4.exe" before you put it in your UAW160 folder.
  14. Milestone

    Hi Claudio I did not realise that you were still around, so it is good to see your post. I just checked your page at Sandbaggers, and there is a lot of great stuff still available
  15. 160 and Support?

    As posted elsewhere I will release it after a few more tests Opening screen: A planeset was selected:

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