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  1. The Allied Fleet in Carrier Air War Jel
  2. Just a scary picture

    The original is 20 years old, but it has a number of qualities that later sims do not have, so people are still flying it in its various forms, even online :)
  3. Finnish Air War (winter terrain) Jel
  4. Because 160 is slot free the old aircraft codes such as "262a" are no longer used by the exe in any routines. Four bytes of data were used for the old aircraft code in "plane.dat", and classified as text data. I have reclassified them as four individual bytes of numeric data, and different routines can be made to run depending on any one (or more) of these four bytes The first one that I have done is for the display of the rocket flare and smoke trail for the Komet. The edited "plane.dat" file has one of these four bytes with a value that displays the appropriate flare and smoke trail As a result of this the modified 160 exe can easily differentiate between the 163 and the V1: The normal V1 routine applies in this case Jel
  5. Date and time setting, Multiskins and ETO seasonal terrains A multiskin plane-set was loaded and a single mission set up in the default ETO theatre It is the 11th of October (Autumn) and we should be over the target at 17:10 which is ten minutes before sun-set Spit IX multiskins and Autumn scenery: B-17 multiskins: Close to sun-set: 110 multiskins over the bombers: Re-set the month to January, and adjust the time based on the sun-set time which is 16:37: Neary sun-set and winter snow: Here come those 110s again: I really love those evening colours
  6. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    I just checked out the abandonware download. It gives you an "iso" file to install V1.0 from a CD. That is the very first version of EAW. It also has a zip file which gives you the original 1.28 patcher. This was the very first version released by the code group, so I had a nostalgic visit We already had gun convergence, Allied and Axis selection screens showing flyable aircraft, on-screen frame-rate display and improved multiplayer selection with host only launch. There were other improvements too, but less obvious than these
  7. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    Back to your problem. When you choose a theatre the name is saved in a file named "CurrentLongDirSet". Next time you run the DSP it reads this file and displays its name as the "Current Dir.set file:" so you know which theatre is currently loaded. When you ran yours it read "ETO with planesets for 1.29 ". Note in the tutorial how this changed after I had selected "Spanish Air War". So you need to select a theatre before you fly. Just do what I did in the tutorial BTW where are you located- I am in Southern France?
  8. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    The "picpln" screens are also linked to "picpln" menu files containing the names of the planes, and editing them is a PITA. They only ever offered six US planes, six US planes and eight German planes for selection. Out of the 30 plane slots 10 were not selectable, even if they were flyable such as the Mosquito. In the 1.28 series the aircraft name comes directly from "pnames.str". The corresponding flight files are checked and if the plane is flyable it is shown for selection on either the allied or axis screens, neither of which are linked to a menu.
  9. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    That's the point It is up to the modders to produce the screens such as these. The 1.28 series of exes have always been able to display them. The trouble with 1.2 and related exes is that although there are pictures of the planes on the three "picpln" selection screens they only allow you to select the fighters. The 1.28 series of exes display all planes that are flyable for selection. In the case of SAW the minipic file was not the best, and its limitation shows up on the parameters screen. With the multitude of planesets in 160 I cannot see any way of producing selection screens with pictures like this one, but to me that's a trivial disadvantage compared to the benefits of the "dir.set" and plane-set systems.
  10. Catapult launches can also occur on carriers. There are a few here in The Japanese fleet in Carrier Air War Plenty of other ships too
  11. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    A tutorial My 129 folder: Run the Dirset Picker: Select Spanish Air War: Click "Fly" Opening screen: Click "Single Mission" Select your plane: Hangar screen for the Set-up menu: Note the Set-up menu with the mouse at the bottom middle Mission parameters: Set up the mission and click "OK" Hangar screen again to select "Fly": Note the Fly menu with the mouse at the bottom left In the air I made these screenies for this tutorial post, so I did not complete the mission: Jel
  12. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    My "enter dance" theory Up to 1.28c the selection screens were 640 x 480 pixels. EAW has an intro video, and some others that run in 640 x480. The intro video does not work in 1.28D or later because we made the screens 1024x768 as people were using larger monitors. It needs the intro video option turned off I just ran a 1.29 setup similar to yours and it was fine. Then I edited the "eaw.ini" file to turn play intro on ============================ [EAW] ExtraSquads=0 KeyboardLanguage=0 FlakAccuracy=2 FlakRof=2 HudFontSize=1 GunSightSize=1024 OldStyle=1 GroundBattle=1 OldDamage=0 ComputedGunsight=1 EnemyEncounter=0 FriendlyEncounter=0 ColourAxis=3 ColourAllied=3 BirdSeed=0 QuickVersion=0 PlayIntro=1 PlayerPlane=22 PlayerNation=0 This time I heard the intro video sound, but with a black screen, and the game only kicked in when I hit "Enter". You need to set PlayIntro=0 in order to turn it off
  13. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    Can't you select a single mission? With the DirSet Picker you can select an exe and a theatre. Most of the theatres have plane-sets so you need to select a plane-set too. There is the opportunity to select no theatre or plane-set and fly default, but you should always able to select "Single Mission" from the main screen. It is wise to make sure things are working before you try a career. In the history of EAW a number of theatres were released without appropriate career files.
  14. It is working independently of the plane type It is utilising one of our unused runway types to make this possible

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