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Are there single missions available for SF2: NA?

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First thanks to all that helped me get my setup running.  I now have extra F14's and F/A-18's fully functional in my install of SF2: NA.


What I need to know now is are there single missions available that I can download.  It's allot of work installing/setting up a new campaign just the same under single mission I'd like to add more missions.  What I'm finding is after I installed the F/A-18 package when I go to use that aircraft and choose strike all I get is one mission that attacks a Ship.  I'd like to have more options under the various categories (Strike, Reconnaissance, Combat Air Patrol, etc.).  Is this possible and where do I download these missions for SF2: NA for a more robust F14 - F/A-18 combat experience? 


EDIT: I know some will say look in the downloads section but I'm not finding SF2: NA (Build July 2013) specific missions there (or maybe I'm not searching correctly).

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You're not searching correctly!


Try these 


A three 'single mission' pack based on the movie "The Final Countdown." It's one of my Top 5 favorite movies of all time. The basic requirement for this mod is SF2NA patched to Jul 2013.



This is something nobody else may have done before, as far as I know. This is a pack of 30+ single missions 



A companion mod to Operation Nordic Storm (Nordic Storm is not required to play this). This is a pack of 19 single missions



“The Senkaku Conflict” is a set of 11 single player missions in which you fly as a member of the JASDF (Japanese Air Self Defense Force) against the Chinese in a limited, regional conflict. 


You can probably take it as read, unless otherwise stated in the Readme, that a mod released after July 2013 should be good to go on a July 2013 install.

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