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  1. ‘Star Trek’ Star Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

    Your shots speak more than words could convey at to what's left of the original cast.
  2. ‘Star Trek’ Star Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

    I took the opportunity last year to see William Shatner in person. Not the warmest guy but hey they were ushering people around like cattle (Those ComicCon administrators need to figure out a better way to treat people). Either way the guy's an icon and before he passes I can say I met Capt. Kirk... Sad to hear about Leonard Nimoy's ongoing health issues.
  3. Glad none of my other jets do this. Thanks for the help.
  4. Eric if I land and do nothing else it's fine. The problem happens when I turn off the runway and try to park.
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows a way to beef up the landing gear on a jet. My Blk F/A-18E upon landing on the carrier likes to crunch down to the right when taxing off the runway like it has a flat tire. Landing is fine but soon as I turn the aircraft to head off the runway and park, it leans in the direction of the turn and never rightens itself back up like the main landing gear has a flat tire on that side. Other aircraft don't have this problem so I'm thinking there's a setting somewhere that needs to be modified. Thanks in advance as always.
  6. I don't know about anyone else but there's some good information here. I'll chime in and say SF2: NA has the best graphics as it's the newest in the series. For Navy guys it's an obvious choice but if you want access to all the Mods and the full experience of the series you'd have to get them all which I'm still working on myself.
  7. Eric, are you saying North Atlantic specific add-ons aren't compatible with other versions?

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