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I have a merged install of SF2, SF2 Europe, SF2 Vietnam and SF2 Israel--all dated October 2009and lower righthand corner.


I am in the middle of downloading all the patches on this site in the Patches section--I hope to finish and have them ALL tomorrow.



All the versions are in the same folder, as said--merged. No mods whatsoever yet, neither any patches--a "virgin install".


What should I install of the patches and in what order? Surely, it cannot be all of them.



Any help will be appreciated.

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If you have your original access code from TK, than I would rather redownload the installer files from TirdWire as those are updated to Jul2013 and make a fresh install that way you can skip all the patch application hassle.


In case you want to update your install to a certain date before that. Go in date order starting the closes to your oct2009 version and in sequence.

After 2011 Most patches are cumulative so not SF2 version specific.

Before that you will have to go by date for each version you have. Means


dec2009 SF, Dec2009 SFV, dec2009 SF2E, dec2009 SF2I


Jun2010.... and so on.

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TK is the person behind ThirdWire - I should have written the site name :blush: . The patches have free access, also cost nothing.

During your purchase you got an e-mail from thirdwire with an access code.

On the download page you use the same code to enter and you can download the newest installer files. These also free but you need the original access code (or any of the 4 you brought - unless these were purchased at the same time), ThirdWire is quite fair with this aspect. If you lost the e-mail, then you can ask at their site to resend it for you.

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