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  1. The tanks show up as you removed the required entries from the given stations..... FuelTankName=Tank500_SupersonicMirage FuelTankNodeName=drop_tank_supersonic_R // and _L NoJettisionTank=TRUE FuelTankName=Tank1700_Mirage FuelTankNodeName=drop_tank_1700_R // and _L NoJettisionTank=TRUE You either have to use the built in meshes or apply a hide entry for the given meshes if you want some 3rd party external model to be shown.
  2. Put the new texture in your cockpit folder of the given AC, named same as the original you intend to replace. Also check in the AC_avionics.ini that the texture call out is correct (very front of the file under TextureData) . As a sample - RadarTexture=cockpit\Ye8_radar.jpg
  3. NightLightOn is an 0.0 to 1.0 value, which determines what is the low light level to turn it on. Stock birds should have night light, unless the cockpit.ini got changed. No brightness setting for it, you might experiment with the DiffuseLightFactor value, also 0.0. to 1.0 range. "More" of red light, change the cone angles, that way a wider area is lit. By changing the color itself you can get "stronger red".
  4. You can use Mue's LodViewer to find the general locations in X,Y,Z, (checking positions from all axis/view with mouse coordinates of the place you want the effect to show up) then you have to fine tune them through the game. For the LodViewer you can get quite accurate placement info, so no major adjustments will be needed..
  5. It is possible to view them. What you need to do is to change the lod callout in the AC.ini for the pit lod, this assumes that you already looked at the given AC's cockpit.ini and you do know the given lod's name. In the AC. ini you need to show this line: [LOD001] Filename=F-15A_pit.LOD Distance=120 The name comes from the AC_cockpit.ini: [CockpitSeat001] ModelName=F-15A_pit.LOD <--------
  6. Based on my experience not the simple tga way as it is established, you need a separate mesh for that in the pit.lod, then it will work. That is how the Su27 and Mig29 pits were made with it.
  7. Gatling, Perfectly understand your "issue", and I can tell you we had a very lengthy debate and discussion about the "power" of the engines. We used the spitperformance site also for information and whatever else we could scrape up on the net, and we had perfectly matching speed values according to available data. Only we run into one thing, we also wanted to make the handling characteristics as close we could, on most difficulty settings, which required seemingly more power. There are several ways to achieve them, but the shortest and easiest solution was to add that extra power. On the other hand, other currently released WW2 aircraft on the opposite side were/are mostly overpowered and was not "fun" to fight against them, when historically they should be on par with AC-s in this or upcoming packs. Since it is a game, we chose the fun factor more important than a couple of HP-s. If you have the time and interest to make a perfected FM that solves every "issue" you may run into (power,speed,handling on normal and hard settings), you are welcome to do so. We work on the Spit family in our spare time we scrape from the other 4-5 projects we work on in parallel with this, so we welcome any helping hand that makes our work easier, faster or more realistic.
  8. Unfortunately, big money never cares about the people or any damage/turmoil their activity might cause. I might be wrong but it could take life of several people before it gets really looked at by the decision makers.
  9. If the rails built into the model those 'positions' are set by the model. By changing the "attachmentposition" value you can only change the appearance position of the loaded weapon but not the built in mesh's location.
  10. Mostly depend on the model though there is a possibility set "OnGroundPitchAngle=" in the 'AircraftData' section. Positive value raises nose, negative lowers it. You also have to keep in mind one thing: the way the model was built might prohibit such so visually might result in gear sinking.
  11. Something I draw up first back in the early 90's, then refined it around 2001/2 or so, it has the name FLM-189 "Peble" in my drawingbook.. Not fully complete and misses dedicated pit ATM..
  12. Met a friendly guy on the way home... both of us lone survivors...
  13. I can be wrong here, but the 5k limit is close - you can be slightly above but not by much. I think only you have to look at the number the exporter generates in the .out file as for some reason or parameter it doubles the poly count compared to what the mesh itself has in 3dsmax. For example, I made a mesh that 2522 (2592 faces) vertices in 3dsmax, when exported the poly count is 5040, in the out file. Your mesh is 6594, that is probably a bit much, for the game itself. The lod viewer does not have a mesh vertices limitation for displaying as I think it uses a bit different graphic "system/method" compared to what was implemented in the game. Not sure if your mesh can be simplified or to not loose any detail split into smaller sections so the vertice count comes down to the range of 2500 in 3dsmax, then should show up in game OK. I know inconvenient, but these are our only options to work within the game engine limitations. The 19782 comes from a texture being assigned to the mesh and it is exported with "decals" option of the exporter, that part does not limit or influence any displaying regarding poly/vertice count as far as I have noticed. Since I'm not the most experienced around here, please take it with a grain of salt, as I can be off the truth..
  14. If you go to the FORUM page, it has a registration link, then follow it. http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/
  15. In the cockpit.ini if it is set with a dial then yes, can be made to "work" correctly - to stop at a certain altitude (position), but if it is a counter (digital or analog) then it will always show the actual value in this game. Something we have to live with.

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