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  1. Actually it is from frame 1-10, frame 0 should be the object without animation keys. the movement is OK the way you describe. Although if you make a search (early warning) radar then simply look at the "spoonrest" or the "flatface" it does not need animation, just in the _data.ini have to define the modelnodename= that should turn (radar entry) and the timing you want. the game engine will handle the rest.
  2. The pack not contains few textures that were used from stary's other pit creations and 2 of the meshes (rim of the clock - 'torus12' and the lower big ring - 'gauge_sides1') don't have materials assigned to them. Missing textures are the following: cockpit_yak28.bmp - part of yak28 pit LA15 panels 1.jpg - part of the la15, su7 and su9pits gunsight_Mig23BN.bmp - this is part of his bn cockpit pack mig23series_misc.bmp - I did not found this but renamed the mig28_misc.bmp contained in this pack, seem to work fine 9A panels.bmp - also part of the bn pack and the su9 pit I put together a small pack of these in case someone don't have all his work. Mig23pit_addtextures.rar
  3. From under fuselage dropdown start shouldn't be a problem or if it is placed on a rail on the place of the fueltank, but from the side rail must go forward otherwise would not clear the tank. seems to be quite close from this angle unfortunately the net is not full with this small detail and most videos lack this aspect, you can see brimstones fly off in quick intervals or winders, etc but not this thingy..
  4. I'm not an Alarm expert, but shouldn't they fly off forward that siderail like the Sidewinders? Dropping down straight would likely collide with the tanks I think..
  5. This thread has the write up of it with pics.
  6. Both solution woks fine on my single seat 2000C model. You applied the changes to the original file or to the already edited one? If the later then something is missing. (systemname(xxx)=, etc)
  7. Actually your problem is coming from the fact that you removed them from the data.ini. Put back all meshname, station, etc. information (or simply revert to the original data.ini). and if you not want anything on them to show up you can simply remove all entries after the AllowedWeaponClass= If that section is empty, nothing will be loaded and the game will hide the pylons by itself. But in order to do that it needs to have all the relevant names like "ModelNodeName=RightTankStation" accessible otherwise ill have no idea what to do with those (how to handle) and will display them always. Similarly in the loadout.ini leave empty the information after as such Loadout[01].WeaponType= Entries like move and such are not necessary.
  8. Swedish AF fights forest fire

    Brings a new perspective to Live Fire Exercise / Practice
  9. Hi Jeff, Not yet available. Not far from release, we are just bogged down in RL situations which unfortunately delays the process.
  10. The truth is out there...........on US Navy FLIR

    The key is consciousness. Until mankind can not grow up to a certain level of understanding of life and their laws (and I not talk about bill of rights, and any man made law system) contact will not happen (on broad or public manner) and we are stuck on solely this planet. When our habit of using any new advancement to making newer or better more destructive weapons CHANGES to utilizing to our betterment of living and our fellow man, when we interact and live with compassion, kindness and unconditional love, then we would be allowed to go beyond this planet and start colonize nearby or bit more distant places. Currently we are viewed as children still playing in the sandbox, no more, not less. Although we passed a certain turning point so "self destruction" will not happen (warmongers will still be around for few more decades and local incidents will be likely), but still early on our process of "growing up". There are few more natural laws that we haven't even discovered yet (there is no black matter just missing natural laws) that will allow FTL speeds/ interdimensional travels and understanding the working of galaxies and the universe. Few inventions that are still to come that will tip the balance more and more toward graduating up in the kinder garden to primary school, then above. How long will take? Anywhere between 25 to 1000 years, its only depend on ourselves, and the willingness to change our way of life (leadership, greed, ego, hatred, etc) The better we get the more inventions will be available to us to make life easier and better and advance faster ahead. Religious systems will change or have to change in order for them to continue to exist otherwise people will gradually turn away from them. There is not much that need to add for them, only the scale of application in understanding what exactly they meant in the writings and of course get rid of contents that were artificially placed in each to create control, turmoil and "difference" between the different views of enlightenment. As the old saying goes "All roads lead to Rome"; doesn't matter which one you are on, it will still take you there; no need to argue or quarrel about who's is better or more true, still just a road. Until we graduate out of the sandbox, individual sightings/encounters (like in OP) will still happen. Mankind have a habit to grow out of, namely we behave alone or in small groups differently then in big masses. Individuals can have curiousness and attention to try to understand such events, masses currently can still behave like sheep or a low conscious herd of animals, without ability to think clearly only driven by emotions.
  11. Hi

    Guys My friend Is:

    Best of the Best Modder and Tester and Pilot Ever I seen

  12. Want some guys in the USA to rename the capital?

    You know, history is always written by the winners, so everything they say/write must be the truth and just/right and anything else that was "against" then must be deleted with all of its trace and to be made looking bad. They are just catching up a bit late with those steps.... True, slavery is not a nice thing... but I suppose the statues of generals were not erected just because they fought for "slavery". They could have been great leaders on their own and for other aspects as well... Wonder when they gonna raise up against the modern version of slavery and all those who embrace it... as working 8-16 hours a day 5-6 days a week for pennies to get along till the next paycheck, is nothing else than a form of slavery... called right to work.. but I guess they will be quiet about that as that will not pay their own income..
  13. Say Wha...!?

    I have to say I dig the new donation function/feature!! Puts things in perspective..
  14. A bit slow down but still progressing with it. Recently added a new feature that have to be put into few more variants, then finish the missing lower lods on 4-5 types.

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