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  1. Those are the actual pivot point locations, these only visible when you work on the model in blender. We link the meshes to each other (parent/child), and animate the required meshes (strouts, airbrakes, canopy, etc), - not rigging like for a movie or such - and we place the pivots of the mesh to the rotation point we want/need. Or I misunderstood something.
  2. If you look at the Mirage4000 pits there is a simple variant of that kind of displaying, could show the basics. I got more sophisticated ones also, but those aren't released yet with their birds. There are various ways to show things and also depend on the weapon stations too, if they have single or multiple munition type load abilities.
  3. In Blender you select the mesh on the right side in the sceene tree, and in the upper bar would show up the different counts, tris, faces, etc. (marked them with blue on the pic)
  4. There are limitations for sure that will cause issues and to a degree I would go with depend on the shape. I have mesh that has only 2.1k faces and had issue with its shadow showing up properly or at all. Also the TW exporter has issue with meshes over 5k poly, it will either crash or might make the export (depend on how much it is over that number). If made the lod, in game most likely the mesh will not be visible. The blender exporter will make the lod but, if I good remember will not show in game.
  5. There could be several factors. Also you exporting it from 3dsmax or blender? First things to look at: - correct lod name call-out in AC.ini file - if any or more mesh has more than 5k vertices themselves (not combined count, individual meshes)
  6. RussoUk's tutorial is good in the knowledge base: Don't forget you do vertex animation not poly or mesh... --------------- As for the pit problem, if you have flipped faces then you should make them face correctly. If not solves, send me over in PM then I can try to take a look at it, might be material or other settings issue.
  7. Actually, there are several variations.. First is where you have multiple vertices on the same place that need welding. On the pic, A and B shows seemingly fine mesh, yet on C you can see there are 3 vertices in the same location, this will create shadow if unwelded. Also the same introduces an other problem, as 3dsmax will not weld things that cross into each other. So first have to separate the pin, then weld the double vertices and after that pactch up the hole on the original mesh where the pin come from. On picture D there lurking a stray polygon, highlighted on E which will also create shadow issue, this either has to be deleted or mated to the correct mesh it belongs too. Picture F and G shows a bit trickier shadow culprit.. Seemingly everything is fine, but unfortunately depend on the graphic engine how it decides to display a multi shaped mesh, the creation of triangles may cause overlap of polygon - for better illustration look at the part of I and the green circle. In this case on part H the outer vertices (black line) are out of line with the inner vertices (green line) shown on pic which will create a shadow in game. here you can either move the outer vertices to a location that not intersects or connect to vertices that will make the displaying different as it was done on pic J. These are a few and their variations. a stray vertice also similar to the item discussed with pics F to J.
  8. From modelling point of view, irrelevant if released or not. You will have to suffer through the same thing with your fatAmy project too, like you go through now with the above bird. So learn, observ, remember, correct where needed. Rinse and repeat..
  9. If you move around in game you can average/pinpoint which mesh gives the problem, and correct, multiple veritces on the same location or the broken mesh. Same created when a vertice goes to a position where it is crossing into a neighbouring polygon. You will have to weld these up the same way you did above or reposition if required. When you get a model from other makers, this thing can happen as not all is game ready. First thing to do usually is to weld "almost" everything or look for double surfaces which will create similar shadows. Depend on the model can be lots of work to make it into a condition where the game does not give glitches. Based on the above pic, you have several mesh in the castor mechanism area and one in the right intake.
  10. I don't know about static birds, but for planes in the "Aircrafts" folder you can have a statement in the AC_data.ini which says "ExportedToEnemy=" True/False setting. That way those show up on the opposition's side without any problem. You just put it in the front section where the Service/Export parameters reside.
  11. The one cent question though, which MiG-29 you are talking about? The original Mirage Factory and RussoUK's updated Mig-29 come with "specificstationcode" entries and their dedicated armament, so those should not have the above mentioned problem... Other mods might have different setups and local adjustments to either AC or weapon data.ini might result in such...
  12. Hi Torno, Very nice aircraft. About the wingfold pylon trouble, like above Cliff and Crusader mentioned it could be a pivot issue of the pylons. I guess the naval Flanker shares the same pylons like the released 27. On the bellow pic it is more visible what they are talking about. When the game applies the rotate/moving pylon constrains then it tries to maintain the Y(toward the nose), X (spanvise) and Z(vertical) pivots orientation. On the pic the pylons 90 degrees off from their correct orientation. Y axis is green, X axis is red and Z axis is blue in games default (bottom right large pivot symbol). If you un-link the pylons from the wing, apply X-form reset, that should reorient these to the correct way, then link them back and that should solve the issue you are having. Based on the picture, the wingtip missile pylons actually face toward the correct way, if you load those with missiles then with the moving/ratating pylon=true settings on the weaponstations those should stay on their correct positions in game. Using those as a guidance you can correct the other pivots without much problem. (Don't forget to save any changes before application of X-form reset). Nice bird what you guys made!
  13. 2022 Donation and Membership Drive

    You guys are using a phone in the process? From my laptop it went fine about 4 hours ago..
  14. The tanks show up as you removed the required entries from the given stations..... FuelTankName=Tank500_SupersonicMirage FuelTankNodeName=drop_tank_supersonic_R // and _L NoJettisionTank=TRUE FuelTankName=Tank1700_Mirage FuelTankNodeName=drop_tank_1700_R // and _L NoJettisionTank=TRUE You either have to use the built in meshes or apply a hide entry for the given meshes if you want some 3rd party external model to be shown.
  15. Put the new texture in your cockpit folder of the given AC, named same as the original you intend to replace. Also check in the AC_avionics.ini that the texture call out is correct (very front of the file under TextureData) . As a sample - RadarTexture=cockpit\Ye8_radar.jpg

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