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  1. I have a T.flight Hotas X and an Top Gun Afterburner, both work very good with SF2, based on the pics Hotas4 even have more options, so you should be OK, on the run.
  2. Since you have conventional needles also for speed and altitude on left and right seat is there a name duplicate in the instruments list?
  3. Yes, correct they linked to parent not to each other. Never run into the sun problem, but the entry might help. With the meshes you can check one more thing, "flipped faces" could cause such symptom, though if the mesh was simply cloned should not have that issue.
  4. Did some testing.. and have to make some "correction" to the above... When everything is correct you will still have one issue with its operation, if it is set up for "VerticalVelocityIndicator", namely, the counters can not go into "minus" range, so it will show climbing properly, but if you descend then it will stay at 000. Like the bellow pics show (the counter in the upper left corner of the panel - for compare the the lower right climb indicator) .
  5. Its either a TypeO or I would check that the "Instrument[xxx]=" call outs have no duplicate or missing number in their sequences and the name matches the one on the list/parameters.
  6. The Corona Virus Thread

    Actually the task of the current administration and leader is to get people to realize that not mater who is in the office/lead or won election both blue or red side is just the 2 sides of the same coin, and until you people not start to put emphasis on honesty, integrity, ethics, kindness as a trait to look for in your representatives and leaders then nothing will change. If you want to get things better you need to get out of the box on thinking and use common sense (I know not everyone got one, but at least can try). When you guys/galls start to turn away from anyone who has shown any traits of dishonesty,etc, then they will have no background to lean on. Currently you think you have democracy but you don't, with the majority of the representatives and members or senate being bought off by corporations, bank, etc, all your seemingly free voting system is already rigged and always those lead whom they want to put in the office . The current pandemic was intentionally created and it serves very good as a smoke grenade to implement more tighter control over the population as those whom live in fear will gave up any "right" just to be "safe", and the racism is one of the card to create an upheaval that can make the leaders behind the scenes to apply even military control if they deem necessary, all in the name of 'public safety".
  7. It will take them away on my experience.
  8. Looks good Russ! The mesh itself seem to be a bit high, but if there is no overlapping during display operation then should not need to be concerned about it, it could be also simply the highlight effect that makes it look "tall".
  9. The numbers have to be arranged like the sample one. You can have them any color you like. The game engine is set up that way so it reads 5 times to the side from left to right and in two rows, the size of the numbers must match or close to the ones you see. You only need a single square mesh for each digit and to map the mesh in position '0', from there on the game will do the rest for movement. The naming and positioning(sequence) of the individual meshes are identical to the analog counter systems (dig5,dig4,dig3,dig2,dig1 = 00000). The game will only activate those meshes that are used, so if it should display like 58%(or what ever) only the last two digit will be activated on the counter.
  10. I did some testing, there is one thing that you need to do with the name of the mesh. In the cockpit.ini the bellow is enough, not need other stuff [Altcounter10K] Type=PRESSURE_ALTIMETER CounterNodeFormat=Alt_dig%d <---- for you P_alt_dig%d MovementType=ANALOG_COUNTER ValueUnit=FEET Now the naming: "P_alt_dig4" is for thousands of feets and "P_alt_dig5" would show 10k increments In the test I had mine named Alt_dig4 so I can see thousands of meters and works OK. If you use for example _dig4 and use the Scale=0.1 then would show 10k also, but I think _dig5 would work just fine.
  11. The method I suggested for hiding the pilot is for the AC.lod not for the cockpit.lod so have to add it to the AC_data.ini, only thing you have to make sure, that the pilot(s) is/are linked to the interior of the pit on the AC model, then it will make it go away. After work will make some tests as one of my coming pits will have a similar altimeter, just not that far in to it.

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