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  1. Not sure how you have it now. There should be 2 mesh/pivot to have it work properly. The way I would make is have the actual pivot of the mesh being used with the gear animation and an extra mesh as Airbreak In hierarchic way the following Fuselage AirbreakL/R <---- can be a simple flat 1*1cm single poly item. This is used for the Airbreak animation, AnimationID=7 MainGeardoorFrontL/R <---- actual door mesh as part the gear animation, AnimationID=1 or the proper one you have for gears. Might have to set up a gear down limitation, but that is just a guess.
  2. We can give him the chance to remove the link to the piracy sources then replace them with links to the TW store, how should have been done the first place. He sounds to be mature enough in the videos, so should be no reason to advocate unethical behavior..
  3. If you are the fan of this bird I recommend to read it, gives some very rare unique info on it, but also gives a lots of political background, get braced for those....
  4. Hi, Yes, it seems to keep the animation. One thing needs to be checked in game is - that since it is mirrored - the X-axis of the meshes faces the opposite compared to the world pivot. Not sure if it effects anything in game - gear rotation for example. A thing to keep in mind though - you can not apply "X-form reset" on the animated parts nor on the highest mesh in that group as that will throw everything back/or around like it usually does.
  5. The way I see it working currently, serials only show if you have the numbers.lst in the skin folder. Of course I can be wrong.
  6. Sometimes people read or overthink things and get false conclusions, and probably make more damage with their ignorance than they can comprehend. TK never said he abandons mobile games. He tries to put a little extra life in the SF2 world so he can still sell them after 2020 when win7 support stops and most will migrate to win10 if not already there.
  7. In this game it is not 3d mesh/object based, it is driven by ini files that lists the timing, duration, deviation, velocity, volume, etc parameters, various textures used and effect names that control the "look" of the explosions. Of course I can be wrong, since I'm not an "effects" guru.
  8. Sparrows (and many others) are usually not set up in their weapon's data.ini with launch rail load requirement. RailLaunched=FALSE So if it is only for sparrows and/or large missiles, I advice you to merge the rail to the pylon, alternate route leave out the launch rail name, that way always will show. In case you want to use the pylon also for a2g stuff like bombs then duplicate the pylon and set up a separate station for those.
  9. If you read Erik's reply carefully he gives you the way you can have limitless pictures uploaded... From there you can link them to the topics you want to include them. So instead of going multiple rounds what and how should be changed, etc, use the data people give you to solve issues, its right there just have to read it, understand it and apply it.....
  10. Yes, as soon I can get to wrap up the last few bits. I know its been extremely long , but had been busy with life and other projects that slipped up on the priority lane.
  11. Unidentified

    I don't think, we have a very different purpose in the life and existence of this galaxy. We are just not mature enough for wide broad contact by the more advanced civilizations. They show themselves from time to time so the ordinary people can change and adjust to their existence, since the governments keep every information as wrapped up as tight they can with dez-information or just simply making a liar out of someone whom dare to come out into the open. Through mass sightings the balance is changing for the better, though the broad majority is still bogged down, wondering in the life or just too smart to look and see....
  12. Unidentified

    Unfortunately I did not see this program yet, so can not relate to the exact contents. In my view and line of thinking, we still coexist with some of them here on the planet and regularly getting visited by others. Like v.Deutchmark mentioned, our "current" human spices is approx 200k years 'jung', what most places forget to mention, that all other 20+ types of sapiens (from 30cm short, to 3,5+m high) and in fact all living spices on the planet all had/have 24 pairs of chromosomes, suddenly 200k ago the only leftover homo sapiens type has only 23 pairs of chromosomes...so did we de-evolved suddenly:??... In actual fact we still got the 24, but number 23 and 24 was fused together, that is not an 'evolutionary' step, it is a genetic modification from an outside source. One race from the many in this sector (lets say 500 light years wide), that is approximately 1million years ahead of us on the evolutionary path. Also many races can be quite older than that... Our current 5th civilization on this planet has only 12000 years "known" time, the other 4 always ended with some disaster, occasionally with nature interference and half the time almost complete genocide, we ourselves almost run into it at the end of last century, if the soviet union not falls, we would not write this discussion as most of our planet would be a radioactive ball of stone, as we burned it up, eliminating all human and most of other life for quite long time. Our 3-4 dimensional 20-30% active consciousness can not fathom at the moment, where the evolution of consciousness can really advance. We did have and even today we got people around the planet whom have access to 40-70% of their abilities in this field, some can walk on water, some manifest objects from out of thin air, some has the power to grow plants from a simple seed in just minutes in their palm, etc.. These are not humbug, these are real things, but as was mentioned above, everyone can only perceive what is "real" for his/her thinking and point of consciousness in all aspects of life and existence. Where a 4-12 dimensional consciousness can go or what can we do with access to 100% of power is unimaginable by us. It is a sad thing, that the powers in control keep the proper and true information away from people saying it might cause panic. If it is given factually and in proper manner - not like our hysteric and sensation driven manipulating half truth and often fake news filled 'opinion leading' media empires do today (not to mention the several film that were created implicating that people need to panic and cause chaos in an alien race contact, thus creating a subconscious behavioral imprint) - then there will be no panic, in fact there would be proper realization and change in mindset and line of thinking. Thus stopping to kill each other for whatever reasons and turn any finances to actual technological and existential well being and advances. It is very simple to solve starvation, overpopulation and a host of other issues we have today, one key element is we have to stop using any and all inventions for military and killing purposes and start to cooperate with each other and share resources instead of pulling apart and try to make loads of money out of everything and from pure greed. The moment we stop weaponize everything we will have the publicly open contacts from most of the visiting spices or from those already living among us. Then we will also be able to access the technology by our inventions that enables us for to create our own gravitational propulsion and environmentally safe limitless energy creation source that will be available anywhere. Tesla actually touched it already back in the early 1900-s this effect and energy, yet he could not manage to control it as the level of everyday technology was not there yet, not even mention the consciousness of the time, where even scientists made fun of his ideas instead of investigating them further, that maybe he was onto something, but the greed and ivorytower/old-fashioned logical attitude to advancements and what possible or not limited them to get access that technical advancement... We also still missing basic laws of the universe, there are more than the Newtonian ones, which will actually answer many of the current questions about the galaxy and the forces/energies/masses that created or keep it in one (no such thing as dark mater... only unknown/unexplored natural laws). We still not understand gravity and magnetic by themselves, we just know they exists because we can observe/experience them, but where their energy comes from and why can last for eternity... Back in the mid 80-s and early 90-s I witnessed on several occasions things moving around that were not our technology, from daylight events to night ones, and being alone or with few and even group of 10 people. In our area there was a peak of 'incidents' in those years, but things still happen recently too, just not in that volume. In my view it can not be a question that there are other planets with life evolved in our galaxy and even more in the whole universe, and many visits our planet in current days or prior millennia. The building blocks of life are plentiful in every corner of space where material form exists. One of the limit to find 'them' is our supposition that living planet can only exist around stars standing alone/lonely in a certain range from it. If someone thinks a bit, over 60% of this galaxy has 2 or 3 star pairs/triads where each have several or plenty of planets on their own, but having a twin heat/light source is actually increases the field area which can provide 'livable' quarters, thus life can actually 'flourish ' around them. Also not necessarily all life is carbon based, just because on our planet most of them are such. Even our planet has non carbon or oxygen based life forms in deep oceans. Our current technology can only find those whom are at the same or similar level of technical advancement. To communicate or find spices that evolved or exists for millions or billions of years we need to step out from our current level of consciousness. There will come an invention that will enable us to see and detect all lifeforms in our solar system and in the galaxy (material or multidimensional) without having to travel the stars for thousands of years to see and meet them. Communication will be real time, just like calling someone on the phone these days. It will be a big realization for most of the planet and a major kick/boost for advancement... Not sure what degree we use re-engineered technology, would be nonsense to say none, but can not say either which items that we copied from crashed objects, most of them probably top secret and used for military purposes which we common people will only have access in the next 50-100 years - if at all with current logical attitudes.... Sorry for the length of it, but this subject have several aspects....
  13. Hi Gents! TK re-released SF2 in an all in one package, including all versions, expansion packs and all DLC-s. Costs 99,99USD, compared to the individual title prices, does not seem to be a bad ratio. https://store.thirdwire.com/project_sf2_complete.htm

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