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    Aviation all ages and aspects, flightsims, painting, US NAVY CARRIER OPS, writing,reading, model-making, languages (I speak 4, Russian included),WWII desert war, ROYAL NAVY aircraft and carriers.
  1. My FE1 has no debrief screen, with the stats etc, as we have in SF2. Is that normal for FE1? Or can I do something to install it?
  2. Any patches for FE1?

    Than you.
  3. I installed FE1 and I am wondering if there are any patches for it. I like the game. It has installed here: C:\Program Files\ThirdWire\WWI and its size is 488 mb I also saw that to end the mission, I press Esc and game closes and I am at the desktop. No debrief or Stats screens. Is there anything that I can do to make them appear? Also, can this sim be merged into my SF2 merged install? I have already added a new aircraft with success. Thanks. Nick
  4. StrealEagle, Thanks for the detailed review. It helps a lot. I may try the version with the two aircraft only. Where do I download that? Nick
  5. Thanks for the info. Have you played these games? Nick
  6. Still plighted by the ignorance of a newbie. So excuse my ignorance. What does DCS mean? What on earth is FC Flaming Cliffs? Anything to do with the Battle of Britain Cliffs of Dover? I downloaded some files from the DCS section. And by the way, is the DCS section the only place where one an download campaigns? (I was looking for a full campaign that does not require me to get downloads from the Capun site--is there such a section and such a campaign? I mean a section where one can download "campaigns" only). The files I got have a xxx.cmp file. Where does it go? One download, named "Between Two Powers". has a Readme that says: [This campaign is a fictional war based on (nearly) WWII 'teams'. You fly American F-15's against the European nations. To Install: ----------- Extract the files in this ZIP file to your lomac/Missions/Campaigns directory.] What are these WWII 'teams'.? How can you have F-15's and WWII together? I cannot believe the number of weird things and unusual associations I see in SF.... A possible explanation is my own ignorance, of course... My games are unpatched--all October 2009 versions, in one merged folder. Nick
  7. Than you all for your replies.
  8. ordway and logan4, Thanks for your feedback.
  9. logan4. Who is "TK"? If the installer files are payware, I cannot afford them. So I will have to use the patches I got here. Thanks
  10. I have a merged install of SF2, SF2 Europe, SF2 Vietnam and SF2 Israel--all dated October 2009and lower righthand corner. I am in the middle of downloading all the patches on this site in the Patches section--I hope to finish and have them ALL tomorrow. All the versions are in the same folder, as said--merged. No mods whatsoever yet, neither any patches--a "virgin install". What should I install of the patches and in what order? Surely, it cannot be all of them. Any help will be appreciated.
  11. What is the number of daily downloads one can get? Is it a number of files or a certain size reached? I have tried to download all the SF2 patches and after 2 days I still have some more to get, as the site told me I reached my daily limit. I seem to have read that people who upload files do not have such limits. Is that true or not? Nick
  12. hrc, Thanks for pointing out the new sounds. The post however was about my impressions of SF--like a review of some type. Admittedly, one must be a trained writer to respond to them, as they are half-literary and half-philosophical, and I wrote it only to escape from the usual kind of forum writing that deals with specific game issues and questions and in which were up to our necks--all of us. My intention was to give readers something different to what they are used to. I happen to be a highly trained writer and translator, and that explains a lot. In fact, when I was writing this post I thought to leave out the part about the sounds, being more or less afraid that someone would focus on the sounds only--which is what happened. But I left it in. This kind of thing often happens in most forums. In my Newbie's Plight post, the main point was the cartoon I made, intended to give us a laugh, but posters led me to knowledge bases and other such things I never expected. However, thanks again for telling me about the sound pack. I am glad it exists and will get it. Nick

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