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About to install Falcon 4.0 . . .

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I'm about to install my Falcon 4.0 disc. I also have the patch from Micropose that I received back in (I think) 1999.


How should I go about installing the sim?


I'm running on XP. NTFS drives.





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If you really want run original Falcon 4.0 1.08 patch then you can use this glide wrapper




search for falcon 4.0 and download required patch.


If you want more modern experience download Falcon BMS 4.32




You will need your original CD during installation of BMS.


Install base Falcon BMS 4.32 and then all updated up to Update 7. You can omit that cockpit mods.


Here is official forum, although I think it requires registration




here is releases sections




little demo how it looks and plays



Hope it helps

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//off topic



Hi AB! You may not know me but I go by Skwabie, used to fly tons with Leech/Moort and gangs. Suffice to say ataribaby the name was very often heard when good news comes. Nice to see you're still around!


/me bows


off topic//

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