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  1. Atmospheric Properties Calculator 

    Toryu, Should the subsonic conversions be accurate? Thanks, hawker111
  2. Has anyone ever used this atmospheric properties calculator? http://www.aerospaceweb.org/design/scripts/atmosphere/ I have been using it to convert KCAS to KTAS. Is this accurate, even at supersonic airspeeds? Thanks, hawker111
  3. Toryu, I am going to carefully study what you have written and then I will post a reply. Thanks very much, hawker111
  4. Toryu, Could you help me figure out the CLMAX for one of the airspeeds? Thanks, hawker111
  5. Toryu, If I knew what the F-105D's exact weight is when it could pull Gs at these airspeeds, would I be able to enter in a formula in Excel to give me the new airspeeds as I change the weight? 1G: 160 KCAS 2G: 220 KCAS 3G: 275 KCAS 4G: 320 KCAS 5G: 360 KCAS 6G: 400 KCAS 7G: 440 KCAS 8G: 470 KCAS 9G: 500 KCAS Thanks very much for your help, hawker111
  6. When an aircraft's weight increases, do the G stall line numbers increase, and when an aircraft's weight decreases, do the G stall line numbers decrease? Here are the G stall line numbers for the F-105D Thunderchief, obtained from the V-G diagram contained in the aircraft's flight manual. These numbers are for a clean aircraft: 1G: 160 2G: 220 3G: 275 4G: 320 5G: 360 6G: 400 7G: 440 8G: 470 9G: 500 Do these numbers increase when the aircraft is heavier, and decrease when the aircraft is lighter? For example, if the F-105D was really heavy, loaded down with external ordnance, would it still be able to achieve 7Gs at 440 KCAS, or would it have to be going faster in order to have the lift required to pull a 7G turn? Would it still be able to take off at 160 KCAS, or would it have to be going faster that that? Could it still pull 4Gs once it reached 320 KCAS, or would it need to be going faster? Thanks, hawker111
  7. Hello to everyone, Does anyone have the F-16A and F-16C V-G diagrams? Or does anyone know what flight manuals contain them? Thanks very much, hawker111
  8. If I install these sims they will run?
  9. I am finally going to purchase: Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic Israel Europe Vietnam My computer is running on Windows XP. Will I have any problems? Thanks, Hawker111
  10. Creating an Excel chart for V-G Diagrams

    What do the broken lines at 10,000 ft., 20,000 ft., 30,000 ft., and 40,000 ft. mean? That at those altitudes the stall speed (indicated) is higher than at sea level?
  11. Creating an Excel chart for V-G Diagrams

    So even if the F-105 was at 55,000 feet, it would stall once airspeed dropped below 160 KIAS. I understand.
  12. Creating an Excel chart for V-G Diagrams

    Here's a question regarding the stall line. The F-105D Thunderchief, according to the V-G diagram, will stall below 160 knots. My question is, will the F-105 stall just below 160 KIAS at 40,000 feet as well? Or, at 40,000 feet, such a high altitude, will the stall speed be greater that 160 KIAS?
  13. What about Flight Simulator X?
  14. Thanks very much. Can I fly this F-104 in WOV?
  15. I'm interested in just flying fighter jets, not going on combat missions right now. I'm just interested in flying the aircraft to see their performance. What would be the absolutely best simulation to fly? One that has almost all of the American jet fighter aircraft, and one that has extremely realistic flight modeling? Thanks, Hawker111

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