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Capitaine Vengeur

VPAF Awards & Pilots for Wings over Vietnam

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VPAF Awards & Pilots for Wings over Vietnam

Aren't you tired at spending lots of your missions in the U.S.-sided campaigns of WoV flying a bomb truck, either trying to crush a handful of black pyjamas in the jungle, or to survive the vicious flak and SAMs over Hanoi? Don't you dream instead of a campaign completely devoted to interceptions, dogfights, the blazing air-to-air combat across the clouds over home country, facing a superior enemy that puts the challenge very high? So give a try to the Red side of the 'Nam! Such campaigns do exist at CombatAce, provided by eburger68, that makes the MiG interceptors flyable. Now I do provide the faces behind your cockpit, and the awards for your guts.


This mod provides you with a large panel of decorations for the Vietnam People's Air Force. Lots of pilots pics have also been added, with Soviet hard helmet for the MiG-21 pilots, and soft leather skullcap for the MiG-17/-19 pilots.


The complete list of your available decorations is displayed here:




Order of Ho Chi Minh

Hero of the People's Military

Order of the Military (3 Classes, each one awarded only once)

Victory Order (3 Classes, multiple awards possible)

Glorious Soldier Order (3 Classes, each one awarded only once)

Resistance Order (2nd Class)

Resistance Medal (2nd Class)

Glorious Soldier Medal

Uncle Ho Badges (multiple awards possible)


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