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Flight Of The Intruder

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Here's a movie showcasing some of the AAA effects that are now available (or will be in the very near future). You'll see three separate flak burst effects, 37mm, 57mm, and 85-130mm. (yes, the 37mm bursts leave gray-white puffs) ;)


I've taken the liberty of using several existing weapon models and editing their respective data ini files to create a M1939 37mm AA gun, a KS-12 85mm AA gun, and a KS-30 130mm AA gun. The gundata.ini has also been edited to create larger tracers for the 37-85mm weapons, as well as adjusting the tracer length, and tracer quantity (from one-in-five to every other round being a tracer on the larger, slower firing weapons).


Be forewarned, this is a rather large file (12 mb+).


Click Here to see it.




BTW...I've disabled the Intruder's engine sound so you can enjoy the "external" sound FX :D

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