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WW2 IsraelME Terrain for SF2

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WW2 IsraelME Terrain for SF2

WW2 IsraelME Terrain for SF2 6/1/2015


= For SF2 (Full 5 Merged RECCOMENDED!!! - MUST have SF2I in your merged install!!!) =


**Note: This Is A WW2 Version -ONLY-!!!**


This is a rebuild of the stock SF2:I IsraelME terrain into a WW2 version. Like the recently released "Palestine 2 (Full Scale)" it represents the region at the start of WW2, with British, French/Vichy French and other regional Axis Powers. Unlike the Palestine 2 terrain, THIS one has working CV zones (ala SF2NA). I did this mostly for fun, but also to have working carriers; all those FAA birds need something to do!


It is designed to be used =ONLY= in the WW2 MTO environment (read: an MTO centric mods folder). It may NOT compatable with the DAT MTO All-Inclusive Mod. This has NOT been tested.


Stock in-game items have been used as much as possible, although some additional structrues HAVE been added. Add-on GroundObjects, while heavily listed in the _Types.ini, aren't included (really, there ARE none included -use the ones from the Palestine 2 terrain, as they're the same). Its up to the End User ™ to make sure that you have the theatre-specific (read: Allies & Axis) proper items. SF2:I is REQUIRED for this terrain, as it references a myriad of IsrealME only terrain items.
A massive amount of retiling has been performed, with the addition of over 60 new tiles to fill in blanks left in the original set. BE ADVISED: these new tiles match the STOCK styling ONLY!! Do NOT use these new tiles in/on any IME terrain with any other tile set. They will not match!!


Geophysical Disclaimer: some rivers and other water features may not follow their Real Life ™ courses, be placed in their Real Life ™ locations, may visually defy gravity and other Universal Laws of Physics, or exist at all. Several cities and other physical features and target areas will also fall into that classification. Some target areas (cities, etc) exist only as named places, even if they might have had strategic or tactical values. Some airfields may actually be 'post-war', but have been left for game playability. And So Forth ™. You may also experience long loading times; this is to be expected.


When in game, you'll see:


"Middle East (WW2-3W)"


The "3W" designates this is built from a stock 3rd Wire Terrain.
Limited Nations is set to TRUE, and only uses historical WW2 Nations (ie: no Americans). This will allow campaign builders to not only replicate the fighting against Vichy forces in the Levant & Syria, but allows a more 'what if..' situation, giving Italian and German forces a greater presence in Mandate Palestine, TransJordan, and Iraq.


As always, unzip this to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended (ie: REQUIRED!!!) you read the document through after unzipping, but =before= installing. As always, the Notes and Other Nonesense section makes for essential reading.

It's most important that the legal disclaimer at the bottom be read and complied with. There has been a change in policy with regards to =ALL= my terrain mods.


Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein


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