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Schneider CA1

The Schneider CA1 was the first French built tank and was used for the first time in April, 1917. Only about 400 were built but they played an important role on the Western Front in late 1917 and early 1918. The Schneider had a short barreled 75mm gun in a turret on the front-right, and two Hotchkiss machine guns in turrets on the sides.


The tank was delivered from the factory painted grey, but a variety of camo schemes were applied in the field. My version includes both a standard grey and a four color camo skin. (You will need to change the ini file in order to change skins - open the ini file and change the TextureSet numbers to make the desired skin number 1.)


In First Eagles, the Schneider takes the role of a tank, drop it into your ground object folder and First Eagles will randomly assign it to some of your Army Co-operation missions.


Installation Instructions


Unzip the file and open my folder named "GroundObject". Copy the folder named "SchneiderCA" to your FirstEagles/Objects/GroundObject folder. The Schneider uses the same skin for damage as my armored cars. If you have already installed any of my armored cars, you may already have the file. If not, copy the file named "DestroyedArmoredCar.bmp" into your GroundObject folder. Note that the "DestroyedArmoredCar.bmp" file should not be inside any other folder.


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