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MiG-25BM "Foxbat-F"

Single-seat defence-suppression aircraft, armed with Kh-58 or Kh-31 air-to-surface missiles.


What's in:


- an old model revamped, fixed and great improved
- a new FM tweaked for SF-2
- a whole new skinset (original reworked):
- weapons
- PT-5500 fuel tank
- pilot
- sounds




Original plane:
- Eburger68 for 1st SF-2 portings
- Dave (USAFTML), Wpnssgt, Tomcat1974, Sundowner,
Ghostrider, Deuces, Moonjumper, HrntFixr,
Sidewinder86, Gepard, Wrench, Paladrian (MiG-21 cockpit)
Boopidoo & Badger the Bad (Su-15 cockpit)
for original SF-1 model


- Spillone104 3D works, rope/spike fixed, model tweaked, new PT-5500 tank;
- Baffmeister new FM and data.ini;
- Paulopanz skins, decals, screens;
References: Y.Gordon - Red Star, Volume n. 34




- put all the "to mod" folder content inside your mod folder
- overwrite






@ paulopanz


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Fanatic Modder (thank you my friend!) suggest this little edit:


For the cockpit/cabina.ini:



For the data.ini:



Take a try!



Edited by paulopanz

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