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CFM powered E-3 Sentry Pack

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CFM powered E-3 Sentry Pack

CFM E-3 Sentrys
by daddyairplanes


This mod adjusts Veltro2k's E-3D release to add all 3 E-3 versions that used CFM-56 engines. Included are the RAF's D model, French AF's F model and Royal Saudi AF's A model.


Unzip. Install into desired mod molder. Allow merging and overwrites


Known Issues
No there is not an ESM kit for the E-3F at this time. If a 3d modeller is able to assist in the future one may be added via fakepilot. However the French birds are the only ones to use that bit of equipment, so it is somewhat low priority.


Aircraft Included
Sentry AEW.1 (E-3D), E-3F Sentry and E-3A Sentry RSAF


Veltro2k: original model and original hangar screen for the E-3D
daddyairplanes: ini edit to create E-3A_RSAF and E-3F, new hangars for mentioned aircraft based on original in E-3D, tga and ini edit work. improved D model skin and tga
TK: the original moddable game
Dave, eburger68: technical consultations on in game behavior


I hope you enjoy this humble little mod.


7 Sep 2015
Kevin Unruh
aka daddyairplanes


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Nice and well done as usual

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