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Canvas Knights Year End Review

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And as we come to the close of another year lets have a look back at what was done by modders for the Canvas Knights game.



59 by Voenlet

6 by Deutschmark

4 by OC_Tiger

1 by RAF209_Benge 



4 by RAF209_Benge

5 by Deutschmark

2 by Joule Gayatte


Maps / scenery's;

Two Zeppelin base add-ons by Deutschmark 


Game Tools;

Mission maker by RedEagle


Sea Vehicles;

4 Ships by Kostas

1 Sub by Kostas

1 Re- release sub chaser by Kostas, French and Royal Navy by OC_Tiger


Land Vehicles;

1 Renault FT17 tank with cannon by Pascal72

1 Re- release Renault FT17 tank by Pascal72, with MG by RAF209_Benge


Air Vehicles;

23 Airplanes by Deutschmark

1 Zeppelin by Deutschmark



2 Animated sea crews by Pascal72

Canvas Knights 2016 calendar by Darkfall_45



What a year!

Thank you all modders who participated in making the Canvas Knights experience better for everyone.




And here is a small preview coming for 2016!

The Europe map!




Its every thing in that large white square! 

This map is 1,864 miles wide and 3,462 miles high that is a total of 6,453,211.41 square miles big!, we know that about two thirds of it is water but that still levees us with about 2 million square miles of land... and that to me is enugph for anyone to get lost on...lol


Now let me explain how this map works, we call it a ( collective Europe map ) when this map is put into your game scenery folder and you go into game and choose it, it will then plug in all other scenery's you may have for that part of the world, then you can click on a scenery and get the start points for that scenery and go into game.




In my photo I have the Northern_Italy and a island off of France Ouessant, if I was to start on the Northern_Italy and fly to Ouessant when I levee the Northern_Italy scenery and I dont have any other scenery's from there to Ouessant the Europe map will then kick in and give me the correct topographic land / sea till I get to the Ouessant island and then that scenery will show, that's how it works. 


The Europe map is all working fine and I am in the process of making a few scenery's for this that will also be put out at release of the Europe map that I will make the Zeppelin and Gotha raid missions on Great Britain with, we will be looking at release around mid summer 2016.   


We will also start having in 2016 ( The CK Fun Days ) where we will announce days and times that we will all meet for some online fun with the Canvas Knights game.



That's it!

Thank you to all that have supported the Canvas Knights game.

Wish you all happy holidays.


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Pretty interesting. You should have posted that before the Christmas sale, now is over and I don't have the game.

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