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  1. Yes, IIRC the early Corsairs were bumpy once they hit the deck.
  2. No AFAIK, they were big fans of the Corsair.
  3. If someone had the knowledge to hack the game and fix bugs and adding some features we would improve the game a lot, but hacking exes is almoat impossible without the code.
  4. Later variants have extended range compared to the first ones IIRC.
  5. I like the new houses! will you swap the palms by trees as well?
  6. EAW, blast from the past.

    Just a blast from the past, having fun on European Air War Ardennes campaign! BTW the tilesets work on SF2 as well!
  7. Wow Swambast! That look almost like a real pic.
  8. And on a COIN scenario where the enemy posses no aircraft, would be possible to encounter civilian planes flying ONLY over friendly territory?
  9. T-34A Mentor for Argentina

    Beautiful work, hope Uruguay is next ;)
  10. Seen you uploaded the Mentors, any chance of any of this? Uruguay and Argentina, nice for Rio de la Plata Terrain.
  11. On both sides of the river, 80% of the houses are 1 height and painted in white with flat roofs, the roofs were painted in different colours, so you can see houses with grey roofs, blue roofs, white roofs... Also the ocasional orange roof tiled house but those are far less frequent. See attached pics. Regarding palm trees there is the ocasional palm planted on villages or along the roads, but no palm trees on the fields, nothing at all, so I would get rid of them. There are trees, but not that many as in the SF2 terrain.
  12. Ok, will provide those pics. Please think about the muddy estuary as well.

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