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  1. thanks for the the info, I hate to see that in this terrain, as USN would have flown tons of missions from carriers.
  2. Ok, it happens If I try the NAVALMAP=TRUE, even If the Water map is there and I have the NA game installed.
  3. 90000 and still climbing! Edge of space.
  4. First day of WW3, early Nov, 1962 Hangar Strike. Failed first run, Got it in the second, got hit in the process.
  5. No joy. I tried too to redownload the terrain and reinstall.
  6. Crusader, we're playing similar things! Strike against Israel... But I miss the seat lol Job done And our escort departs.
  7. Any other idea guys? Why it works on campaigns, and not appear in Single Mission?
  8. The funny thing is that I can play campaigns without problem lol
  9. I tried it, the CAT is there.
  10. Some weeks ago I played my Formosa installation without problems. Now when I enter the game the terrain is not there to be choosen, is the same terrain as always, I tried to move the terrain to another install and it does not appear. Any idea how can I solve it?
  11. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    Amazing level of detail!!
  12. Thanks for all the answers, the mission they had and the expected flight to the target would explain a lot of the crashes during the service years. I'm sure it would be exhilarating flying so fast, so low and with that relatively spartane aircraft.
  13. Thanks ValAstur for the gorgeous skins... A part of the Dhimar-UK defense agreement of 1949, was the permission to stablish a bombing range for RAF and RN use, (later also Australian and New Zealand forces were also authorized). One of the most obscure parts of the use by UK of the range was the deployment of tactical nukes using different airplanes, one of them were the Blackburn built Skyhawks, painted in antiflash whites, the Royal Navy made several launches against different types of simulated targets. On the following scrreens, we can see several pics of one of the missions. Fortunately for Dhimar fauna and flora, a live nuclear head was never used. Start on the carrier with the chase plane... Inboud to the coast. View from the chase plane. The two companions, the chase planes were equipped with special recon equipment on central pylon. Launching! Back a board. Those pics would have looked better If I knew how to use the TioPilotos filters lol
  14. Interesting, but remember one thing about GPS, any serious enemy will be able to shut down the GPS enough to make it unreliable, so I think that would need getting back to MarkI eyeball. Regarding the F-104, you can try visual routes over own terrain, but not over enemy one, wondering If they planned to follow natural features...
  15. The canadians deployed up to 8 F-104 squadrons in Europe for Nuclear Strike role. Anyone have info of the expected tactics for those birds? Being pretty stable at high speed and low altitude, is that what they planned to do? How in the world they would navigate in the european weather, and once they encounter the target, what was the plan to deploy the bombs? Thanks.

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