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  1. A-7 Corsair Familiarization Training Video

    Thanks! I really love the A-7, a true workhorse for the USN for a lot of years!
  2. Seeing how you, Gepard, Menrva or Wrench struggle with TODs I wish Mue to find some time to finish his editor, that would be amazing. In the meantime, I attack some Banana republics with some unlikely attack planes.
  3. Need Phantom experts opinion

    Thanks a lot!! I knew I will find someone capable of finsing a solution!
  4. Is this a B? Never seen the flat antenna on top of the tail
  5. Was looking at this pic by Dunois with SF2 planes and WT terrain, and I believe we can get a lot better terrain representation once Mue release his tool, trees flanking rural roads, more trees on forests, better city representations! Can't wait.
  6. Now, that's sound really interesting! Venezuelan K-8 Karakorum.
  7. I was a bit scared after so many weeks without login! good to see you're doing fine!
  8. He hasn't been around since late August, hope he's doing fine, some months have passed.
  9. Yup, the US supplied american uniforms worldwide, so it will not be uncommon to have some irregular forces with US style uniforms and soviet weapons! Hope to get some african and some south american skins as well.

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