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  1. First night of war in 1991 with the Boys from Siracuse... Sam launches are more visible with NVG. And the AAA is more scary as well. A light MG hit me and the landing was hairy. But we get back in piece, both of us, and we completed our mission!
  2. This one look better, isn't it? But, hey, is cool to see the Airacomet as If have reached the frontlines.
  3. I like it! Will look better with trees or vegetation on that mountain. But shouldnt' that mountain be bigger?
  4. Model is ready, is legal to share it here?
  5. Any progress on those "underground" bases, idea?
  6. You can try If interested to add a EF-111 with internal jamming and mission as "ESCORT_JAMMER", they do a difference I think, specially in SAM country.
  7. Beautiful!! And nicely imagined and represented. Well done Spinners!
  8. Veltro sorry to hear that, unfortunately not too many modders remain, and I think they're busy with othe rprojects, I want to say thanks for all the hard work.
  9. Pretty cool films! And yes, I agree in that filming is way better than today CGI's.
  10. The Yugoslav air bases would be great for the Balkans map, but I will really love to see them for China in the Formosa Strait map. Anyway, wathever you do, it's an amazing idea!!
  11. Thanks for keeping this section updated. Is cool to see the new planes being added, so I know what to expect on the next BAT release.

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