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  1. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Sería mucho pedir un Tracker con las alitas plegadas sobre esa cubierta?
  2. Can see this one flying over the Kuriles based from the deck of a converted cargo ship. Good job!
  3. Very beautiful! I can see it with the Kiwi AF markings as well!
  4. Yeah I like them too, love the scottish flag.
  5. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Va a añadirle marineros en cubierta?
  6. img00001.JPG

    Really beautiful pic. Good job!
  7. Up for download guys! Get it while is hot
  8. Mi-24 book written by me

    An amazing and very detailed Hind Walk Around...
  9. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Se celebran los Santos Inocentes también en Argentina?
  10. Will have you in my toughts tonight. Stay safe and keep strong for your father.
  11. Is wrong cause TK the author of the game and owner of the rights explicitally said so. BUT AGAIN we're still bragging about it when we said we will not continue. I will spend Chirstmas night working at my hospital, hope I get a good night shift, cause my daughters will be full of energy tomorrow rofl.
  12. No need to get angry when you don't agree with someone, you can expose your opinion here as much as I can expose mine. Take it easy, don't get angry and enjoy the holidays, is just a game after all.

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