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  1. Stop this all non-sense while the moderators take a decision about EAW subforum fate. Anymore attack, rant or childish behaviour will not be tolerated.
  2. Pretty impressive find!! Only problem I find is that the AI keep turning and never taxi to the runway.
  3. VTOL VR

    Wish I can convinve my wife that we need a VR set so I can play this game.
  4. I'm just displaying a better way of creating 3D models for EAW, the right way, the 100% way. There is no mention of any particular object or model prior to Mr. Jelly's disturbance or after and his reaction is therefore uncalled for. Fact is that nearly 99.9% of everything created has rendering issues except my objects. Ofcourse this causes unintentional pain with those who's models are flawed but such is the price of progress and not a reason to start a flame war.

    In the old days people constantly compared old to new if there was an improvement and yes it has caused many casualties. My 3D models are a huge improvement over the old, they're stable, more precise, smaller in filesize and faster rendering and have none of the anomalies which most other 3D models have. I'm not sorry my models are better as I know they can do the same with their models if they're willing to spend the same time on learning what I have learned about EAW's 3D models since january 2000.

    The right to criticise is another freedom we've always had in the EAW forum since the beginning of time and has always been seen as a necessity to get the game to a higher level. There is a difference between criticism and attack, the first uses founded comment, the 2nd doesn't. Rotton's remark is unfounded and a clear attack on my skills, if it was founded he's had ample time to tell the public why he thinks the carrier does not resemble a WWII carrier.

    Ofcourse Mr. Jelly's initial comment is not some loose observation but meant to hurt and demoralise, the same goes for Rotton's remark which is merely meant to rub it in. I'm sorry you're having a hard time Stratos but I already warned you that this behaviour is not going to stop, I'm a threat to their creations and this is how they deal with threats. To keep in step with Rotton's remark, I haven't said that other models are crap or do not resemble a WWII carrier and as such no attack has been made on anyone. I hope it's clear that I do NOT invade THEIR threads with loose comments or any comment for that matter. I can only advise you to tell these two to take up ANY issues with you so you can deal with them as you see fit, so my threads remain clean and on track. I will ofcourse do the same.

    I will keep comparing my models to others as proof that they're better, unless forum rules forbids such, just as others have been doing for over a decade comparing their work with mine and others, claiming superiority, and that goes especially for Rotton and Mr. Jelly who mainly use my work for comparison. That right is not only reserved to a few people but to all. I'm NOT asking people to pick a side or to like my creations, I just do what I think I'm good at and have as much right as anyone to keep doing it in peace and under the same rules as have been accepted since 1998. Anyone is welcome to criticise my work, when unfounded then the joke is on them, not me. 


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  6. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Yo puedo añadir tiles y colocarlos también, si usted Torno los crea, ponerlos no es problema.
  7. It's ok with me. Maybe one day we will get a P-63, until then, better to use the P-39 than nothing. BTW Will be another campaign where I will be able to use Veltro P-39 JetCobra.
  8. This is a sure bet: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,53691.0.html Easy to install and regulary updated.
  9. Very interesting! I like what you're doing here!
  10. It's not possible to use Stary Green hell tileset?
  11. Don't get me wrong guys, but the shark eyes are far different from the ones in the real bird, so the shark face takes a different attitude, less agressive. Just sayin.
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