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  1. I need to wait, hope they got cheaper soon or that technology will never take off.
  2. SF2 having more realism than DCS? Blasphemy!!!
  3. Lucky you lol I need to wait for a cheaper price on that stuff. Thanks anyway.
  4. I understand Trotski point of view, but I have poured thousands of hours in SF series, both playing and modding, and If we have a small chance of getting some update I'm more than happy, now a TOD editor would be the cherry at the top, cause it will allow us to improve the terrains we have and add 10 more years of life to the series.
  5. I think hes doing the proper thing, DCS is close to selling the Ka50 for the third time.
  6. Kev, any chance of this puppy in french markings?
  7. It's me or the opening pic is not taken in the default TK terrain, but one of our modded ones?
  8. Spreading communism in Yemen, one bomb at a time... The receiving end.
  9. Can't wait mate, really really looking forward to that map!! Mandatory screenshot: Training in the Caspian Sea shores...
  10. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    Okay, So I need to add the Oder and the Neisse? And then all that Warthe missing part? Tell me the exact area of the canal and will make it narrower. Would that make the river part complete?
  11. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    Added more rivers, in the East and in the West, can you please check? Ost.7z
  12. Those Lynx would be at home in the Balkans map!!
  13. Thanks for the explanation, been thinking in getting a VR set for myself, but the price is steeeep.

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