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  1. What map are you talking about?
  2. First day of WW3, full squadron strike on Soviet AB in East Germany... Our escort tangling with the interceptors Another interceptor, an strange one... Rare view indeed Rolling in, I configured the bombs badly and two get hanging out, they served to destroy a AAA Target aflame But the soviets bombed my home base, I landed avoiding craters, but my squadron had to divert, and the enemy tanks keep advancing...
  3. Will you release all those MixMaster skins? Mandatory screenshots, my favourite 21toy.
  4. After some days of seeing how the Dhimari reinforced their frontlines during late night convoys, the Parani HQ decided to get them a nasty surprise early at dawn, two brand new Su-7B will make their first operational sortie of the guard and will try to destroy the Dhimari reinforcements. The new beasts Say hi! Waking up the Dhimari gunners Rolling in The damn escort! Launching NAPALM...
  5. For SF2, Baffmeister told me this little trick: [FlightControl] StallSpeed=71.69 CruiseSpeed=186.59 ClimbSpeed=180.06//350kts CornerSpeed=205.78//400kts LandingSpeed=83.5 MaxG=7.33 MaxSpeedSL=365.25// 710Kts redline MachLimit=1.40 MachLimitDry=0.95 PitchDamper=0.70 RollDamper=0.0//no roll damper YawDamper=0.25 GunBoresightAngle=0.0 RocketBoresightAngle=0 FlapSettingForLanding=2 FlapSettingForTakeOff=2 AutoTrimLimit=0.0//................................................Probably works on a scale from 0.0 [no auto trim] to 1.0 [full auto trim] I really like to leave it at 0, makes flying a lot more fun.
  6. I use it without shadows, better than nothing.
  7. A logistical nightmare for Paran, a ton of fun for SF2 users!
  8. Was the H ever released? cannot remember now.
  9. You're having lot of fun in Paran/Dhimar lately, isn't it?
  10. What is this plane?

    Really interesting, so many X-planes out there...
  11. Found this in Pinterest, looks like a USAF Vigilante of some sort. Anyone know more?

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