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  1. I really suck at drawing NEW things, I can copy and paste pretty good for my own use, but creating new content is hard for me. Sorry, will keep searching.
  2. I want to paint a Jag in Chad scheme consisiting in Desert Yellow and Chocolate Brown for the upper side and Aluminium to the underside. Anyone know the RGB values of those three colors? Thanks!
  3. Hope everything is ok! Enjoy your holidays!
  4. My profiles available on "Libyan Air Wars" series show the Jags used in Chad as sporting the yellow bordered roundel.
  5. The cherry on top would be the Armée de l'Air roundel with the yellow border in a good res. Anyone?
  6. Thanks a lot guys! Got the colors right, really apreciatted!
  7. Great work mate! Really looking forward!
  8. Understood, maybe TK should start dong some FC3 level birds for DCS, lol.
  9. I would love a version with guys in the back, so we can splash them, either with a 30mm cannon or a GBU from high alt.
  10. Those eastern european village in geography get the name of Burgenstrasse, as they're deployed usually following roads, If you could replicate those, the terrain will look even more amazing.
  11. Will you add TOD made small towns as you did with Vietnam terrain?
  12. Hope you could find some time to hack other parts of the game like avionics...
  13. Will you connect the airbases to the road network? It always looked strange to see those big bases sitting isolated from the world.
  14. In a special meeting in the Hebrew cabinet in August 1987, the goverment presided by Yitzhak Shamir decided to stop the development of the IAI Lavi after defense budget had sikyrocketed. But in a twist of fate, almost at the end of the meeting a urgent message arrived trough diplomatic channels. Japan and Argentina will help to fund the IAI Lavi in exchange for techincal help and the permissions to build the plane in country. At this genereous offer, Shamir soon made a press conference presenting the country with the new situation and letting IAI enginners and pilots to continue the flight tests then underway. 5 years after that the plane was considered a huge succes with export orders to several countries as well as being a plane that meets all the old and new requirements being made by the IAF. Here we see the plane in a punitive strike in 1994 against Gaza strip. Model by AngelP, it need some work on skins, basicly weathering and stencils, if anyone wanto to help with that...
  15. I lost contact with AngelP, he does not answer to my mails or cell calls, I hope he's ok, but regarding the mod, without his permission the release is a no-go.

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