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  1. Thanks a lot for the EXPAL bombs, really apreciatted!
  2. Will you provide a historical background?
  3. Mi-24 book written by me

    I know is not exactly a high intensity mission, but... How is fuel tank in Russian? PTB-450?
  4. Mi-24 book written by me

    Any info you can provide about external fuel tanks use? Name, weight, operational use...
  5. I will kill for a proper Afghanistan map, the only big one still missing... Mandatory pic...
  6. Those greek Starfighters will be really useful once Cyprus is released. BTW Soul, any chance of this one for DCS??
  7. Been flying this last days after downloading that patch and been enjoying it as a very nice flight sim. It has its flawsa yes, but in a lot of aspects it's more serious than Sf2, like wingmen use, the ATFLIR, etc. Loved the MECON management as well. Thanks for pointing me to it! P.S. There's something similar for EF2000, unfortunately that requires a legit EXE that I don't own, tried GoG, but no luck there.
  8. Be patient young padawan...
  9. IIRC there was a Win10 update for this game, that added things and fixed others,but cannot remember the name.
  10. I like it! Good work Spinners!
  11. Pretty interesting question, could be really interesting to fly a slow, stable kite against those pesky Fokkers.
  12. Pretty interesting, never had post missile stall in DCS, could be fun.
  13. And that's why so fun to fly the Bis in DCS, taking care of the engine so it doesn't stall leaving you with restarting problems.
  14. Hope for a recovery of the taste, very important. There are several methods for recovering saliva after a cancer treatmen, xylitol being one of them, but there are also new ones like using Xerostom products with olive oil. Sorry but being a nurse my professional part jumped in.
  15. Airliners are regular airplanes placed by the engine by itself right? Is not possible to have a 737_Blue that will be placed in Blue airbases and a 737_Red for Red airbases, two folders of the same plane with same skins, but different Nations... Running for cover...
  16. Looks very nice in RAF scheme and those modern Sidewinders.
  17. There's also the YAP method
  18. Try to ask this in their Discord...
  19. This video is not from Razbam, I edited the title of your post.
  20. This is my main wish for Sf2, this and A-A refuelling.
  21. Silent hunter 3 GWX Gold mod - Drache

    What the Drache does in SH3? Is just eye candy or has a function?
  22. Never experienced crosswind landings or bombs affected by winds.
  23. Curious thing is that wind doesn't seem to affect the planes...

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