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  1. Vietnamese MiG-21MF/Bis (with R-13M missiles), for Sino-Vietnam map inspiration.
  2. Thanks for explaining the real procedure. One learn something new every day.
  3. Maybe I'm wrong, but the YAP ones came with that hability?
  4. I like how you present your planes lately, it looks a bit like a Osprey book. Good work!
  5. I'm impressed by the size of that thing, and how British adopted it so fast for carrier use, so I wanted to share the story here. https://theaviationist.com/2023/11/21/mojave-rpas-hms-pow/
  6. The question is, Will be shared? ;) Mandatory pic, brothers in arms.
  7. Just sent all that to him, fingers crossed.
  8. I talk with AngelP almost daily, he's planning to send me his mods to get them finished and released. So, no problem releasing that plane once you're happy with it!
  9. Need your prayers

    Stay strong my friend, she needs you!
  10. Need your prayers

    As a emergency nurse I know how hard can it be, you took a brave but difficult decision. You and your family will be on my toughts. Will keep in touch, If you need anything I can send you my phone for whatsapp talking.
  11. One of the first "what if" we got back in the old days IIRC. Love the snake emblem.
  12. That's why they call them Point Interceptors. With Firestreaks would look amazing!
  13. Pretty interesting idea, thanks for sharing!
  14. Well possible, sad, but I think is very likely. Some guys are being overcautious.
  15. Maybe this guy will promote something... https://combatace.com/forums/topic/98462-questions-about-dll-files-editing-modding/
  16. This is a question to know If is possible to use Alpha Channel to "hide" parts of a model, making them transparent? I know It was done before, to cover some glass parts, but not sure If is possible to "hide" parts this way. Will explain myself, would be possible to use alpha channel to hide the track cover so it looks like a milita worn out tank?
  17. That would be amazing, with a J-6 too...
  18. No hurries, just found that and wanted to share with you. BTW, have you guys noticed the "hardened" hangars on top right pic?
  19. Chinese fighters and bombers cammoed during the sino vietnamese conflict.
  20. In fact it makes sense, as could operate from small strips on the Amazonian basin, and fight against Ecuatorians.
  21. Ideas for sending two pallets from Belgium to Spain?

    Now thay seems worth investigating! Thanks a lot!

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