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1st Supersonics Now Updated to v1.95

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1st Supersonics v1.95 now availible at CombatAce.


Changes include adding Fubar's MiGRWR sound & his MiG FMs that are now the standard. Updated Type 74 & Type 76 decal.inis by Ghostrider883. MiG engine sounds by 'yours truly'. New loadingscreen for Type 77 & a better res loadingscreen for Type 74 by Ghostrider883.


JPEGs included for Manetsim.




1st Supersonics ( IAF 1960s MiG Pack ) v1.95






1. Drop the folders called "Type 74", "Type76", and "Type 77" into your "Aircraft" directory.


for WOV : Wings Over Vietnam/Objects/Aircraft


for SFP1 : Strike fighters/Objects/Aircraft


2. For WOV, you should have Patch 1 & the latest Weapons Pack installed.


For SFP1, you you have up to SP3 & the Weapons Pack installed.


Deuces' Effects Packages are suggested. As are Fubar512's Sounds Packages.


Patches & Weapons Pack availible at http://www.combatace.com/





Changes In v1.95 :


1. FMs brought up to the current MiG standard by Fubar512.

2. MiG RWR sounds by Fubar512.

3. Updated Type 74 & Type 76 decals by Ghostrider883.

4. New loading screen photo by Ghostrider883.




Credits :


The following people deserve many thanks :


1. Ghostrider883 for his decals, research, & skins.


2. The Wrench, for his excellent Hangarscreen & audio RWR workaround used here.


3. tomcat1974 for his setka3 gunsight .tga


4. MiG radar .tga by Eruyi.


Any mistakes are solely mine...



The Guys at the SimHQ SFP1 forums, CombatAce, & Column5's forums for inspiration, enlightenment and keeping

the faith in allowing SFP1 to mature and grow.






A. This mod is primarily intended for WOV, but was tested in & will work for the earlier SFP1 series



B. v1.8 Changes since the earlier versions in IAF MiG Pack v1.6:


1. As SFP1 becomes more difficult to find, WOV compatibility is crucial. Cockpits of the earlier

versions were based on the stock SFP1 F-104G. This has been changed to the A-4B & A-4C pits common to both

SFP1 & WOV. Both pits are a stopgap until the SFP1/WOV modding community releases proper MiG cockpits.


2. Availiblity of WOV allows for the more accurate MiG-21PF .LODs as opposed to the earlier PFM LODs in

order to reflect the fact the Type 76 was based on the Soviet MiG-21PF, and the Type 77 based on the Soviet

MiG-21FL models. Type 74 continues to use the MiG-21F .LODs. IAF 23mm Gunpod continues to be a compromise

until such time as a proper GP-9 gunpod is introduced. Droptanks for the Type 74 & Type 76 MiGs are deleted.

It is known that the Type 74 used some form of IAF availible non-Soviet droptank, but we still

haven't been able to determine which one. Soviet 490 ltr tanks were only introduced with the Type 77.


3. In keeping with further research, all the IAF MiG-21 series now have working Radar Warning Recievers. IAF

MiGs were originally fitted with Serina 2 rear hemisphere RWRs then further upgraded.


4. The Indians were initially very skeptical of the MiG-21P ( Fishbed-Cs with the 30mm guns removed ) that the

Soviets initially offered for sale. IAF pilots demanded & got the Soviets to jury rig a GP-9 Gunpod to the Type

74 Migs before delivery to India. Type 76 Migs were also supposed to recieve this modification, but the 1965

India-Pakistan War broke out before this could be carried out. During the War, IAF pilots of the 28th "1st

Supersonics" Sqdn saw extensive service. Due to a lack of AA-2 missiles, the Type 74s used the gunpod exclusively

in battle, while the scarce AA-2 Atolls were reserved for the gunless Type 76 MiGs. Fortunately for the Indians, the

Pakistanis also suffered from a shortage of AIM-9B Sidewinders for their F-86F-35 Sabres & F-104A Starfighters.

After the 1965 War, the IAF quickly replaced both the Type 74 and Type 76 MiGs with the Type 77s. Soviet Doctrine,

which had favored missiles at the expense of guns on fighters, was changed by the combat experiences of the Indians

in 1965, and the North Vietnamese during the 1960s...






Bob "Howling1" Hauser

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