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100 east german MiG-21 camos for MiG-21


100 east german LSK style camos for MiG-21F-13, PF, PFM, M and MF


This mod is made for SF2 AND WoE, WOI Kadesh


It is made for the original MiG-21 versions of the game, NOT for TMF MiG-21s.


I. History


In the east german airforce LSK (Luftstreitkräfte) each single combat plane had a unique paint scheme. There was no standard for the form of staines, dots or stripes. So the technicians of the squadrons and repair facilities had free hand for the paintshop.
Originally it was intended to have a two tone camo. The colors had to be brown and green. But the tone of the paint was not specified, so that lighter and darker greens and browns were possible. It depended a lot on the availability of the paint. On the other hand the brown paint was very fast weathering, so that it appeared soon as a green tone. Nobody knows why the paint changed from brown to green. It simply happend. Perhaps it had something to do with the sun?
So a very wide range of colors was to find on the planes. In the late 80th a 3 tone camo was used.


This package contains 100 different camos, connected with the tactical numbers, so that you will find 100 planes each with an other unique camo. The camos are LSK style. They are not historical correct. The reason for this is, that there is no reliable source for the east german MiG-21 camo. All paintschemes, even that in the museums, are LSK style (freestyle). So i decided to make this set as freestyle. An eastgerman MiG-21 could have looks like that, what you find in this package.






75 tactical numbers are made by PauloPanz for his MiG-21F-13 skin.! The other 25 i made myself.


The skins based on:


TK's stock MiG-21 skins, modified by me.
The camo decals are made by me.






-Unzip the folders into your object folder


In each "LSK 100" skin folder you find a subfolder "alternative decalplacement".
It includes a backup of the standard LSK 100 decals.ini and one decals.ini with an alternative placement of the decals. So the camo of the plane looks different by using the other decals.ini. Feel free to test out, which version you like more. Simply copy and past the decals.ini in the LSK 100 folder and let overwrite the existing decals.ini.




For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use the forum or send me a PM.










Hope you enjoy it.


Michael (Gepard)


Made in Germany
January 2017


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