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Hello fellow Combataceman,



I just want to see your opinions of the Dragon's Jaw mission I made. I know it needs alot of improvement. I'm in the process of updating the mission, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :help: . I would like to spread the formations of the 46 USAF F-105D's and the 21 USAF F-100's so that when the AI planes drop their bombs the other AI aircraft flights would'nt run into them and explode. Also I would like to ensure the waypoints are miles and miles apart so that the AI aircraft would have enough time to maneuver to the next waypoint. One more thing how do I correct the headings of each waypoint so my flight and the rest the AI flights would make the proper turns toward each waypoint? Like I said before this was just my first attempt to create a mission using WOVQMD. One more thing the objective points for all the AI F-105D aircraft are about 5 miles off from the intended target(Dragon'd Jaw bridge), so they tend to drop their bombs 5 miles or so from the target. I'll fix that as well utilizing WOVQMD sorry about that folks. Once I improve this mission I will update the current v1 to v1.1. After this project is complete I will create large USN Alpha Strike missions based on the knowledge I receive from any campaign/mission gurus, consisting of A-1's,A-4's,F-8's,F-4's,A-6's,and A-7's, also more USAF/USMC missions as well. If anyone knows where I can find information on the internet about USN Alpha Strike formations used during the Vietnam War and what aircraft of certain dates was used in each Alpha Strike formation and their primary target objective was please let me know :help: . Thank you and Peace....


PS:Please everyone in the WOV commmunity who has mission building skills has my permission to modify the Dragon's Jaw mission. Besides its just for fun. Happy flying..... :victory: here is my email address bigstone1232000@yahoo.com

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