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Help on new machine...

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Wow! What a system!


You'll be perfect with those video cards. For the memory, Corsair is great, just make sure you go with the XMS series. I'd suggest the XL version, too. That's what I've got, and it's great. Good overclockers too, if you're into that type of thing (though with this system, I doubt you'll need it :))


If you want the fastest hard drives, go with the WD Raptors. They don't hold as much space though. I've got a Samsung SP1213C, and it's plenty fast. Do your research, though, I wouldn't take my advice :)


The ASUS A8N is a great board, but I would just like to throw the MSI K8N Neo4 Diamond in the running too. Again, do your research.


Now, for the case. If you want performance, I'd suggest the Antec P180. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811129154 I've seen some complaints about getting some wires in place originally, but once their in, I havn't seen any complaints. It's got a duct that allows your videocards to pull in cool air from outside the case, instead of trying to recycle hotter air. And it's downright sexy.


So theres my two cents, some others might have some good ideas for ya.


Good luck with your system!

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Congrats on your windfall, feel free to throw some $ this way ... :biggrin:


That's some system but do you really need it?

I don't know what your main uses are but there are virtually no games that will run better on a dual- core than a single (Falcon 4 being 1 exception). Consider the FX-57 instead.


Similarly 4GB is way overkill unless you were doing a lot of image manipulation/rendering etc.


There is absolutely nothing that can take full advantage of 2x 7800GTX in SLi as you will be CPU limited even with that dual-core or an FX.

Buy 1 & have a holiday or buy yourself/girlfriend/wife a present instead. :spiteful:


Supposed to be a very fine mobo.

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Good choices there! 2 gigs will be more than enough for ya, that should definatly get you through till the next upgrade...


For the Raptors, don't bother waiting. Those drives have been out for years, and they're designed for gaming. If you want storage, go with something else.


I'd love to see that system in action, you're gonna love it. And thanks but no thanks on the manual :)

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I would take you up on the manual but postage to the UK would be a killer ;)

Thanks for the thought though, it's appreciated.

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