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  1. Radio Controled

    WOW!, Are those ducted fan engines or the real mini jets? Back in 91 I bought an A-7 fiberglass mold from Jet hangar hobbies but it was too much for me. Sold it. It used a Turbax 1 ducted fan and a K&B engine. I know they actually have mini jet engines out now but they are about $3,000 each. That model is really impressive. Foo
  2. Air & Space Museum

    Check out pics below... This is a model of the Enterprise, Look in the elevator doors. The modeler did a great job on the hangar bay! look at the last pic of the forward elevator hangar bay door, amazing! Made 3 good traps on the outdated simulator in the Navair section thanks to simming at home. Going to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles on Thursday . Hope I didn't post too many pics !
  3. Not exactly a screenshot...

    This really brings back memories, back in 1980 in a galaxy far far away I was an avid fan of the original Battlestar Galactica. I made several sketch drawings on graph paper of the Viper, a lot like the drawings you posted here. They're gone but they were pretty good. When that Sim comes out I'll be first in line to buy it. I like the new TV series as well. The old Kalrathi menace in Wing Commander was easily forced into extinction in the early 1990s but it's obvious that the whole storyline was based on Battlestar Galactica and the Cylons. If there's a good Battlestar Galactica simulation out there let me know. With the new series on TV I think that if someone develops the simulation and boxed it will sell well. Foofighter
  4. Help on new machine...

    Hey thanks, Foofighter
  5. Help on new machine...

    Hey thanks everybody for the input.
  6. Where has Snapple been?

    Hey Snap, Glad you're back. Got a lot going on too, Marriage, kids, Marine boot camp! Don't envy you, but...been there done that, only I went through Navy 13 weeks boot. See you on the other side when you finish OCS boot. Don't expect to hear from you for a while but go kick some ass! Foofighter
  7. My gaming room setup.

  8. USS America

    This must be upsetting for the Vets of the America. They wanted to turn it into a museum but the Navy used it to see how to improve the survivability of future carriers. Here's the Navy's reason: Here's the link to the story at military.com I don't know, if I served aboard that ship I'd be upset. I know they can't save them all but I'd still be upset if they did that to the Ike. Also, I don't know again, if the tests resolve current weaknesses for the future carriers I guess we are moving forward? I guess they couldn't figure that out another way?, I would have liked to visit it as a museum but it's too late now. Cecil gone as well so I feel their pain. Foofighter Foofighter
  9. Caption Me

    Come to Carmax and get your "previously owned" P-51 today.
  10. DLP

    Hey Fates, Yeah I'm glad Chief told me about this. You're right! There's nothing like it. Still will upload better pics. Flying on this vs. my 19 inch monitor is as different as night and day! Can't wait to get Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and try it! Here's a better pic (clearer & brighter) http://users.starpower.net/jbillingsley/PHOT0009.JPG Foo
  11. DLP

    Here's a bad pic of my new projector screen, I need to lighten it up but I have to go to work so I'll take a better one tomorrow. In comparison check out my 19 inch monitor on the desk on the right. Works with my HDTV cable box tool!! http://users.starpower.net/jbillingsley/PHOT0005.JPG Foo
  12. Check this out, Column5 has done it again! I can't wait to fly this campaign. Red Madagascar Foo
  13. Hey Rap, Have you read Fighter Combat by Robert Shaw? It's a must read and it helped me out alot back in the mid 90's when I used to play Air Warrior all the time. Alot of times I go against the tactics that the book says and I get my butt kicked. I probably should re-read it, or quit drinking . Fork-tailed devils vs. 109z's and 110's? I fought against a friend of mine that knew my preference towards the 109 and he chose a P-38 in AW. He kicked my butt a few times. 110 is no contest. Gonna try it out as pcpilot suggested and see if I can do better this time with an inferior A/C. Foo
  14. Hey Rap, Probably about the same time... I just got online when I got home before I opened it . I stayed up until 8 am. This sim is a lot of fun! Foo

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