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How to install DLC 29 under July2012 version - Tutorial

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This is a how-to guide for player who still stick to SF2 July 2012 version for some reason. (Like me)


What you need:


SF2 July 2012 install

SF2 July 2013 update + 2013 hotfix

SF2 DLC 29 AI Planes pack July2013

Thirdware Extractor


Steps to do:


1. Install SF2 and update it to 2013 July version. I did with SF2NA but I think any version would work


2. Copy the file DLCData029.DLC from the game folder (..\Strike Fighters 2\DLC) to a temporary folder somewhere you will find it later


3. Use the extractor on this file (actually it is a CAT file), and copy the files gundata.ini and weaponsdata.ini to the same folder to find it easily.


4. Uninstall SF2 (July2013) completely.


5. Reinstall SF2 and stop at July 2012 version of SF2NA


6. Copy the file DLCData029.DLC from your temporary folder into the DLC folder in your game folder (..\Strike Fighters 2\DLC).


7. Start the game to create Mod folder and the ini files inside. (..\<user>\Saved Games\Thirdwire\SF2....)


8. Open Options.ini and edit the necessary lines...



BuildDate=Jul 2012 -> Jul 2013
StrikeFighters2 Vietnam=TRUE
StrikeFighters2 Europe=TRUE
StrikeFighters2 Israel=TRUE
StrikeFighters2 Exp1=TRUE
StrikeFighters2 Exp2=TRUE
StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic=TRUE
StrikeFighters2 Exp3=FALSE

LastUpdateVersion=Jul 2013



Now you can start the game and see the new AI aircraft flying - but it's not complete yet.


9. Copy the file gundata.ini and weaponsdata.ini into your <Mod folder>\Objects.  This will add the new cannons and the TW stock AA-1B Alkali missile into the game. You can do this step by copying out the [Weapon140] AA-1B from the weaponsdata.ini entry and put the weapon into the game as a separate weapon add-on.



- As far as I experienced it works fine this way. I think other DLCs can be retro-installed this way just look for the new guns and weapons in the ini files.

- You can't extract individual planes and convert them into mods without the ability to extract the LOD files.


If you can tell more, and have any experience with this share it as well.


Happy Hunting!

EDIT, pls correct the title typo... crappy keys, I have.

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