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Updated Photoshop RoF Map

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Updated Photoshop RoF Map

This file is an updated version of the whole Rise of Flight Map in Photoshop format. The original RoF Photoshop map file is available at the official forum, but is out of date for place names etc... Both files are really big, around 1.3 GB, and may crash weaker systems, so beware.


I have updated all airfield/village/town/city names and placements according to the in-game map, as well as painstakingly added and named those villages in No-Man's-Land that do not show up on the in-game map.


I have also added names for most of the river and canals, as well as a few famous forests involved in WWI such as 'Bois de Ploegsteert' (Battle of Paschendale), and lakes and ponds where it seemed appropriate.


Warning: there may be mistakes in exact location or spelling of names. Let me know and I will correct them.


And finally, I have made personal changes to the graphical appearance of the map. It may not suit your taste, so simply copy the 'style' of the original map layers, or just copy the updated 'NAMES & AIRFIELDS' layer from my file to the original RoF map file.


Many thanks to the developers for releasing the original PS file, and for such a beautiful simulator.


Cheers :drinks:


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