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ROF - Miscellaneous Files

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Rise of Flight miscellaneous files that don't fit in the other categories.

5 files

  1. RoF Maps for iPhone - Based on Bandy.zip

    Set of sector maps for Rise of Flight (Western Front) for use on iPhone or iPad or similar device. Based upon excellent map file created by Bandy and released March 2012 - subdivided into sector maps by Panthercules.




  2. Realistic gun sounds Rise of Flight

    Realistic gun sounds for Rise of flight.
    FMOD sound program used in Rise of flight offers unlimited possibilities in matters of sound performance/accuracy/realism, although it's not open to modding.
    This mod replaces original machinegun sounds with high quality real maxim/lewis gun recordings
    (courtesy of C2builder) to get the most realistic and qualitative result possible.
    Several youtube presentations here:




  3. The Observers Manual

    A 7-page document produced to offer the player a basic understanding of the operation ofdefensive armament of multi-seat aircraft in Rise of Flight.
    The sections cover setting up the basic controls, how to use the available gunsights, the use of TrackIR in the Observer’s position, crewing aircraft offline and online, and the use of voice communications in multiplayer games.




  4. Updated Photoshop RoF Map

    This file is an updated version of the whole Rise of Flight Map in Photoshop format. The original RoF Photoshop map file is available at the official forum, but is out of date for place names etc... Both files are really big, around 1.3 GB, and may crash weaker systems, so beware.
    I have updated all airfield/village/town/city names and placements according to the in-game map, as well as painstakingly added and named those villages in No-Man's-Land that do not show up on the in-game map.
    I have also added names for most of the river and canals, as well as a few famous forests involved in WWI such as 'Bois de Ploegsteert' (Battle of Paschendale), and lakes and ponds where it seemed appropriate.
    Warning: there may be mistakes in exact location or spelling of names. Let me know and I will correct them.
    And finally, I have made personal changes to the graphical appearance of the map. It may not suit your taste, so simply copy the 'style' of the original map layers, or just copy the updated 'NAMES & AIRFIELDS' layer from my file to the original RoF map file.
    Many thanks to the developers for releasing the original PS file, and for such a beautiful simulator.




  5. Updated RoF Printable Maps PNG

    UPDATED: These maps now have all the villages that appear rendered in game in No-Man's-Land (but not on the in-game map), as well as names for most rivers and canals, and a scale and compass rose.
    This zipped file contains 8 smaller scale, well detailed, easily legible and printable on 8.5" x 11" paper, 'sector' map files for Rise of Flight.
    To my knowledge these maps are NOW the most up to date and accurate maps based on the in-game map itself, and reflect village, town, and city updates that came with the fall tiles patch.
    If you wish a copy of the master Photoshop file, see the other download here.
    Thanks to the developers for such a beautiful flight simulator, and to all the third party contributors. Thanks to Combat Ace, my first flight sim home.




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