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Garmin NS 340 GPS

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So, you can buy a GPS upgrade to the MI 8 and L 39.

Pretty cool right?

NO! It costs $14.99 AND because of it's develpment has probably set back other modules too.

Please for god's sake don't pay so much for something that is so redundant in the game. Sure F10 breaks the immersion somewhat, but at least you aren't enabling ED and freinds to put off development of proper modules and 2.5.

Here's the ED's webapage on it; https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/other/ns430/

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Let the free market decide. I don't see my self every buying this addon. But I have already seen posts from many who have already bought it. Modeling the GPS in detail took some work. If people want to retrofit gps to aircraft that originally didn't have it, more power to them. Many have complained about how ED is itemizing everything such as the WW2 terrain being sold separately from the WW2 AI objects. If ED goes to far, they will lose an already small market. I am with them for the detail/accuracy of the aircraft, particularly the flight models. If they give me what I want for a fair price, they keep my business. If not, I will stop buying more products. To be fair, you need to compare DCS World to FSX. An A2A Simulations Cessna costs $50. A Cessna has no radar, no weapons, just basic instruments and maybe some advanced navigation equipment and/or gps. ED is meeting or beating the prices of the competition. FSX has special addons not unlike the WW2 assets or gps that sell for similar or higher prices. I have spent far less on DCS than someone committed to FSX/P3D. I don't get a beautiful global map, but I can fly combat aircraft in a much more realistic combat environment than any FSX/P3D/TacPack installation for a much lower price.

Best wishes for the people that have money to blow on a GPS addon at $15 for an aircraft that cost at most $50 or maybe even $25 on sale. If ED makes a profit on this and that profit gets re-invested into aircraft and terrains that I want, it is a win-win situation for me :)

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