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Vought F4U-7 Corsair Aéronavale

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Vought F4U-7 Corsair Aéronavale

The last production Corsair was the "F4U-7", which was built specifically for the French naval air arm, the Aéronavale.
The XF4U-7 prototype did its test flight on 2 July 1952 with a total of 94 F4U-7s built for the French Navy's Aéronavale
(79 in 1952, 15 in 1953), with the last of the batch, the final Corsair built, rolled out on 31 January 1953.
The F4U-7s were actually purchased by the U.S. Navy and passed on to the Aéronavale through the U.S. Military Assistance Program (MAP).
The French Navy used its F4U-7s during the second half of the First Indochina War in the 1950s (12.F, 14.F, 15.F Flotillas)



- the original plane;
- 13 new, upgraded jpg skins;
- Historical decalset
- pilot, weapons, sound;
- wingfold fixed;



- Key 0 canopy
- Key 9 wingfold
All autoclosing on take off


- all credits to TMF The Mirage Factory;
- Wrench or upgrades and temps;
- paulopanz skin, reskin, decals, repack


- all in your mod folder and overwrite.


That's all






PS: I started this upgrade for myself as I always loved this plane model. When finished I decided to share.



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