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AvWeb Short Final

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From "Short Final" of this morning's AvWeb e-zine  - rang a faint bell for me (CG 6043 is a Sikorsky MH-60T out of CGAS Sitka):

The fall at Juneau Airport, where I’m a controller,  generally sees pretty gross days, rain and lots of wind.  One day we had six miles of visibility and winds of more than 25 knots and gusts more than 30.  I was working a Coast Guard helicopter out and it occurred to me that I never really see those guys when the weather was nice.  I figured I'd ask why: 

Tower: CG 6043 frequency change approved, you guys have time for a question?

CG pilot: Frequency change approved and go ahead...

Tower:  You guys ever fly in nice weather?

CG pilot: No.

Jeremy Horton


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Couldn't think of a shittyer, yet more beautiful place to fly than Alaska. As I said before: The CG fellas get way too little credit for their job.

Juneau is a very cool airport - basicly between a rock and a hard place (mountains in 3 directions, a hill in the fourth direction). The only IAP-procedures (LDA or RNAV) are offset a couple of degrees and the circling-approaches have you maneuvering in a tight valley - especially if you're in a jet. The ODP is also *interesting* (not so much for a helicopter, though).

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