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  1. Spitfire photo shoot video

    Great video footage for prospective Spitfire drivers, and an interesting short portion on how to get a Merlin started:
  2. New Aircraft

    Thanks for the above, Crawford! I note the BrisFit has a wing-mounted "generator fan" - will it work with the same code? And going back a couple more, I never saw the "Stachel" pilot model except in George's post but it reads like VonS has it somewhere in his files. Can that be released for general use? I'm in the process of re-doing my "Blue Max" install and that would be a welcome addition!
  3. New compass testing...

    As a sign of the times and courtesy of FlightAware, course track of high school student testing a new compass in his father's airplane. Link for the Military Times article is just below the pic: https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2020/04/30/19-year-old-pilot-spells-f-k-covid-19-in-flight-path-joins-trailblazers-of-military-aviation/
  4. Problem with FE2 effects

    Saw that the initial post of Eugene2 was showing a FE1 Camel with black exhaust, so I went into FE2's CamelF1_150 and changed the ExhaustEmitterName= to display "InlineExhaustEmitter2" and trailing is the result: Looked pretty reasonable, so then I tried the same combination on Eugene2's no-exhaust FE2 SPAD_13 and got this result: A little less distinct, but it's there - so, the file gives the desired effect. Looked in my Effects folder and it's not there, so I'm guessing that maybe it's an original TW FE2 file?
  5. Problem with FE2 effects

    Not really sure if this is what you're looking for, but see below from stock TW Salmson2A_DATA.INI file - under [ENGINE] subfile, there is an entry for ExhaustEmitterName=InlineExhaustEmitter2 which appears to give a pretty reasonable effect.
  6. F/A-18 Carrier Recovery

    From this morning's AvWeb e-zine. Case 1 recovery - good weather, all visual, no comms...
  7. Note that in FE2, pressing "R" during a mission allows re-loading and "U" works for un-jamming.
  8. Excellent! How about some FE2 and WWII pilots?
  9. Santa's Hangar

    Could be - close examination shows he has already already upgraded the original drum brakes to the SuperCub conversion kit for disc brakes. Magic Christmas dust or not, he still has to stop on those icy roofs!
  10. Santa's Hangar

    Always liked this Tom Newsom print of Santa inspecting the J-3's propeller. By the look of things, I hope he is as thorough with his weight and balance calculations and that he's upgraded that powerplant to the 65 h.p. version! In the background, looks like Santa's six will be covered by a S.P.A.D. XIII this year. Peace on Earth and good will towards men!
  11. Halberstadt CL.II Uploaded

    Thank you, Stephen1918, for another great WWI model! While I can't hit anything with them, the M17s with their grenade rack look and work great. Now I'll have to learn how to paint it to look like the CL.IV just down the road...
  12. Sixth Generation Stealth Overview

    Looks like some of my airshow pix. Subject a/c is usually about an inch or two on the other side of the right or left margins!
  13. Sixth Generation Stealth Overview

    See trailing link from National Defense magazine: https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2019/9/16/what-to-expect-from-sixth-gen-aircraft
  14. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    As always, good job Stephen1918! Flies nice right out of the box and everything works well!

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