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  1. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    Good job, Stephen1918! Finally got this addendum downloaded and installed - everything loaded up neatly and plays well in my dedicated FE2 Galicia2 installation. Some very interesting new and (some) improved eye candy, and appropriate-looking terrain elevation modifications! So busy flying over the new digs and looking around I nearly got shot down due to lack of attention to the bad guys!
  2. MAPS Air Museum

    Trailing pix from this weekend at CAK on one sunny but cool afternoon in between all the rain! What a mix of aircraft and in almost every condition you can imagine - just about something for everyone. MAPS has taken on restoration of several of the pieces from the now-closed Florida Military Air Museum, and also continues to truck in hulks from private buyers (like the OV-1 Mohawk). Pretty interesting to see if you're in the area!
  3. See link below for interesting story from Popular Mechanics: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a23066191/b-52-bombers-fly-until-the-2050s/?src=nl&mag=rdt&list=nl_rdt_news&date=091118
  4. New Aircraft

    Nice screenshots and thank you for those, gterl! Von S - Thanks for all your work also, and I read your note on the AI (always one of my areas of interest!) and was curious about the CL.IV's rear gunner. Has this WIP FM been tweaked to further improve the AI defensive fire rates and accuracy?
  5. Fair Point

    Good one!
  6. New Aircraft

    Good catch, Crawford!
  7. Siemens-Schuckert D.I uploaded

    Great historical photo (almost looks Photoshopped!), Crawford - never saw that one! Any idea where it was originally taken? And I've been remiss to not add my appreciation to Stephen1918 for his model of this interesting aircraft. Thank you!
  8. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Really interesting stuff, Geezer! Well done! Awhile back you released some new models as samples to whet the appetite - are there any updated ones available for currency checkrides by FE2 enthusiasts?
  9. Tweaked Flight Models and Realism Pack for FE2

    Many thanks, VonS - I'll have to agree with Geezer that there is a lot of stuff here to incorporate and see how it works! Tried out some of the "Effects" modifications first, but No Joy on seeing the parachutists jump! Had pretty dramatic flame and debris before (except it was the same explosion each time) when a balloon lit up, and I was interested in seeing your different balloon demise outcomes, but now it just disappears when I get a few rounds on target...guess I'll have to investigate these files a little further!
  10. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Very interesting and your adherence to historical specification is commendable, VonS! Kudos to Geezer for his superb model re-design capabilities, as well! I'm sure I speak for the community when I express my appreciation and thanks for your hard work and diligence in improving FE2 to the best flight simulator it can be! In the text above you mention an upcoming Version 9.5 of your FM updates - is there an ETA for it being released?
  11. WARNING - Never eat this food

    Roger that!
  12. Happy 100th Birthday...

    Best wishes from U.S. Coast Guard Aviation, 102 years young this year!
    Nicely done, Stephen1918! Good documentation and very easy to install as all the hard work was done up front. Made me want to drag out the old SPA.81 S.VII model and take it for a spin!
  13. IIRC, all twelve "Secretary" class cutters had CWIS installed about 25 years ago under the FRAM program, but only CGC Mellon (WHEC717) had RGM-84 Harpoons. For ASW capability, hull-mount AN/SQS-38 with AN/SQS-17 receiver to work with LAMPS III and Mark 46 torpedo tubes were added. For air and surface search, the AN/SPS-40E and AN/SPS-78 with AN/WLR-1H Electronic Support Surveillance Equipment suites were installed. Just forward of the Jayhawk is a "telescoping" hangar that was also not part of the mid-1960's configuration. Except for "sea-whiz" (now a more modern Mk. 15 Phalanx), the Harpoon and aerial torpedo systems have been removed as they were determined to be mission-duplicative with its Navy counterparts.

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