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  1. MiG-29 Wild Weasel

    Note mounted Garmin GPS - the targeting link between the digital HARM and the analog Fulcrum?
  2. F-16s as Red Air Adversary

    Article re Top Aces sign-off for providing adversary training services to USAF with ex-IAF modified Vipers (snipped from this morning's AvWeb). https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/usaf-pilots-to-battle-f-16s-in-mock-combat/?MailingID=1035&utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Staff+Shortage+Ground+Stop%2C+F-16+Adversaries&utm_campaign=Staff+Shortage+Ground+Stop%2C+F-16+Adversaries-Thursday%2C+August+18%2C+2022
  3. Happy Birthday, America!

    From those of us, on your behalf, interfering with natural selection since 1790.
  4. New Faces for First Eagles 2

    Great stuff - looking forward to seeing these packages released!
  5. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Awhile back I sent Geezer some pix for Blaine Rawlings, but they were either not sufficient or he lacked the time. In any event, I was writing of a new set of FE2 pilots to be released by JulioJunqueira (see quote included in previous post)... But on another topic, Are these old or new? Where is the link?
  6. Wish List - again!

    Agreed to all the above, and especially the Pfalz Dr.1 and the Sopwith Pup. But while these projects and updates are in the process of being released in the manner of a couple weeks, did I miss this one from JulioJunquiera?
  7. Win11 opinion: General usage AND SF2

    Was going to post this before, but hadn't read much about it so figured everyone was doing O.K. with the current Windows upgrade. I don't consider myself a big-time flight simulator user, but I have the whole TW package with a variety of separated installs and upgrades on both my W11 desktop and my W10 notebook (and yes, alongside some other "more modern" flight simulators) and no issues with any of them right out of the box when W11 became available. Regardless of W10 or W11, and IMHO, the only noticeable difference between the two rigs running either SF2 / FE2 is how the software interacts with the installed graphics cards capacities. To wrap this up, my biggest problems have nothing to do with the operating systems, but invariably come from occasionally trying to stretch the capabilities of the TW flight engine a little too far, and of incorporating an occasional "self-inflicted wound" (read "stupid change that doesn't work") into the programs.
  8. F-35C ramp strike video

    Leaked video of U.S.S. Carl Vinson monitors during last month's incident where pilot ejected safely and was rescued, but seven sailors were injured.
  9. Goodwood Warbirds Article

    Snipped this from Veloce Today (Italian automobile e-zine) and linked below - contains several pix and backgrounds of WWII-era aircraft currently on the European airshow circuit. https://velocetoday.com/warbirds-at-goodwood/

    Enjoy everything the season brings - best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! BTW, I knew I had seen that blip before...
  11. Agreed - nice work as I was wondering about availability of a bis variant. I like all the options - is there a way to make the pilot's mustache optional (as in your B&W pilot photo)?
  12. ISR and Innovation video

    Snipped this off of AvWeb this morning - overall a pretty decent three-minute video. Especially note what appears to be an SR-72 during the last seconds of the flick, and the reference about the future approaching at Mach 18. Not that it matters much, but I personally have concerns about broadcasting national defense capabilities like this, but for the purposes of a contractor's self-promotion, it is what it is...
  13. Ford FT-B for the Polish-Russian War

    Great stuff and thank you, Stephen1918! Am I missing something or can you get this contraption to fire at aircraft?
  14. Good catch, but I don't think mine has ever been changed. Since I use TextSize=12 in my Messages, to get to a single space I had to further adjust your numbers to TopLeftPosition=0.01,0.865 and BottomRightPosition=0.210, 0.885, and now it looks like this.
  15. Good work! Excellent add to FE2 cockpits!

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