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  1. Humpday Heavies

    U.S.C.G. Douglas R5D-4 (1955)
  2. Thanks, Mue, for both the explanation and the excellent tutorial - even I could follow it and it works great! I'm not looking to add to your workload and I don't have much of an idea on how common this situation is with these model remote nodes/meshes installed so far away from the primary's map, but could this be automated in a future version?
  3. A great asset to the community, Mue! I haven't had any significant problems with using it over the last couple days, but I've found a model ( https://combatace.com/files/file/12642-sh-3d-seaking-for-sf2/ ) where the data populates but the map doesn't appear (see below) on one of the three LOD's in the package. The other two LOD's seem to work fine. It's likely a self-inflicted wound - do I have a setting (or something else) wrong or am I completely missing something?
  4. Humpday Heavies

    The lifeboat was PS'd and the ASV radar used to be the chin turret before that was PS'd. I searched the archives but didn't see a PB-1G so I picked up the base model out of the B-17G Flying Fortress Pak and modified it.
  5. Humpday Heavies

    U.S.C.G. Boeing PB-1G with A-1 Lifeboat (1948)
  6. Somewhat out of the Loop for awhile

    Sorry to hear of your loss, and best wishes for your future being bigger and brighter!
  7. Interesting, VonS - maybe I missed this part, but is this for only SF2 or for both FE2 and SF2? Every once in a while I try to get an SF2 model (or more generally, a pair of them) to work in FE2 but don't have any success (maybe 10% of the time). The aircraft will show during the selection screens, but immediately after you select "Fly Now", you're sitting in mid-air with no cockpit, no aircraft, and no airspeed. Occasionally, dependent upon type, you might see a bomb hanging beneath a wing, but no wing to hold it up! Any ideas on this?
  8. Humpday Heavies

    It's just a girl I knew a long time ago, dear...
  9. The S-97 Raider

    Impressive video - with all that capability, I can't quite imagine what it's like to fly one of those, but I wouldn't mind finding out!
  10. Another Buff Reactivated...

    From this morning's AvWeb Flash E-zine, a B-52H named "Wise Guy" was delivered to Barksdale this past week from being parked a little over ten years at Davis-Monthan. This is the second B-52H to escape the boneyard, and when fully refurbished, "Wise Guy" will become the 76th B-52H in USAF service. The article also included an interesting video on the B-52, but the audio part could have been done a lot better! See the link below:
  11. Da Vinci's Flying Machine for First Eagles

    Nice job, Stephen 1918 and Von S, for bringing FE2 its first stealth aircraft model!
  12. I'll bet that was some pretty fancy stick and rudder work...you were fortunate you were still able to drop the gear! A good candidate for "the Second-Luckiest Pilot" award!
  13. P-51D for sale in Texas

    Just a little too pricey for me, but for some of the CA high-rollers, the link below takes you to a website advertising "possibly the last unrestored P-51D" (former Guatemalan AF) along with many spares including twenty Merlin powerplants. Lots of detailed pix of aircraft and spares: https://www.platinumfighters.com/p-51d-n38227
  14. XP-82 Twin Mustang

    First "official" flight of the XP-82 Twin Mustang near Douglas, GA following rebuild and partial restoration - video link trailing.
  15. New Aircraft

    Sorry for being a little late to the Bleriot XI party. There are currently two replicas (FAA-registered as N913BL and N791X) at MAM - the pix I forwarded were of N913BL at an airshow a couple years ago, and you can see N791X in the photo adjacent to the placard and I've included a hangar shot of it below (especially note the original-style wing suspension). N791X was rebuilt after a crash-landing and was formerly registered as C-FBLW in Quebec where it was originally constructed. All three of those registrations can be searched on and the aircraft background and some photos of each are available online.
  16. New Aircraft

    Geezer - For your use, trailing are some close-ups/detail shots of the Bleriot XI that I pulled out of the archives. Mike Dora - Is Mike Lockhart still working at Rhinebeck Aerodrome?
  17. EC-135/145 Rescue Footage

    See the video below - Lt. Jean-Francois Martin of Le Gendarmerie de Montagne is my choice for "Second Best Pilot"!
  18. Pomilio PE Uploaded

    Nicely done, Stephen 1918 (again!). Your models always work "right out of the box" and this FE2 flyer appreciates that!
  19. A bad day for a Kriegsberichter

    Glad to hear from you again, 33LIMA, and I'm anxious to read the ending of this action report! I've also got a new rig running Win10, and while a little curious about BOB2's popularity (the current pricing certainly seems reasonable enough!), have not pursued it because of the compatibility issues. However, there's plenty of case space and I've been thinking about a separate Win7 boot drive (for a couple of reasons) so perhaps that will resolve itself. As thorough as you are in your reporting, you may have seen the trailing comment page regards running BOB2 in Win10: https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=48817
  20. New Aircraft

    Very nice, Crawford! What is the translation at the bottom of the card?
  21. New Aircraft

    Glad to have you back, Geezer, and a Happy New Year to everyone at CA!
  22. Polish Anatra DS Uploaded

    Interesting and good lookin' model, Stephen1918! Is the rear gunner tuned up to get maximum hits on his targets?
  23. Railroad B-25J

    Maybe this is old news to some of you, but I had never heard this piece of aviation folklore: During the late-1950's and into the mid-1960's, the New York Central Rail Road owned and operated a modified North American B-25J Mitchell (44-30996). The railroad acquired it as surplus for $3,000 from Davis-Monthan, and then re-configured it into a combination passenger and freight carrier (registered as N 9991Z). It was painted in the same gray-and-black scheme as its locomotives (trailing are a pair of photos I scanned out of a magazine, along with captions). It eventually became a casualty of the railroad filing for bankruptcy and was sold to private owners, and then re-sold and registered in the Philippines where it was destroyed (on the ground) during a cyclone in 1970. Some of these tales you can't make up...
  24. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    See below - when I can keep it on target, I think the Lewis variant does a better job than the Hotchkiss, and you should think about removing that spinner to get better cooling of the cylinders!
  25. In your dreams...

    Trailing was picked off of AvWeb's Flash e-zine this morning: The Naval Air Station at Belle Chase regularly uses New Iberia, LA (KARA) as a refueling stop. I was flying my Piper PA‑32 into KARA to get fuel for myself and contacted the Tower. Tower: “Piper Three Five Eight One Whiskey, enter a left base for Runway 34. You are following two F‑18s on a 15‑mile final.” I saw the jets and could tell that if I kept my current speed I would be close to their jet wash. Me: “Eight One Whiskey, left base for 34, slowing down for the F‑18s.” F‑18 pilot: “In your dreams.”

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