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DCS Weekend News 20th October 2017

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DCS World Autumn Sale 2017 Continues

Just three more days! Our Autumn 2017 sale will end on 23 October at 0900 GMT. During this period, get up to 50% off on most DCS World products.

A-10C-180x162.jpg FC3-180x162.jpg Ka-50-180x162.jpg L-39-180x162.jpg CA-180x162.jpg
MiG-21bis-180x162.jpg C-101-180x162.jpg HawkT1-180x162.jpg AJS37-180x162.jpg M2000-180x162.jpg
Bf-109-K4-180x162.jpg P-51D-180x162.jpg DCS-180x162.jpg SpitfireIX-180x162.jpg Fw190D9-180x162.jpg
Mi-8MTV2-180x162.jpg F-5E-180x162.jpg F-86F-180x162.jpg MiG-15bis-180x162.jpg UH-1H-180x162.jpg
DCS_Normandy1944_180x162.jpg DCS_WWII_Assets_180x162.jpg F-15C-180x162.jpg Su-27-180x162.jpg NTTR-180x162.jpg

Please visit the DCS e-Shop, modules section, maps section and campaigns section.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Update

Work continues at a brisk pace on the Hornet and now that that project is further along, we can start to provide more regular "mini-updates".

Image-19-10-2017-356.jpg TCN-356.jpg

UH-1H: Argo Campaign Available on Steam


Video Trailer

DCS World Steam Store

"Argo" is a story-driven campaign comprising a series of Naval Operations with the iconic UH-1H. As a pilot of the Hellenic Navy, assigned to the recently obtained FFG-46 Argo Frigate, your day-by-day missions include a variety of demanding tasks such as flying in all-weather conditions, Search & Rescue ops, Cargo delivery, Troops transport & Antisubmarine warfare.

You and Argo's crew have just sailed towards the Black sea for the needs of NATO "Sea Breeze" exercise. NATO is very cautious and takes extra protection measures since it is believed that small ISIL terrorist groups have infiltrated Georgia by exploiting the refugee waves coming from Turkey.

Your Huey’s performance in the exercise will define its future in the Hellenic Navy as military analysists doubt its competence in a modern Naval environment. The eyes of the whole fleet are on you and your chopper. Are you up for the task?

The Eagle Dynamics Team
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