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Combat Air Patrol 2 review and news

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Early Access review:



You may be aware that CAP2 V810.4 is now available in the Steam beta branch.  You can read more about the update here. We will push the beta over to the default branch once we’ve ironed out any issues using the initial feedback.


How to access the beta

Right click on the game in your library and select properties.  Then go to the beta tab and select the beta from the drop-down menu. Please note, the VR beta is still the old version.  We will however be enabling this very shortly, we will drop you a line when we do.   If you don’t yet own CAP2 you can get it here.


We need your feedback

Whether you are new to CAP2 or are just downloading the latest patch, we want your feedback.  Here’s how to give it:


Reviews: If you are enjoy/are enjoying CAP2 we would appreciate a quick Steam review as this massively increases visibility within the store and helps spread the CAP2 word.


Bugs: Please report all bugs in the main bug thread as this speeds up development and helps us keep track of what’s been reported. For VR related bugs and feedback please use the VR Pilot's Lounge.


Dev Sit-Rep: Keep an eye on this thread for what’s going on behind the scenes.



You may have seen the MagsTV video for CAP2 which is definitely worth a watch.  It’s worth noting that we are taking the feedback at the end of the video into consideration along with player feedback and demand.


As always, thanks for your support and patience, we appreciate it.

Sim155 Ltd
'this is exactly the sort of sim I want to play and there's not been enough of them in recent years. I have feeling this will turn out cracking'  
'I'm still having fun with it despite any early bugs which are being worked on and the Devs are closely working with the community feedback'
'in my opinion the Devs are the most active devs I've come across on steam addressing game issues and listening to those who are currently testing the game'
'from flying the Harrier what little I have SIM155 is going to knock it out of the park'
'I am really starting to like it after flying around a bit, can't wait to see how it will develop'
'showing a lot of promise. Buy it if you want to support development'
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