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Hello everybody,
Update 3.001 testing is progressing well: almost all the planned functionality is in and ready. We know that you'd like to hear an exact release date, but since this update is shaping up to be the biggest of all, it's hard to pinpoint an exact release date. Nevertheless, as we said before, we're doing our best to release this update before the end of Winter. Major tasks that still remain include P-39 cockpit texturing and completion of 25 Career mission types that will be included in the initial release (after it the work on the new mode will continue to increase the total number of the mission types to 40). Once again, this update is going to be the leader in terms of changes and additions - the change list includes more than 80 items already.
Speaking of the further development, we'll start to disclose various details about it pretty soon. For now, we can say that the work on 3D models of P-47, Spitfire Mk.IXe and Bf 109 G-14 has already started while we're collecting reference documents on Tempest Mk.V. In the same time, we have started adapting the existing WWI aircraft FM for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles engine for Flying Circus project. The work on Tank Crew is also progressing: new track assembly animation tech and increased height map detail are accompanied by the new detailed buildings destruction tech which will be used on 'Clash at Prokhorovka' map; the first two new 3D tank models are in the works as well. We'll tell you about them later, but they are heavies.
To spice up today's diary, here are the official A-20B skins. Important note is that external textures of A-20B are made in 4K resolution:
01.jpg 02.jpg
03.jpg 04.jpg
05.jpg 06.jpg
07.jpg 08.jpg
09.jpg 10.jpg
11.jpg 12.jpg
13.jpg 14.jpg

You can discuss the news in this thread

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    • By 76.IAP-Blackbird
      Hello everybody,   The end of January draws near and we're finishing the BoK development. The new functionality of the coming version 3.001 is being actively tested and debugged, our volunteer beta tester team helps us in this task greatly. This development stage is hard, but it consists of routine work mostly, not very exciting to tell about. However, there is a development which might be interesting for you to know. Andrey =AnPetrovich= Solomykin finished the Yak-7b series 36 flight model but, being the lead engineer, he couldn't just 'make a new plane'. During this work, he implemented many new features which in time may be applied to other aircraft. In addition, while we have a common flight modeling accuracy standard, this time some characteristics were modeled with higher fidelity. Here's the list of Yak-7b FM features:   1. Maximum horizontal speed matches the reference data at all altitudes with 1% difference margin (less than 5 km/h). 2. Climb time matches the reference data with 4% difference margin (less than 8 seconds difference lower than 6000 m and less than 34 seconds at higher altitudes). 3. Turn time matches the reference data with 0.5 seconds difference margin. 4. Takeoff and landing speeds with or without flaps match the reference data with 2-3 km/h difference margin (takeoff run accuracy is 10-20 m). 5. Inertial model is congruent with the reference data for all load variants including fuel and ammo mass. 6. Shock absorbers and tire load are congruent with the reference data in all drop tests. 7. New canopy functionality: 7.1 Canopy opening or closing delay after the player input has been corrected. 7.2 It is impossible to open or close the canopy at speeds higher than 600 km/h. 7.3 Canopy damage model and wind sound corrected. 7.4 Moving canopy recoils when it hits the limit. 7.5 Player can repeat the canopy move command if canopy releases from the lock on its own and didn't lock at the opposite lock. 7.6 If a pilot finds himself in an unlucky flip over situation on the ground, it may be impossible to open the canopy. 8. New flaps functionality: 8.1 Flaps pneumatic valve can be set to the neutral position instead of retracting position, making the flaps retract by air flow pressure instead of a sharp retracement. 8.2 An incorrect flaps behavior, while pushed back by the air flow pressure, has been addressed. 9. Pneumatic valves in the cockpit are being turned in an anthropomorphically realistic way since a human hand can't turn something 360 degrees without pauses. 10. Constant speed governor wheel has been slowed down realistically (synchronized with a virtual axis while controlling it from keyboard). 11. Propeller pitch automatically lowers during landing if the automatic pitch control is selected in difficulty settings. 12. Oil overpressure results in an oil leak. 13. Oil and water radiator scoops can be lost due to combat damage. 14. The airframe structural fatigue and combat damage dependencies on the G load have been adjusted. 15. Fuel pressure indicator shows realistic data while the engine cylinders are being primed with fuel during the engine start. 16. Force Feedback effects were adjusted for higher flight speeds. 17. Oil injector functions correctly during engine warm up (if you start a mission from parking). 18. Instruments and switches function correctly with all interdependencies. 19. Correct Venturi tube modeling in UP-1 gyro, KI-10 gyro modeling. 20. Engine start and turning off procedures fully correspond to the pilot's manual. 21. Landing gear bays and flaps affect flight dynamics correctly in all possible landing gear and flaps combinations (including flaps being lost). 22. Neutral virtual flight stick position corresponds to the real joystick flight stick position for FFB and regular joysticks (taking into account the elevator trim and fixed trim tabs). 23. Aircraft balance changes correctly in an event of fins or fins control rods loss for FFB and regular joysticks (taking into account the fixed trim tab position on the left aileron and both elevator trim tabs). 24. Fins with broken control rods correctly re-orient themselves when the air flow speed drops, affecting the FFB neutral position.   While working on Yak-7b, Andrey was also able to add these features and corrections to other aircraft:   1. Radio compasses on all planes work only when powered and show correct readings when switched on or off and when the beacon signal is lost or acquired. 2. An aircraft can no longer explode when 'Unbreakable' difficulty option is selected. 3. These aircraft can't be damaged anymore with 'Unbreakable' difficulty option selected: - Bf 110 E-2 - Bf 110 G-2 - He 111 H-6 - He 111 H-16 - Ju 88 A-4 - Ju 52 3mg4e - IL-2 mod. 41 - IL-2 mod. 42 - Pe-2 series 35 - Pe-2 series 87 4. 'Unbreakable' difficulty option: flipped over MiG-3 and Hs-129 B2 turn back to a normal position. 5. 'Unbreakable' difficulty option: turning back a flipped over aircraft happens correctly and there are no artificial oscillations that could happen when an aircraft lies on its belly. 6. When a plane or its fragment hit a concrete, ice or packed snow surface, dust or snow cloud effects won't be shown. 7. Loss of smaller aircraft fragments won't be accompanied by a dust cloud visual effect. 8. Damage modeling artifacts have been fixed (i.e. sudden breakage of damaged aircraft parts in a resting state). 9. Lost canopies fall off from a correct place on an aircraft. 10. Lost canopy and other parts of Bf-109 Е7 correctly affect its aerodynamic characteristics. 11. Oil viscosity changes correctly with temperature, resulting in faster engine failures when the oil is overheated. 12. Constant propeller speed governor R-7 control wheels were made slower according to reference data. These governors were installed on the following aircraft: - IL-2 mod. 41 - IL-2 mod. 42 - IL-2 mod. 43 - MiG-3 series 24 - Pe-2 series 87 - Yak-1 series 69 - Yak-7b series 36 In addition, for all these planes (if 'Engine auto control' difficulty option is selected) the propeller pitch is automatically lowered when instrument speed drops and the landing gear is released (to help in a situation when an urgent go around procedure might be needed).   As usual, here are some visual pics to compensate that wall of text above. Here are P-39 official painting schemes:                  
    • By 76.IAP-Blackbird
      Dev Update 176 and bellow you can find the earlier update 175, why?! Why not   if you want to see the larger pics bellow, simply click on the link below   Im leaving now for two weeks and maybe i will be able to post some updates. Hope you enjoy it and have fun reading it! Some comments would be nice, if you like those devblogs or not   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everybody,   another week has passed and we have interesting IL-2 news for you once again. First of all, our programmers started the work on the next new gameplay mode: Cooperative. In the start, this mode will include new multiplayer server type, where a player will have to choose an aircraft in a scenario mission. The mission will start once enough players have joined and confirmed they are ready. The aircraft not claimed by human players will be controlled by AI, so the mission will proceed as it was designed even if the server isn't full. The mission scenario could be nearly anything you could think of - scripting allows a mission designer to create almost any combat situation. Moreover, the multiplayer branching campaigns will be possible, when a mission outcome decides which mission to load next. Judging by what the =DED= squad has made possible so far on their server, dynamic scenario campaign will be also doable.   Our preliminary plans for the next year include improving not only the new Cooperative but also the existing Deathmatch multiplayer modes by giving the players more convenient means to socialize, offering a more informative, visual and convenient way to select and join a server. We'll be able to tell you more later when we set these plans in stone. For now, we can say that our post-2.012 changes include a ton of changes and additions already and we'll be telling you about them as they mature, in the each Dev Blog. This also means that this time the waiting for the next update will be longer than usual, so please bear with us - we're certain that your patience will be rewarded with the new neat stuff that will be in.   To make this Dev Blog a bit less dry, here are some WIP Aircobra screenshots - you can already see it in the game engine. This one is going to be really interesting and we'll tell you about it in detail in our next news update.     And some WIP rain effects    
          Dev Blog 175   Hello everybody,   the month of surprises continues and today we present you a new kind of them - instead of a new plane it will be a new tech. Our lead programmer and lead landscape designer were developing new stuff for a couple of months already: it will allow us to make the visual image of the sim drastically more realistic and modern looking in the next update. Their main task was increasing the rendering distance of the terrain almost four times, from 40 to 150 kilometers, and they completed it successfully.   This task automatically brings several smaller ones with it in tow: increasing rendering distance of the clouds and making them more diverse, improving the air haze, the horizon, making additional, simplified landscape beyond the map borders since you can see so far now and so on. Ofcourse, one of the main objectives was to not allow significantly FPS drop appear due to this new feature, and we succeed in this. For example, today's discussion on how the new haze should look was so tense and spirited you won't believe it, with many members of the team participating - producer Jason Williams, lead programmer Sergey Vorsin, lead landscape designer Evgeny Isaev, lead physics engineer Andrey Solomykin, build manager Andrey Dineev, physics engineer Roman Kovalenko and yours truly Daniel Tuseev, of course  .   You can see the current result of the work on the following screenshots that were taken during daytime at 5000, 2000, 500 and 100 meters altitude. This improvement will get rid of likely the last important thing our engine lacked in comparison to our competitors, and now it looks like we're taking the lead instead. Otherwise, our graphics engine is hands down the best among the combat flight sims. But we won't stop at this, that's for sure, we'll move forward!               https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-5#entry520948
    • By 76.IAP-Blackbird
      Hello everybody,   As promised earlier, this week we'll show you another Allied fighter that participated in the Battle of Kuban - Yak-7b series 36. This aircraft had an unusual story: being a one-seat fighter, it was actually converted from two-seat training plane Yak-7 by removing the rear cockpit. However, this wasn't a field modification of existing planes, Yak-7b was mass produced. The war started badly for the USSR, so it was decided to use the existing Yak-7 assembly lines to produce Yak-7b model with minimal production changes needed. Later, the upgraded Yak-7b became Yak-9, the most produced Soviet fighter of WWII era.     Speaking of its weaponry, it is an up-gunned version of Yak-1: 20mm ShVAK engine cannon and two synchronized 12.7mm UBS machine guns installed on the engine cowling could be complemented by two 50kg or 100kg bombs to engage ground targets. The increased firepower is the main advantage of Yak-7b compared to Yak-1.   Part 172   Today is a very simple Developer Diary. Some images of the A-20B cockpit for you. We hope you enjoy.     DD 171: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-5#entry511051   DD 172: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-5#entry513976   As always, have fun reading it and enjoy the pictures :)   Best regards   Martin  

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