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  1. Christmas is coming ......

    ''Sometime in 2024'' is about as close as one can get I reckon...
  2. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    ''Sweet 16?''... more like ''Death wish''... How are you still alive?
  3. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    How much longer will our intrepid aviators luck hold?... find out in next weeks thrilling instalment!...
  4. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Well, you survived, you got a new aeroplane and a new kill first time out with it... good show!
  5. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Drama's always accompany a meeting with Roland rat!...
  6. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Long before you got hit I was thinking, ''where are my flight?''... flak all around you, then you got bounced by a very seasoned two seater ace ''von Unschlagbar'', I kept thinking ''time for home mate''. Then you got hit!... those little messages kept popping up, ''you are loosing blood'' and then, ''fly to nearest friendly airfield'', I thought, ''better leg it mate'' ... but no, you went and shot up the airfield (hero). lol!, pushing your luck, this won't end well kept crossing my mind... but blow me down, you made it back! I'd have sacked it when my flight disappeared and I was the only flak magnet
  7. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Nice patrol that one... I liked it that you stayed as top cover while the rest of the flight had a go at the two seater... that landing at the end though I was holding my breath as you threaded the needle!
  8. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    You did right Rick... when there is a mad melee going on, stay out of it... get back to the drome, have a drink, warm up and wait to see what the head shed cook up for you next time!
  9. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Ha!... you got Count von Slippery in the end
  10. Checking in.

    Yes, that's correct...
  11. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Well done Rick... but watch out for the dreaded 'blue triangles'!!!
  12. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    There is a key for gun sight view Rick, might make it easier to get rounds on target... can't remember the key setting though!
  13. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Well done 'Ace'... you get away with it again!
  14. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    What?... 3 missions and your'e still alive?

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