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  1. How To WOFF!

    Great stuff as always...
  2. AMD Ryzen processors?

    Search your pouch you bloody marsupial!... and watch your joey!!!
  3. AMD Ryzen processors?

    You philistine catch!... having said that, 'catch' you in the mess later for a drink old boy.
  4. BHAHII Missions and Campaigns

    Good stuff Rick... yes, watching the video I thought you would get bumped any minute, judging by the gunner's reactions...
  5. Ups a daisy!... gently does it. Great stuff
  6. WOFF: More Lethal than Ever

    40!!!... he's but a child... PAH!
  7. Unlucky Chives... at one stage I thought you were going to cheek it!
  8. In a good way of course... displaying the mayhem that can happen when you decide to become a pilot of the Great War in WoFF!
  9. Well Seb, that video was rather manic to say the least!
  10. MODS release

    All I see is version 2.6, 4th Jan 2022?
  11. BHAHII Missions and Campaigns

    A 'cloaked' Hun machine flown by Baron von Klingon?
  12. BHAHII Missions and Campaigns

    Well done Rick... thought you were going to connect with that railway line at one stage I thought your little windshield and goggles were a bit messy... shouldn't be happening when your kites have an engine behind you!

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