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SF2 A-4E (67) Skyhawk VA-45 Skin/Decals Pack 

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SF2 A-4E (67) Skyhawk VA-45 Skin/Decals Pack 

SF2 A-4E (67) Skyhawk VA-45 Skin/Decals Pack              1/25/2018

= For SF2 (Any & All, Full-5 Merged Prefered) =

*Can be used in any install that has access to the A-4E_67*

A new skin for the A-4E (67) Skyhawk. Also included, are a modified Data and loadout inis, correcting/adding to the Mission tasking, loadouts, Player operated manual canopy, and the landing light. Several new parts are included that correct and add the missing outer Sidewinder rails.

The skin included is for:

VA-45, Det.1

embarked aboard USS INTREPID circa 1972-73, in the North Atlantic & Mediterranean as part of CVSG-56.

Skins remain in their "as issued via 3W" stock bmp format. Most markings are decals, excepting certain squadron tags on the rudder.  These had to be painted on due to number-of-decals-per-mesh restrictions. There are 18 Modex numbers and serial numbers (BuNums). VA-45's BuNums are historiclly correct; unfortunately, they could not be matched to their corresponding Modex.

Also added, via Magical Ini Dancing (tm) are missile rails for the OUTBOARD pylons, as is correct for all 5-hard-pointed Skyhawks. These are added via the loadout ini through various magical transformations and incantations. They are only used in the "Air-to-Air" tasking (and Recon), and will/do not effect any Strike, CAS, Auntie-Ship or other attack missions.
These modification can also be added, using the same data ini edits, to all the A-4E and later models. A lightened and brightened gunsight tga is also included for those of us with weaker eyes.
Historically speaking, these A-4 squadrons (and/or detachments) were assigned to the Essex class carriers that had been convered to "CVS" or anti-submarine warfare carriers. The Skyhawks embarked were not only tasked with light strike, but Combat Air Patrols to protect the ship and the ASW assets.

The canopy uses the Standard Animation Keystroke (tm), Shift/0.

When on the Loadout screen, for skin/squadron selection, on the Dropdown menu you'll see

VA-45 Blackbirds Det 1 (CVS-11 1972-3)

As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... Also, DO give the Notes section a read as well, for enlightenments, illuminations, and general ramblings. With MANY thanks to Nyghtfall for his invaluable assistance!!! :)

Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein

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