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Get your copy of Fallout New Vegas Ready

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I've been keeping my eye on some things over the years and this project is one of them. Formerly Project Brazil this mod is basically it's own game. It's what WoFF is to CFS3. All you need is a working copy of Fallout New Vegas for PC and the rest is done by the mod. I will go out on a limb and say this is probably the only mod on this level for the Fallout series that has been completed. The amount of effort that went into this project is awe inspiring and so far the improvements they've made are very good. I've been permitted to to play the game prior to it's release and I'll be doing that more and more this evening, tomorrow, and probably all the way up to it's release date on ... you guessed it. 10-23-2018

It says a lot when people consider this mod to be New Vegas 2. Even  more interesting is despite some major challenges both in production and in life. The team still managed to carry on and getting help from various skill sets.  Even those who have become somewhat a celebrity the Fallout modding community.

In the end this mod is a game made by Fallout players, for Fallout player and if you have any love for the series (especially for New Vegas) you'll love this mod.

Hopefully, if time will allow, many of you will be able to play it and perhaps we can chat about here if you want to. Welp let me shut up and get back into things.

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