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I found this 3d max script and I thought of sharing it with you. and it's Free :salute:


Why Blueprint Manager?
Most modelers will tell you that the most annoying part of creating a new model is setting up the reference images. Once you have them prepared in Photoshop or your 2d graphics software of choice you have to create the image planes having the same proportions with the images, you have to create materials for each plane, apply the materials to the planes and make sure they are properly mapped and visible in the viewport, align the image planes and make sure they properly fit with each other, then lastly, change the properties of the newly created image planes so they are non renderable, when they are forzen they still display the images, and have backface culling on so that they don’t interfere with viewing your model. Tired yet? Just to add to this, when you finally start working on the models you will need to hide/unhide or freeze/unfreeze the reference planes. Well, with Blueprint Manager, all these tasks are reduced to a few mouse clicks!

What is it?
Blueprint Manager is a MAXScript which automatically creates a set of mapped planes from a series of blueprint images, sets their object properties to non renderable, backface culling on, and show frozen in gray off, and places them in proper position.


This is the URL to download the script

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