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  1. I am trying to animate 4 different nodes separately, can I do animatin just fine but the problem is when I exported it comes in in as 1 animation ID for the model. I have been looking some Jet fighter for example there are more than one animating ID for different nodes. So my question how to make separate animation key in Max for each individual one so they can be animated separately or do i just animate all 4 and they in the data file I set the ID? It is confusing and I am having hard time explaining my self I hope I made some sense.
  2. Yes that is exactly what I want to do.
  3. I have a question on how to set different animation id to 4 different nodes to have 4 ids to set the animation separately.
  4. I almost completed the model, some more details and I think it will be done. not to forget adding gunners too.
  5. Another update. I am really having a hard time making the model form photos so, please bare with me it is trial and error.
  6. That is ok, you can find me some good side or front photos or somthing close to that will be helpful
  7. I will add the Crotale system to my do list Coupi, but like I said I need your help with the data files and testing
  8. No, problem I only need a good blueprint and good information for any model request and I will be more than happy to make it. PS. I need help creating the data files and testing for any SAM model i make as I am not good enough in this field.
  9. No, they didn't I think they were playing pretend
  10. This is the beginning of the right side about 80% completed.
  11. Many thanks, Kevin, it's always good to have a blueprint or a model for reference. and a big thank you to everyone who shared their information with me.

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