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  1. How a bout both of them SA-16 and SA-18 as well as the Starstreak
  2. I think I found a replacement for the P-40 radar how about another SAM missile? like the SA-16 Gimlet
  3. Okay I will start with the Flakpanzer-Gepardthe manufactured by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), based in Munchen, Germany, and was delivered to the armed forces of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
  4. Go for it, my friend I will find something else to do
  5. You are making the 2K11 Krug or the P-40 radar?
  6. First for anti-aircraft: Roland anti-aircraft Flakpanzer-Gepard Radar: P-40 radar Other: Toyota truck with different armament. UAZ-3741 I have other ones but these I have started doing some work on.
  7. Videos of the final testing for the system. thanks Coupi for the videos
  8. We have been working the past two weeks to complete this project and we are almost there, I would like to thanks Coupi who joined me and tiopilotos to complete the project, he is doing the testing and we are a bout 75% to get a working SA-3 system. I will try to get the system out for you all soon
  9. See what they can do.
  10. They are humongous. If they don't control them they will devastate the environment

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