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  1. That is good news. looking forward for your progress.
  2. HI Coupi, Yes I did I was trying to change the viewlist.ini under the flight folder to adjust the field of view for the VR. But I did that before with no problem.
  3. No, I haven't, but while I was checking the computer tower casing, I found the power unit fan suction has dust in the filter, not a lot but it may be heating the power unit and making the pc restart. so I have cleaned it and I am testing again and so far so good but I hope this is the problem fingers crossed.
  4. I have ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! Edition, ZT-P10800C-10P, 8GB GDDR5X IceStorm. and I never had any problem with it and I was just playing more powerful and heavier game with no problem for hours (dead redemption 2). This is just weird. I really appreciate your help Geary and everyone in this community.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, and mostly yes and only with the game about to star after completing the 100% loading screen. I play one mission or two then when I start the third that when it happens. and I have tryed different fighters and defiant terrains but it keep happening
  6. I have been facing this issue lately, some time whin I run SF2 and just before the loading screen reaches 100% my PC restarts by it self I have tried and tested using all the game Vietnam, Israel, Europe, North Atlantic and they all give me the same problem. Has any one encountered anything like this?
  7. It really gives you a different feeling flying in VR love the video
  8. I am happy that we finally can play the game in VR I did play the game in VR about 3 days a go you can see my post Did you try to run the game using any custom made? and what profile did you use?
  9. This is horrible. These things make me angry.
  10. Future Weapons of TURKEY | 2020-2030

    I know that it's nothing compared to the US, Russian or the UK. But this is a good start they had to start somehow, and I support any country that want to make its own weapons.
  11. The rotation is not restricted but I need to test it more so I can find the best fov setting. I only have the Vive but the software support all vr so it should work with Rift
  12. This is a quick video to show you that it's working and a photo from inside the Vive, not the best quality lol
  13. Good new gentlemen, I got the game running using my HTC Vive headset and Vorpx software profile attached. everything works great with the original terrains but the minute I load the user-created terrains the game stops. I need to do more testing. I am really excited I couldn't take a screenshot as they all come out black. Strike Fighter 2.zip
  14. Hello Stary, I tried sending you a personal message but somehow it didn't allow me., so I am posting it here. I have been reading your work to get the game working in 3d using VorpX, so my question to you where do I need to start to continue your work? If you can give me a step by step guideline so I can take it from where you left off. Many thanks.
  15. FUTURE Weapons of the Turkish Armed Forces UKAP Unmanned Ground Vehicle ALTAY Tank KHAN/BORA Ballistic Missile GEZGIN Cruise Missile SOM Cruise Missile ATMACA Anti ship Missile Hybrid Rocket Engine LASER Weapons Electromagnetic Rail Guns HISAR Air Defense Systems SIPER Air Defense System S400 Air Defense System ATR-72 and CN-235 ASW Aircrafts Boeing E7-T AEWC KORAL and REDET Radar Electronic Warfare Systems SPEWS-II Self Protection Electronic Warfare Suite SOJ Airborne Stand Off Jammer EIRS Early Warning AESA Radar Airborne AESA Radar for F-16 Fighter Jets BOZDOGAN and GOKDOGAN Air to Air Missiles KARGI Anti radiotion Drone ANKA-S UCAV AKGUNGUR UCAV AKINCI UCAV T-625 Utility Helicopter 10 Tons class Utility Helicopter T-129 Attack Helicopter ATAK-II heavy Attack Helicopter TEI TS-140 Turboshaft Engine HURJET Light attack Jet TF-X 5th generation Fighter Jet TRMOTOR Turbofan Engine ADA class stealth Corvette ISTIF class stealth Frigate TF-2000 class Destroyer Type 214TN class AIP Submarine TCG ANADOLU Amphibious Assault Ship Turkey is really moving a head really fast

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