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  1. Outstanding do you have a link for the sweet bird?
  2. Did you consider making the Kuwaiti Mirage F1
  3. Yo!

    Happy 50th birthday in advance from.
  4. Completed the first model with 4 skins I should work on the other second one soon.
  5. Surprize not 100% the same but I will do the job.
  6. Thanks a lot for your help, you're very kind yakarov79.
  7. One more question please, to animat the missile fins they are 4 I need them to swing 90 degree. So do I link them to the main missile body as children only or do I need to do it in the weapons editor too.
  8. Hello, If I need to separate a part of a rocket to make it get separated from the main body after launching, do I need to do this by animating the part in 3D Max only? Or is there something I need to add to the data file? Thanks
  9. Thanks for your comments, I will do my best next time.
  10. Thank you for your kindness. I will do my best to make one green. ;)
  11. Just another update, the model about completed. I will be working on the skin soon if I have time as I really been working a lot for the last 2 months. Time to slow down.
  12. Ahmad Al-Jaber Air Base

    Google translation: This is only the Air Base model and all the thing that come with it, with regard to "Ahmad.ini" if I understand you correctly it will be AIRFIELD102_DATA.INI. The air base name in the file is Ali Sabah Al-Salim and it's a copy of the Ahmad Al-Jaber Air Base built by a French company in the late 70s you can simply change the name in _TARGETS.ini, that was my mistake. The file meant to be an Air Base addon to any map aside of the Arabian gulf map. as far as the rest of your questions, I am afraid I didn't do any of it. I left it for the missions and Terrains maker to create. I hope that answered your questions

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