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  1. I knew what you meant, I was making a joke 😄 I used to watch these show when I was in the US (New Hampshire) and afterwards. These videos bring a lot of good memories.
  2. We have moved from SUNDAY to Monday I hope UVW is completed, I need to fix the UVW texture layout and then proceed to make the texture it will be Green and Tan.
  3. Thank you so much Gepard, now where can I download the texture of the model. Also for @RustyKurnass if you can help finding the correct download link for the F-4 Sundowner Rhinos textures. Thanks again gentlemen. Mandatory screen
  4. About 95% of work on the 3d model has been completed only some minor details need to be added then it's finished. next, I will do the UVW and texturing.
  5. I am not a military expert regarding world air force wings and there colors. But it seems that a lot of textures has been uploaded and this is twice that it happened, no one notice them. Something's wrong here! Mandatory screen
  6. Today is my 54th Birthday, and happy to be a life and kicking. :lol:


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      Oh, I'm late. Happy Birthday!

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      :grandpa:. Happy Birthday :groupwave:

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      Thank you all for the birthday wishes. :drinks:

  7. I like this tutorial for making a military truck from one side-view. I hope you will find it helpful.
  8. Thank you for the information Gepard, interesting that no one have found this mistake before on the skin as I didn't make it. I think it was with the Mig-21 MF file that I had downloaded. Another American flight legend.
  9. One of the legends is the Russin Mig-21 FM.
  10. By using the mission editor you can add the ground objects to any mission and the game engine will do it automatically. Sorry for my late reply.
  11. decided to work on the rocket launching tubes and the rocket 9M55K.
  12. Nice work Gepard, I am looking forward to this new terrain.
  13. Ahmad Al-Jaber Air Base

    I didn't try it but it should work I think. And if it didn't work you can post a help request at the forum and I am sure someone will help you.
  14. more update. tires are used for another project.

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