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SF2 F-89 Scorpion Remod Pack (Ver.3)

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SF2 F-89 Scorpion Remod Pack (Ver.3)

SF2 Northrup F-89 Scorpion Remod Pack (V.3)                         5/25/2019

*For SF2, Any & All (Full 5 Merged Prefered)*

This is a repackaging, and MAJOR update of the F-89 Scorpion series of 1950s USAF All-Weather Interceptors. There have been many changes to the various inis, skins/decals, weapons, and whatnots. This is to be considered to be "Version 3", and hopefully the final time the F-89 gets a revamp (unless new models magically appear). This package builds on and improves from the v2 pack dated 3/3/2016. It also replaces that mod completely.

This package contains ALL the various marks of the Scorpion, including those later variants built from/modded of Monty's original C & D model LODs. There are several new skins, marked with the star (*) You have herein:

57th FIS, (Keflavik, Iceland)
74th FIS, 23rd FIW (Thule AFB, Greenland)

75th FIS (Presque Isle AFB, Maine 1955)
84th FIS (Hamilton AFB 1955-59)
64th FIS (Alaska Air Command)
321st FIS, (Paine AFB, WA 1954)*

321st FIS, (Paine AFB, WA 1956)*
75th FIS (Presque Isle AFB, Maine 1957)

F-89J (Early):
321st FIS, (Paine AFB, WA 1958)*
449th FIS (Ladd AFB, Alaska)

F-89J (Late)
59th FIS, Goose Bay Labrador (1958-60)*
178th FIS "Happy Hooligans" ND ANG (1958-66)
124th FIS, Iowa ANG (1962-69)*

Several versions also have a "Generic USAF Silver" skin, complete with decals. You may notice several squadrons used the Scorpion in several of it's various incarnations. This is historically correct.

Due to mesh/node mapping reasons, some marking remain painted on. A large number however, are decals. Serial numbers are 100% correct for the models depicted, but should be considered 'generic' as they don't represent actual aircraft with a given unit. Decal randomization is TRUE for all skins. Squadron's listed in the stock game's SquadronList.ini have their names activated via my 'fake' SqTail decal. Those will display their proper names on the Loadout Screen's Squadron Selection Window. When possible, the SF2 'date switch' has been used to turn on Air National Guard units as they became equipped with F-89s.

On such aircraft that have operating canopies (those that use the F-89D lod), the canopy works via the Standard Manual Animation Keystroke (tm), shift/0.

Included also are "Scorpion" specifc weapons (using the "StationSpecifieCode=" statements. Nuke explosion effects are included for the AIR-2 Genie rocket.

As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. See "Notes" section for full change log and other  important statements. The various other readmes, from all previous versions remain wherever they were originally residing.

Good Hunting!
Kevin Stein


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