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SF2 2015 Polish MiG-29GT 4105 skin

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SF2 2015 Polish MiG-29GT 4105 skin

In 2003-2004 Poland received 22 MiG-29 aircraft from Germany, including 4 MiG-29GTs (German version of a MiG-29UB 9-51 two-seater). In 2015 the aircraft no. 4105 received a special paintscheme in honor of brigadier general Stanisław Skalski - the top Polish fighter ace of the WW2 and the first Allied fighter ace of the war.

This mod contains the abovementioned special 4105 skin. To install, unpack the zip archive and paste the contents of "to mod folder" folder into your game's mod folder. Read the Knowledge Base for further instructions on installing mods etc.


  • Bazillius for his outstanding MiG-29 skin template and the original MiG-29 9-51
  • Soulfreak for the MiG-29GT
  • Mariusz Wojciechowski (mariwoj) for the priceless reference material, visit his site for more goodies: http://mig.mariwoj.pl/

As with all my works, you can use any content of this mod as freeware only.

Have fun



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