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Track IR and EAW

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I have gotten Track IR (TIR) running on various older versions of EAW, as well as the latest version of EAWPRO.  I have not yet had the time to downlead the latest iteration of v1.60, and so cannot make any comments there, although I expect V1.60 to be TIR-friendly.  The only important thing is, within EAW, to invert "Y" axis within the in-game selections (not the Ini).  I have been using a "mouse emulator" sub-program within the main TIR game folder, but some say this is not necessary.

It was a pleasant surprise to get various versions of EAW running with TIR; Some sims of similar vintage were not constructed to enable TIR, unfortunately.

While certainly a newbie with regards Track IR, and with much to learn about the feature, I have come to feel it is an indispensable aid to player immersion, and to one's situational awareness once in the game.  It's very nice, and entirely NATURAL to look around, when within the cockpit, and SEE things like a real pilot would see them.

Be advised, that the system takes some getting-used-to.  That is to be expected.  Let's put it this way:  Previous to TIR, and being an EAW newbie, I got, at most two enemy A/C before I either got shot down, or ran out of bullets, in the "instant combat" scenario .  Not terribly impressive, to be sure.  With same level of experience, can now down usually 4 enemy A/C, without any risk of being shot down, since Situational Awareness (SA) is so much enhanced.  A pleasing increase in effectiveness, particularly since the TIR feature mimics the natural view/action of the pilot.  No more hat switch for me.  YMMV.

I don't need a mapped button to return to front/cockpit view.  Just get used to the feature, get used to "finding" the cockpit dashboard again--like a real pilot would, and you are GTG.  YMMV.  Some prefer this feature.  

I defer to SkyHigh for more detailed info, since he has been using such for far longer.   Perhaps other people will chime in. 

TheTrackIR feature is available from other vendors, usually at lesser cost.  Your call, and read the reviews, by all means.  Disclaimer: no financial interest.

The most complaints about TIR, specifically, concern the older, reflective clip that was mounted on the brim of one's baseball cap.  Newer iterations from TIR, and other vendors, to be fair, have a rig with IR-illuminated LEDs that attaches to the side of one's earphone headset, or other head-rig.  By all accounts, such IR-illuminated headset-mounted rigs have overcome the problems encountered with the reflective rigs.

To sum:  TIR is a far more natural, far more immersive, far more intuitive means of playing any sim for which it is suited.  lt is VASTLY better than using the conventional hat switch, and incomparably better than using complicated key combinations to achieve similar views, then switching back.

Like Night and Day, my friends.  

Flying without it now seems like I'm being deliberately put at a serious disadvantage.  I don't fancy being a sitting bird, and I reckon you don't either.

Read the reviews, decide on the various products offered, and give it a long-term tryout.  It WILL take some experience for some folks, but others will take to it immediately.

That's all.

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Added:  Thanks to RWatson, downloaded today a full, latest-issue of V1.60, and plan to try it out on my win 10 computer, which is specifically set up as a gaming machine.  NOT cutting edge, but not far way, either.  For reference purposes, my internet speed is set at "basic" level by Cox, and I use SSDs.  The 2+Gb file D/L time was approx. 20 minutes.  

Unfortunately, one of my favorite sims, "Crimson Skies" does not seem suitable in conjunction with TIR.  This was a disappointment, but not entirely unexpected.  Anyone having info on getting "CS" to run with TIR is asked to respond, and thanks in advance.

Report on V1.60 in a little bit; doing some outdoors work on my Miata, and the weather stands still for no man.

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