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  1. OHKA prototype

    Latest version has the canopy correct, as well as general outlines of the A/C. Any number of pix of the A/C on the web, for reference. the rocket-powered version was, IIRC, never used. Glider version was used. to indifferent effect. Initial attempts to use this A/C, launched from twin-engine Japanese bomber aircraft, were mostly failures, as the bomber was usually detected, at long range, and shot down long before the release point of the suicide A/C. Some of the initial suicide GLIDING bombs made it, and were devastating when they hit, which was seldom.
  2. Further addition, posted elsewhere: To continue, the following is a link that is concerned with stress-testing computers: https://www.pcworld.com/article/2028882/keep-it-stable-stupid-how-to-stress-test-your-pc-hardware.html Performing such tests will reveal weak points in one's computer, and if such are present, will also suggest possible improvements. Such might be as elementary as simple wire-re-routing to provide better cooling air flow, perhaps the installation of additional fans are required, or even liquid cooling. A very basic evaluation of one's Power Supply Unit is to connect an in-line $20 "Kill-A-Watt" meter to your computer's power cord, and then run your most demanding game, with everything set to the max. If your wattage draw is no more than 90% of the max wattage output of your PSU, you should be OK. The max output wattage of your PSU will be written somewhere on it. Rely on no other figure other than what is printed on your PSU. The "Kill-A-Watt" meter is an essential tool for those who wish to know which devices use how much power, and when such power is consumed. Sometimes surprising sources of energy wastage can be discovered. The "Kill-A-Watt meter is a very useful tool.
  3. iosted elsewhere, but offered for your consideration: " Following my own advice, and also putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak, I am taking my Dell OptiPlex 790 SFF computer out of storage, and upgrading it. As-is, it has an (upgraded) 2nd gen I7 CPU, and (also upgraded) 16 GB RAM This might be a fair replication of the computers many users of EAW are now using. Or maybe not. Can't help that; it's what I have on-hand, and with which to experiment. I would caution any and all computer users that using any computer configuration other than a "tower" style can seriously reduce one's possible choice of upgrade components. My SSF (Small Form Factor)-related upgrades will (hopefully) not show size (SFF) related constraints that other computer uses might encounter. I would suggest NEVER buying any sort of computer that is less than full-size "tower" type computer, in order to retain vital, future, upgrading options. In short, NEVER buy another computer that is not a full-scale Tower computer. Tower computers allow many upgrades. SFF factor computers allow very few. .l propose upgrading my stored Win 7 Pro OPSys computer with initial upgrades with a 2 Tb SSD, and also install a secondary 2 Tb SSD, as there are connections for such. The benefits of SSD vice HDD have long been settled, with the SSDs being wholly superior in every way. Granted, upgrading to SSDs is an expense, but also allows much faster access speeds. At my age, I have little time to waste. How much is your wasted time worth? Where I will be sticking my neck out a little bit is installing an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, which is vastly better than the Nvidia GT 730 Gfx card currently used in my Win 7 computer. The 1050I is quite on the edge as to power requirements, but I have some info that it will do, especially given the reduced power requirements of the SSDs vice the former SSDs. For those considering upgrading their computers: It's all a balancing act between how much power your Power Supply Unit (PSU) provides, how much power your GFX card draws, and how much power your CPU draws--that is taken as a whole along with the MotherBoard requirements. PSU Wattage power MUST exceed the Watteage power of the components which draw power from the PSU, with at least a 10% allowance Power supplies are often upgradeable, depending on one's computer Buy the best you can afford. Cheap PSUs run the risk of failure, or worse, a fire. I decided on a Seasonics 600W Platinum fanless unit, for another computer, and it has worked flawlessly. DO NOT cheap-out on this component. In short, have enough power to run things, with at least 10% unallocated overhead. For this budget re-vamping, I am using the OEM 240W (non-upgradeable) PSU, and hoping my Gfx card info is reliable. We'll see. I know the Nvidis GT 1030 Gfx card will work in this application, but the Nvidia GT 1059 has a LOT more capability vice the 1030. All the above said, note that I still retain the Nvidia GT 730 Gfx card, and the Nvidia GT 1030 cards as backups, in case the Nvidia 1050 card fails to work. Always nice to have backups. I'll update, as time allows. Stay tuned." I might add that my primary, Win 10 computer completely blows away the "updated" Win 7 computer. The Win 7 upgrade is just an investigation of what is possible on an older computer.
  4. I would add one thing, since editing of the above post is no longer allowed. It is completely understandable why many modders construct their mods to be compatible with older computers. I get that. However, such construction of mods/depictions perhaps limits users of more modern computers and Gfx cards, particularly those using greatly upgraded Win 7 computers and modern Gfx cards. Is it possible to construct mods/features to be useful to both users of legacy computers, and also be fully available to users of more modern computers? I understand that I, as a mere User, am asking the Mdders to undertake an additional burden. I also understand that there are certain, inherent limitations within the platform/coding. Still, a question un-asked is a question that will never be answered. Submitted for consideration
  5. Today, I installed BoB II (Wings of Victory) into my Win 10 computer, along with a specific patch which is intended to allow running the game on win 10. It seems (with some little investigation) to have allowed the game to run properly. Why am I posting this here, in an EAW forum? Because the fundamental lessons learned are valuable ones, and pertain to EAW users. When I investigated the Graphics settings within the game on the win 10 computer, the game had set almost all the Gfx settings on the maximum level possible. When I compared these same game-set settings to my very inferior Win 7 computer, I found that quite a few Gfx settings could not be set to max, and some not near max. Comparing the same game, win 7 versus win 10, revealed that the game looked MUCH better and played at least as well in Win 10. This is the second experience I have had in playing old games suitably modified for playing on Win 10. See my posts here about Crimson Skies game. This is the second--of two--old games that I have successfully installed into Win 10, and which games looked and played a LOT better than in Win 7. Now, the fundamental point to all this IS NOT that the games be able to be played on Win 10. That is another, important issue; Another topic. What IS pertinent is that my win 10 machine has a fairly modern CPU, a fairly modern Graphics card, and is running on SSDs. Since my Win 7 machine also runs on SSDs, and has a decent, but ancient, Core 2 Duo CPU, and a vintage Nvidia GT 730 Gfx card, and since the Gfx features on this computer are relatively limited vice the Win 10 computer, I have come to some tentative conclusions. On the Win 10 computer, either the vastly better CPU (8th Gen I7), and/or the equally, and vastly better Nvidia 2060 OC PRO Gfx card allow the inherent Gfx features to become available to the user. Even on these vintage games. Obviously the Win 7 computer, as configured, disallows many Gfx features, and the Win 10 computer allows such. I don't know the point in-between these two end points wherein lies the "sweet spot", but I reckon that "spot" is moving upwards, all the time. in order to accommodate modern games. That said, Win 7 computer users might want to investigate whether or not their CPU can be upgraded to a more modern one, and whether their Gfx card can be upgraded. Gfx card major upgrade will probably involve a Power Supply Unit (PSU) upgrade. Your old Win 7 computer might, or might not, be able to be upgraded to a point where the Gfx features of these old games will be accessible. The physical dimensions/configuration of your existing win 7 computer is a factor. My Win 7 computer is a Small Form Factor, and thus quite limited in the allowable upgrades to its components. Those having much larger computers, such as tower computers, might find upgrading of various components much easier. In sum, the fairly decent Win 7 computer I have is upgraded to its' max. It's old, and if the CPU fails, it is not replaceable, since it is permanently attached to the MoBo. My win 10 computer runs all vintage games that I can find/install at full-on Gfx settings, and that difference is VERY apparent while looking at the monitor. The win 10 computer has never stuttered even with IL-2 with fill-on Gfx settings. With some games, the enabling of ALL inherent Gfx features has been visually stunning. Other games a detectable improvement. .So, even if staying within the win 7 universe, consider upgrading your existing computer to handle FAR better CPUs and FAR better Gfx cards. I suggest some investigating at the following, as they are quite objective, and pull no punches: https://www.tomshardware.com/ Based on my personal experiences with games formerly played on Win 7 system, and the same games being played on Win 10 system, the difference in the visual results can be dramatic. It goes without saying that with the modern Gfx card 'stuttering" is a thing of the past. I attribute most of this to the modern Gfx card, which the new Power Supply allows, Your Win 7 system, intelligently upgraded, can give you visual results, and frame rates, heretofore unobtainable. Submitted for your consideration.
  6. The original 1.28 release

    Well, all right! I'll tinker with it, and much obliged. To what level was the original EAW modded? I believe V1.28e was not the final iteration. I would like to have a final version of the original EAW game that is runnable on Win 10. If you can provide such, I, along with many others, would be in your debt.
  7. New Supertrees 2 variant

    I understand your interest in maintaining framerates, and believe it a very worthwhile goal. Since displaying multiple species within a given depiction would be problematic, perhaps it would be almost as effective, and far more gratifying for an aerial sim, to change the hue of a certain number of randomly-scattered trees. Is that a viable proposition? Again, I am making this suggestion, as with all other previous suggestions, on the basis of realism, and certainly NOT as a negative criticism.
  8. The original 1.28 release

    Thanks for providing this valuable resource. I am currently running a V1.28e version of the game, and find it very satisfactory. I might add that on my win 7 computer, I have many versions of the EAW game, as well as variants. I collect them as they appear/ as I come across them, although I have not installed most of them; they are stored for possible future use. I suppose that this version of the EAW game is not easily played on Win 10?
  9. New Supertrees 2 variant

    Coniferous trees, I presume? Many older coniferous trees have an elevated, flat bottom because they have had their lower limbs "trimmed" by deer and other, similar, animals. The flat bottom is usually about 7 feet above the ground, as that is the limit of the deer's grazing capabilities. I don't know if that level of detail is worth portraying in an aircraft simulation, but in a ground-level sim, it would be extremely important. I note the presumably coniferous trees are all the same color. There is certainly a color variation within coniferous trees. Perhaps a few, slightly different, but appropriate hued trees, intermixed might not only be more visually interesting, but more realistic. As always, submitted for consideration.
  10. The original 1.28 release

    That common-sense agreement applies to the signatories thereto. Many, perhaps all, provisions contained therein ought to pertain to ALL Modders. I am a simple User. That said, I am also a human being, with a decent sense of Right and Wrong, and can see the benefits from being aboveboard, and giving credit where credit is due.
  11. The original 1.28 release

    My comment above was intended to propose a fair and just method of asking for "use" permission and for describing how attribution to other Modders, for use of their product, ought to be done in a fair and reasonable way. I look forward to seeing ALL the Modders re-vamping their sites/files/comments in order to give prominent credit to those former Modders on whose shoulders current Modders stand. Again, this is a fair and just proposition, I think. Simply give credit where credit is due.
  12. I sure do appreciate your efforts, and I'm sure I speak for many others.
  13. The original 1.28 release

    I am distressed to see such rancor amongst very valuable contributors to the EAW sim. I find value in all versions of the game, and I wish all Modders well in their separate undertakings. That said, I think it only proper that one Modder not "borrow" the work of another Modder without the explicit agreement of the "borrowed-from" Modder, and full and very prominent attribution being given in such every such instance. Absent such explicit agreement, then no "borrowing" ought to take place. I'm sure all fair-minded people would agree with this proposition. If there are those that disagree--in that "Borrowing" from another Modder without his/her explicit consent is proper behavior-- then let them explain their rationale for doing such unauthorized "borrowing".
  14. I don't blame you, but if you carefully record the currently working driver (or other) , you can roll-back to it, if need be.
  15. The original 1.28 release

    Hi, Russ! Hope all is well! Your proposal is well-taken, up to a certain point. By that I mean that very, very few people are going to buy new Win 7 computers to replace their worn-out computers. Most buyers of new computers will buy Win 10 machines, and that is where the future of any legacy game lies. EVERY SINGLE GAME. Sure, some guy can buy a new computer, and install a Win 7 Drive into it. Just never go on the internet without some expensive software that protects you. Even then..... How many older gamers, after their passing, will have their Win 7 computer tossed in the dumpster, with all their accumulated games (and patches) without a second thought? "An ancient computer, good for nothing modern---easier to toss it--- Just SMASH the Drive, just in case." There goes all your hard work... Point is, how many people can afford to even have a "legacy" computer? Some older guys will run their Win 7 computers into the ground, but Newcomers won't have that option, having NEVER owned a Win 7 computer, in the first place. They won't even THINK of buying an obsolete Win 7 computer at all, Mi Amigo, I'll probably keep my old Win 7 computer for a long time--at least till it croaks. I have a backup computer into which I can install the Win 7 drive(s), which has a better Gfx card (Nvidia GT 1050 vice Nvidia GT 730) and more RAM; (Why am I not doing this already? Because the "newer" computer has no ESATA port, as does the old one, and installing the GT 1050 card would require deleting the USB 3 ports installed. In short, USB 2 connection to any peripherals--not good) I'm NOT the AVERAGE computer user, nor am I a NEWCOMER to flight sims with only a brand-new Win 10 computer to use. The TYPICAL Newcomer to flight sims has NO Win 7 computer to rely on. They have no past experience with older games, and no attachments to them Hell, they'll have to PAY for a Win 7 OpSys, and go from there. The TYPICAL newcomer will only download and install sims they can play on their Win 10 computer. PERIOD. That's why I have said, to the point of repeating myself, that if EAW is to have ANY possible future, the variants of the game MUST be easily downloadable, and easily played on Win 10. There is NO alternative. Give your dog Iggy a hug for me. Great to hear from you. Been a little busy with some real world stuff, and am remiss on my e-mails. Regret that, very much, and will remedy.

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