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  1. Interesting thread, and worth resurrecting. I would be very interested in current opinions, assuming that the newer games have been modified since the previous posts, not to mention some of the older sims. Would former posters like to "revise and extend" their previous comments? One thing I appreciate about any flight sim is the ability to do a quick "instant combat" sort of mission, although being able to choose certain aspects of the mission is of value, IMHO. There are times when a long, detailed set-up is not wanted, so a more-or-less simplified quick combat selection is useful, at least to me. I am gradually coming to the realization that WW I flight sims just might suit me best, so further, informed, responses to this threat are of importance to me.
  2. Problems with my FE2

    You are modest, as I have read, from others, that your FM is a particularly valuable contribution to the FE2 sim, and I say this not to slight the other very fine contributions made by others. As some guidance on my desires for the game, I would much rather have fewer aircraft with realistic FMs than more with non-realistic FMs. Can't say I am terribly interested in re-skinning a particular aircraft type with a particular skin, but that might change as my expertise level changes. First things first, I reckon.
  3. Problems with my FE2

    Found the User file, and will copy it to enable use of the 4 Theaters mentioned in FM Mod Pack. Are there any "Must-Have" addons/mods that I ought to install before the FM Mod pack? My goal is to augment the game (while retaining/enhancing playability) to include as many updated features as reasonably possible-- or at least the essential ones that have been time-tested, and found of exceptional value.
  4. Problems with my FE2

    OK, I'll have a look at FE2 on my computer tomorrow, and try to follow your suggestions. Will advise--and Thanks!
  5. Problems with my FE2

    First of all, please allow me to thank you for taking the time to help me. From comments, I believe your creation will be well worth the effort! Let's begin by my describing my set-up, and what has already been done, and omitting unnecessary details for the sake of convenience. I'll gladly supply same if it is necessary. My computer (Win 7 (64), is adequate to run FE 2 (July 2010) with all graphics setting at highest levels, in Instant Combat I might have seen a little bit of stuttering on rare occasions, may be not. I have downloaded, and extracted the "FM Mod Pack", and have it sitting in a folder on Desktop, along with a copy of FE 2. I have read the "ReadMe" incorporated with the FM Mod Pack, and do not fully understand the install process. Theerfore, I made a botch-up of installing the files contained in the "FM Mod Pack". At this point, I reckon it would be best to delete badly-modded version of FE2 on desktop, and substitute a copy of FE 2 game that resides Here: The original, FE 2 game resides on C/ProgramFiles(x86)/Thirdwire/First Eagles 2. Then, following instructions, I can successfully mod the version of FE 2 residing on desktop using the FM Mod Pack. Let's start with a few basic, set-up type questions: 1) when looking at both the FE 2 copy on Desktop, I do not see some folders contained in the 1986 FM Mod Pack. I do see most others. I assumed that if a FM Mod Pack folder was labeled "ForXYZFolder", and no such folder currently exists in FE 2 Game, then such folder should be created by me alongside the folders that do already exist. 2) Sometimes there are sub-folders with the abovementioned folders. What to do with them? 3) Please reiterate the creation, and best location of C drive of the various Theater folders. So far, I believe it is mostly a question of my misunderstanding the folder architecture of the existing FE 2 sim, and exactly how (and where) to install the various folders contained within the FM Mod Pack.
  6. Problems with my FE2

    I am just out the door for my 40th HS reunion, or I would ask more questions. I will begin to do so tomorrow, though. Much obliged for the very quick response! It's obvious to me that I gaffed-up the installation of the files, and do not understand where they should go. I've modded some games in the past, but installing these mods is stretching my knowledge envelope. I hope you can be patient with the many forthcoming questions. I am not exactly stupid, but I am certainly ignorant about some things, as can be seen.
  7. Problems with my FE2

    OK, unable to access alternate "Fronts" on modded FE2. Started with July 2010, flyable version of the game, and added-in the VonS' mods starting with the earliest to latest (IIRC, 1989-1995). Files downloaded and installed were from "Tweaked Flight Models and Realism Pack for FE2 9.5" Haven't seen options for choosing different fronts, nor the appropriate aircraft, either. Wonder what I did wrong. On another note, the initial d/l called for installing some stuff into folders that did not exist in main game directory, so I created the appropriate folders, and emplaced the empty folders into main game directory, them coped-pasted appropriate files into the folders where they were supposed to go. Did I screw up?
  8. Tagged for further questions.
  9. Problems with my FE2

    Tag for later responses, once I begin installing the "Realism Pack"
  10. Must Have mods?

    Lots of interesting ideas here. Probably back with questions at some point.

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