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  1. I suppose I am being dense, but could you provide a link to the Beta file that you are offering? Much obliged!
  2. So, it would seem that at least part of the puzzle is in place. The question is: Are the other necessary pieces also there? For example, if coming sufficiently near an air base will "trigger" a scramble of aircraft from that base (or any others nearby), will the AI command the scrambled aircraft to attack the intruders who will remain nearby while beating up the base? Given what I know at this point, and that is probably not enough, then a possible way to re-create a scenario like the one I originally proposed is to have the intruders overfly a base with piston-engine aircraft on their way to the Me 262 base. If the base for the German piston-engine aircraft is sufficiently far from the 262 base, the German aircraft will have enough time to gain altitude (not much is needed) and hopefully attack the intruders trying to kill the 262s just taking off. It would be nice to have in-the-air Germans trying to interdict the intruders when the 262s were attempting to land, but perhaps that is asking too much. So, is the aforementioned scenario a possibility?
  3. Like you, I don't know if this proposed scenario is possible to accomplish in any existing platform, or at least platforms that have not been specifically designed to do so. It's just a proposal, and intended to see if anyone knows if it is possible. It's unknown if anyone has attempted this type of scenario before, but someone, somewhere, must have designed a game one of whose scenarios was a "beat-up" of an enemy air base. With that in hand, perhaps some flying aircraft could be AI controlled, partly piston-engine "covering" fighters, and partly landing/taking off 262s. For that matter, the AI could control the attacking aircraft, and the player control one of the defending aircraft, or even one of the 262s. So, perhaps it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that the abovementioned scenario could be constructed.
  4. We all understand that the Me 262 was a superb aircraft at high altitudes. However, its' weak point was on the ground, and taking off and landing. To that end, the Luftwaffe instituted strict dispersal/camouflage procedures on-ground, and also instituted procedures for various piston-engine aircraft to "cover' the take-off/landing of the Me 262s. So, how about a landing/takeoff scenario at an Me 262 base? This would involve the 262s trying to land/take off, the "covering" force of piston engine aircraft, and Allied aircraft attacking the base and landing/taking off 262s. Allied aircraft get bonus points for 262s destroyed, in addition to 'covering' aircraft. Maybe two different scenarios: landing and taking off. I understand that this would be a very demanding scenario, utilizing the in-game AI for purposes for which it was never originally intended. Even so, a question unasked is never answered. Submitted for discussion
  5. European Air War in 2019

    I typically run EAW using D3d Wrapper, and set resolution within the wrapper to figures for H x W slightly less than 1080 X 1920; native resolution of my monitor is 1080 x 1920. Doing so allows as much of the sim as possible within the window within which it plays. The outside edges of the window are the inside edges of my monitor. I use the windowed setting (in wrapper) because I can toggle a frame rate meter, showing effects of various add-ons which I install/delete via JSGME, which is embedded within that particular version of EAW (my "test" version), and which has an effect only on that particular game. I mention all this for the benefit of others who may be unfamiliar with the particular wrapper, the JSGME, or both. In addition, I use the nGlide program to obtain the horizon haze. You, obviously a more experienced EAW player, probably have a different set-up, not to mention a better computer. I plan to obtain a vastly better computer at some point in the future, wherein a Virtual Machine will reside, and on which I can experiment with various forms of TrackIR. the latter is currently impossible with my current graphics card, and there are none that I know of that are better and that will fit within the small form computer that I'm currently using. In the meantime, I would be obliged if you would offer constructive criticism of what I have so far. As you can tell from my comments in this and other threads, I am quite new at all this flight sim stuff, not to mention EAW.
  6. European Air War in 2019

    The question is, I suppose, what benefits does DVVoodoo and the shader program mentioned above confer? Like you, I am using V1.28e, but probably without many/most of the mods you have installed into your version. If you would go into much greater detail about the mods you have selected for your V1.28e, being very specific about the individual mods, and where they can be obtained, I'd be much obliged. That said, I am always willing --no, eager-- to investigate methods that will enhance my EAW sim, and possibly other sims as well. I did install a "Widescreen Fix" into a version of Crimson Skies, and the "Fix" certainly enhanced the visual aspect of the sim. Perhaps this is possible with judicial application of similar "fixes" to other games. Currently running an old Dell OptiPlex 760 with Core Two Duo processor, Win 7x64, RAM maxed put at 8GB, and Nvidea 710 graphics card. Surprisingly, this rig will play IL-2 Stormovik with all video/graphics options maxxed out, so it is not as bad as it first appears.
  7. European Air War in 2019

    That certainly does look nice! I'll need to look into the ground/terrain mods, at least, and thanks for the suggestions about the settings for the graphics card. I am using nGlide to get the horizon mist, and it looks very much like that I see in your screen shots.
  8. I'm an idiot user, but can plainly see that EAW versions of games are best served by having more than one forum. After all, if the primary depositary goes extinct, where will all the info reside? We have all seen extinct sites, and doing so is a very sad thing because all the work the modders that contributed to such extinct sites was in vain. So, let's not let it happen again. As is said in the armed forces, "Two is one, and one is none". May I ask that EAW users not only post on alternate sites, but copy and paste their comments/posts here? Doing so would support the game overall, not to mention this site. The primary goal is support of the EAW/UAW sim, and NOT any particular Site. FWIW, I have zero connection in regards this site. I humbly ask your consideration for the good of the EAW sim, and all its variants.
  9. I can get the games to run on my Win 7x64 system, bit no sound. I also cannot get the official upgrade to "Antietam" called "South Mountain" to play, as the battle pack (upgrade) keeps asking for the game disk. Now that's odd, because the "Antietam" game on which it is installed plays fine with no disk whatsoever--although with no sound. Can someone help me, or direct me to people or forums where such help might be available? I'd be much obliged!
  10. Longbow 2 v2.09

    I'm having a very difficult time getting Jane's LB2 to run on Win 7x64. I can get to the main screen, but most of the selectable choices (buildings on the screen) are somehow disabled, except for the main building and the bunkroom, where pilot selection is made. I got rid of the weird psychedelic screens by using D3W Windower (wrapper) program, but I'm stuck at this point. Any advice would be much appreciated. RIBob
  11. A Happy New Year

    And a Happy new Year to all of you as well!
  12. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    That's a nice Christmas present for the community. Thanks!
  13. European Air War HD

    Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder how I was fortunate enough to "settle" on 1.28E as my base EAW version. Probably just luck, back then. Napoleon considered "luck" as one of the foremost attributes of any soldier. I confess to like V1.28E, but am open to suggestions. Might be the "sweet spot", so to speak. I am more than willing to fly any and all sims, as long as they play decently. I have put up with a fair amount of coaxing some sims to play. For the most part, the more coaxing they need, the less the basic sim is found to be worth doing so. Nevertheless, there are some diamonds to be found. My ancient, but upgraded computer allows me to play IL-2 with almost no limitations, just for reference. EAW, in all its' permutations, has never been an issue, as far as playability goes. Screen garbling is another issue, and occasionally very objectionable. I'm somewhat familiar with the Wrapper programs suggested for using with EAW. I mention this last because it might make a difference in your future comments, and FYI, as pertinent. Thank you for your response, BTW. Exactly what was needed.
  14. European Air War HD

    Thank you for your quick reply, and explanation. I particularly appreciate very full explanations because I am Ignorant, as previously mentioned. Hopefully not stupid, but definitely ignorant. I will have to try out your suggestion, and play it. I promise to give it a fair shot. That said, and risking heresy, the BAT mods on top of IL-2 1946 game, as well as certain mods on top of the "First Eagles" game make for some very tough competition. It's all good, and thank you very much! AS an afterthought, I have most of the early versions of EAW, up to 1.28E, installed, and runnable. Is it possible to improve on 1.28E while still maintaining backwards capability for mods created prior to that point? Is installing 1.29 version of the game a distinct advance over 1-28E? Naturally, I have V1.60 and EAWPRO up and runnable. Your suggestions are invited.
  15. European Air War HD

    IIRC, I googled "tally ho + good shot II", and it came up after a little scrolling through the results.

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