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  1. Hello, VBH!

    Hello again! posted on another forum, but posted here as well. To those interested: I recently underwent a family death, as well as some minor personal health issues. All of this what the virus ongoing, and my being in an "at-risk" cohort. The former is being dealt-with, and the latter has been resolved. I regret that my attention was diverted, but first things first. RIBob PS: I hope all is well with you!
  2. EAWPRO club now officially open

    Just checking in. Lots of serious family/friends stuff going on, and so am not available at present. Regret this, but hopefully you will forgive me for being diverted elsewhere, for the present. Things will change, eventually. In the meantime, all the very best to those here! RIBob
  3. Merry X-Mas

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New year to you and yours!
  4. Unfortunately, the 1050 Ti card failed on installation into 2 different computers, although it ran, initially, on one of them, and more unfortunately, just beyond the 30-day warranty period offered by Newegg, the vendor. This is the second card bought from that specific vendor which has failed just out of warranty. Possibly a coincidence. YMMV. I'll have it tested by my computer guy, just in case. In any event, back to the old reliable Nvidia 1030, at least for now. At least the 1030 card plays Crimson Skies in all its' glory, and unlocks the features not offered by the Nvidia 730 Gfx card. FWIW, even the Nvidia 1030 card FAR surpasses the Gfx requirements of most older sims, EAW specifically included. This is unfortunate, but in my other computers I have Gfx cards that FAR, FAR exceed the deceased 1050 Ti card. Just lamenting on the $150 spent to no use. I'll get over it, lol. Submitted for consideration.
  5. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Often stop by here, VBH. Nice work!
  6. Posted elsewhere, but this tidbit might be of some use: "Just got home, and ran ‘Windows Experience’ feature on Win 7 computer. Formerly had Nvidia GT 730 Gfx card installed, and new card is Nvidia 1030. Score on Gfx features went up from 7.0/8.0 to 7.8/8.0. Seems demonstrated that “Windows Experience has little “headroom” for Gfx cards beyond a certain point. No surprise that your new 1050 Ti Gfx card had little impact vice your former 1050 card, with respect to “Windows Experience"—you were already maxxed-out as far as that feature is concerned. The feature only has a certain amount of "headroom", so to speak, and is incapable of anything else beyond original settings. FWIW, the feature is discontinued on Wim 10. The important thing is that the card is of benefit to you. Even installation of a modern SSD only bumped that particular aspect of the “Experience” to 7.8/8.0." Whether or not "Windows Experience" can "see" a benefit to a Gfx card, beyond a certain point, is entirely independent as to whether YOU will see a difference. I suspect that your games, and your visual experience, will benefit from upgrading to Gfx cards above the 1030 level, which "Windows Experience" has apparently set as the max allowable. With a little luck, and a PCIE extension cable, I'll be installing an Nvidia 1050 Ti card into this wimpy little Dell 760 SFF computer. I doubt that "Windows Experience" will notice, but I am willing to bet an objective observer will be able to do so. Submitted for consideration.
  7. I'm about done with investigating this topic. I believe I've established that even modern Gfx card upgrades, starting with the Nvidia 1030 point reveal formerly "inaccessible'" GFX content, even on very old games, like Crimson Skies. No telling what such upgrades will do with more modern games: no doubt for the better.. As for myself, I've maxxed out all the old computers--nowhere else to go. RAM upgrades to max, Gfx cards to the limit of non-replaceable PSUs, and Gfx cards at the limit of what the PSU will allow.. They have their bottlenecks, as in non-replaceable wimpy OEM power 240W Power supplies, limited RAM, and SFF Gfx card limits. OTOH, my Dell 790 OptiPlex SFF computer has an upgraded 2nd gen I7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, SSD drive, and an Nvidia 1650 Gfxcard. It plays most modern games at max, or very nearly max settings surprisingly well. Before I began my experiments, I would not have thought this practical--or even possible. Submitted for consideration
  8. On further investigation, replacing the Nvidia GT 730 card in my Dell 760 SFF computer with an Nvidia GT 1030 card allowed the formerly unavailable graphics features on Crimson Skies (seen on other computers) to become available. Some of the relevant selections were initially de-selected/turned-off by the game/computer, but when I selected them, and played the game, the selected items remained activated. For those interested, I have tried to insert a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti card into this computer. It is perhaps a 20-25% upgrade over the 1030 card. While nowhere the top of the heap, it is a reasonably decent card, and the retail price shows it. Such a card might be of use to some players--YMMV. Unfortunately, the card did not physically fit. However, a solution might be at hand, namely a "PCEI extender cable" which cable links the existing PCIE slot to a flexible cable which connects to one's graphics card. Such an arrangement will, I hope, allow installation of the Nvidia 1050 Ti card into the Dell 760, although some jiggering might be necessary. The point to all this is to submit that, given an elderly computer with (Maxxed-out) 8GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (not replaceable), and a modern SSD feeding the system, one can definitely access formerly unobtainable graphics features on some games.. I suggest that one take a close look at the gfx settings available in all one's games. Tinker with them to see how much one can elevate the settings before one runs into problems. With older games, the settings will likely be higher than with newer games. IOW, a modern computer will probably run a modern game, like IL-2, on reasonable settings. One's older computer will likely run out of capacity, in any number of areas, running modern games at anywhere near max. Unless you upgrade your older computer, intelligently. Older games need less capabilities, but can still benefit from intelligent upgrading. Modern games need the same upgrades. So why not upgrade your older computer, to get the most out of what you have, and play some modern games, perhaps at less diminished levels that you might formerly have thought?
  9. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Test post. And thanks for the invite, VBH!
  10. With all due respect, whether or not there are competing versions of the game is beside the point. The issue at hand is the contention between the parties who offer the different versions of the game. RIBob
  11. I believe I know why this has happened. I regret the discord --which has occurred on other sites-- that has caused this. There are two groups, the EAWPRO group (Vonbeerhoven), and the "Code-group" Mr Jelly, R Otten, that are at odds. This contention has been going on for a long time. These two groups have competing versions of the EAW sim. Some folks are neutral, such as MarkEAW, who tries to modify his longstanding EAW Help Site to help everyone. Perhaps some sub-forums with "Read-Only" content might be appropriate. Perhaps some other alternatives will be deemed useful. My point in typing this message is that some sort of modus vivendi should be found that does not require an inordinate amount of Moderator/Admin attention. FWIW, I am familiar with such. I doubt that the two opposing groups will ever "settle down". So, some constructive method needs to be made to resurrect the Forum, and both groups kept in check. I propose a 1) Read-Only EAWPRO sub-forum 2) Read-only "Code Group" sub forum 3) A General EAW forum which has a Mod who is enabled to move topics to one or the other sub forums at will, and who is authorized to suspend/boot the posting capabilities of all posters in a fair manner, with reasonable provision for appeal. Such a Moderator will necessarily have to spend a good deal of time in the General EAW forum, at least until such a point where the folks posting therein understand that NO shenanigans will be tolerated. This will be a learning process for all involved; especially the posters. Given the nature of some of these posters, this Moderating task will be an everyday task, until the posters are whipped into shape. I say this from experience. No offense to current Mods. Submitted for consideration.
  12. OHKA prototype

    No offense, but perhaps you paint with too broad a brush re your comment on what Players prefer. There is a wide spectrum of Player tastes and preferences, and to say that Players care about one thing to the exclusion of others goes too far, I think. As for myself, I am visually-oriented, and can usually see details in aircraft that some others might gloss over, or perhaps not detect at all. It is a niggling bother--to me, at least-- when the depiction of an A/C contains visual errors. The presence of such errors often causes me to question whether the Modder has done due diligence to other, unseen, aspects of the A/C, such as Flight Model, and so forth. I know that some issues are not easily corrected, but that does not reduce the responsibility of the Modder to do his/her very best to "get it right". I understand that others will have different preferences. I prefer to not discuss your other remarks.
  13. OHKA prototype

    Perhaps. I would have thought so, but I am writing from a position of ignorance. Perhaps VBH has something else in mind. Saying that there is no need to re-invent the wheel is only a partial truth. For example, once the pneumatic tire was added to the wheel, its' rolling resistance was greatly reduced, and the speeds at which it could be used greatly increased. So, while not exactly re-inventing the wheel, some modders considerably increased the wheel's usefulness. Let's see what VBH has in mind for a final product. I think it only fair to evaluate a work on its final iteration, and not when it is in development.
  14. Just did some testing today with the 790 Dell OptiPlex SFF computer. It has an (upgraded) I7 2600 3.4 Ghz CPU, 16 Gb RAM, and is running Win 10 Prox64 Operating System. First series of tests were done with the Nvidia GT 1030 GPU. Idle: 32W Wings of Prey (a variant of IL-2): 93 W This was merely to establish a baseline, and so far, so good. I then installed the Nvidia 1050 Ti GPU, which has considerably more power draw. The question was: Will it work in this computer with the non-upgradeable 240 W PSU? Idle: 50 W. Using the downloadable "MSI Kombustor" stress-test program, I tested the GPU at the "Medium++" level, which is to say, about 95% GPU usage. Wattage use was 182 W,, which is well below the desired Upper wattage limit of 192W (240W-10%=192W (IOW, 90% of PSU capacity). This is nominally a 75W GPU, so even running it at 100%, the wattage required will still be within desired limits. This program deliberately stress-tests the entire computer, GPU being a particular focus. I have yet to test a Flight Sim that comes close to making demands on the computer that a "stress test" requires. I also installed and upgraded the old MS Crimson Skies game, so that it will run properly on Win 10. I regret that my notes are incomplete as to its Wattage use, but IIRC the wattage used was approx in the low 90s. I'll revise this figure tomorrow, if need be. To my delight, the GTX 1050 Ti card made available the "Shadows" and "Ground Clutter" features, heretofore unobtainable with an Nvidia GT 730 GPU. Along with having all the other Gfx features set at Max, these additional gfx features really transform the visual aspect of this old sim. The result is a pleasure to view, and some of the vids on YouTube show the "Shadows" features. So, this is the entire point of my upgrading exercise so far. Some intelligent upgrading can be done even to SFF computers. Such upgrading will likely allow the use of Gfx features that were formerly not accessible, and not over-stress the components of the computer. Submitted for consideration.

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