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  1. Success! Both V1.2 and EAWPRO both work properly now. Now to re-create both versions using a V1.2 No CD/No movies basis. I wouldn't mind retaining the music, as it gives some "flavor". Does such a V1.2 NO CD/NO Movies exist, and, if so, how is it labeled, and where can it be found? Needless to say, my problems so far were caused by NOT following the explicit instructions given on your Help site; IOW, having the game folder reside on C drive, and them having shortcut on desktop.
  2. Both game and shortcut are on desktop, and the problem still exists. maybe I should put game at root of C, and create shortcut on desktop.. May
  3. Hmmmmmmm. I'll try the shortcut, and report back tomorrow. Thanks.
  4. Well, I spoke too soon. Looks like every version I've tried to create winds up with a big 'ol cursor arrow as soon as the game starts. Doesn't appear till the flying starts, then it is there, immovable. I doubt it's the games themselves, must be something about my computer. Any ideas?
  5. OK, just found the "Stripped" version of EAW in my files. Unzipped V1.2 patch into it, and then unzipped latest iteration of EAWPRO into that. Everything seems to be working fine. Tried some of the NOCD/no music/no movies files on your site, but for some reason there was a very large cursor (pointer) right near dead center of the screen. At any rate, all seems to be well. Many thanks. e
  6. New animation codes in EAWPRO

    Anything that adds to the realism of the Sim is always worthwhile. Congrats, VB! Now, a mechanical oil pressure gauge will have a pipeline/tube connected to its' gauge, running from engine, through the firewall, into the cockpit dashboard. This oil pipeline will contain oil under pressure supplied from the engine. If ruptured, it will spew oil, under considerable pressure, as long as the supply of oil lasts. An electrical oil pressure gauge will have an electrical sensor mounted on the engine, which will transmit its' findings to the electrical gauge on the cockpit dashboard. Same thing goes for other sensors, such as water/coolant or even vacuum. In the case of electrical gauges, if the wire from sender to gauge is cut, only the signal is lost, and there is no leakage due to such. There are mechanical ways to configure such gauges (more reliable/simpler), and electrical (more accurate/less chance of cockpit intrusion of unwanted fluids/ less impact due to leakage caused by damage). It is my understanding that most aircraft mfrs gradually made the transition from mechanical gauges to electrical gauges. When this transition occurred, and in what exact aircraft, remains a subject of research as to particular aircraft/time of transition. I suspect that the increasing reliability of aircraft electrical systems played a part, particularly in combat aircraft, where damage could be a frequent occurrence. As one who once had a mechanical oil pressure gauge fail within the cockpit of my car, I can say the oil sprayed out over my legs, and did not spew from the gauge. Of course, this incident was the result of a oil tube failure, and not because the gauge was struck by a bullet. thank heaven. That said, and presuming state-of-the-art military aircraft mfrs had foresworn mechanical gauges at some ill-defined point, then the leakage of fluids, both coolant and oil, onto the windscreen were possible, depending on the exact damage to the engine. IOW, One, or Both might occur, depending on the type of engine (air-cooled vs. water-cooled), or circumstances. Likely that a engine-damaged aircraft will be subsequently struck with more bullets, and additional engine damage resulting, thus resulting in possible leakage of other vital fluids. Certainly, oil AND coolant leakage from the engine, striking the front windscreen would create quite a mess, the two fluids being Immiscibale (not being able to be mixed), and creating a complete visual mess. Of course, given such catastrophic damage to one's engine--BOTH Coolant AND OIL loss, the pilot might be reasonably thinking about bailing out, at least in a single-engine aircraft. I know for certain that the Brits, say from the advent of the Jean Paul Defiant aircraft, used Glycol as an engine anti-freeze. There are written songs about it losing its coolant. German A/C not so much knowledge. Possibly, instead of glycol, simple alcohol. Germans had lots of brewing/alcohol capacity. So, good for you, VB, in creating fluids impacting the front air screen, which is all that is really necessary. Engine coolant (as appropriate to the aircraft) would probably be less visually detrimental than engine oil loss,, but either one would be a signal to the pilot of a single-engine aircraft that they would bailing-out pretty soon. In fact, some sort of time-limit might be added to visual signs of coolant/oil leaks and subsequent engine failure. Such is certain to happen once such vital fluids have begun to leak. Submitted with all due respect, and for consideration..
  7. Thanks for very prompt reply, Mark! I'll be looking into all this tomorrow PM, but great to have some prior info. For the moment, I am assuming that I can recover a playable version of 1.2 from my files. If not, then strip the CD, as per your instructions, and patch the remainder to v 1.2. That's where the confusion about the two files you mentioned comes in. I never needed them before, and I wonder why I need them now. Of course, I was using Win 7x64 Pro, then, and this install will be on win 10x64 PRO, if that makes a difference. I'll restrain myself from tinkering with Track IR at the moment, and focus on EAW. I believe it was member "SkyHigh" on the other Site who had some comments about Track IR there. I have an IM directed to him about the subject, and we will see what happens. Thanks for your Help, and will report back late tomorrow.
  8. I'm almost positive I have a "stripped" version of EAW; one I made from the directions on your help site. If not, I can re-create it easily enough. By Stripped, I mean using your instructions to remove a number of files found on the original CD, which I also have. Let's assume I have the stripped version, for now. What are these things you mention: "You'll want the 1.2 NoCD EXE and the empty 1kb MOVIES.CDF file off of my file archives. (If you need help finding them, PM me). " ? I don't recall using them before. If I need then, please give me "idiot-proof" instructions on where to find them, and how to identify them once there. Once I have both files, what do I do with them? Simply unzip into stripped EAW folder, or what? For now, I think it best to use a V1.2 version of EAW I.E., official patches only. Where are GTG V1.1, and V1.2 patches to be found, in case I haven't stored them? From there, it s getting the game installed, set-up, and running OK. Copy it, and then install EAWPRO. As an aside, I have on the way a Track IR gizmo, and a set of Saitek foot pedals. I'll tinker with that stuff after the install of EAWPRO. Maybe both will work with EAW; I believe "Sky" somethingorother has made some comments vis-à-vis Track IR on SHQ. I'll bug him about that. Yes, I HAVE spent some $$ lately, but retirement is coming, so buy now while I still have a reasonable income, I figure. Probably working on the "project" Sat afternoon. Thanks again, Mark.
  9. Thanks Mark! I'll try to get to work on the project later today, and thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Hey, Mark, the new Win 10 "Gaming Machine" is finally on-line. Latest (and final, I hope) delay was caused by the installation of a new Monitor, fully compatible with Nvidia 2060 GFX card. I plan to install EAW into the Win 10 comp, copy it, then overlay the latest version of EAWPRO onto the copy. To begin with, I will use a "Stripped" version of EAW, as you reference on your Site. I will run it, and edit the INI thus created to suit my preferences. Once the V1.2 EAW game is running OK, I'll make a copy of that, and then use the copy as a basis for the inclusion of NGlide, and almost certainly set up D3W wrapper program once the game is running ok. Make a copy of that, and overlay latest version of EAWPRO onto that. Discard superfluous stuff. I probably have existing copies of all the required elements on the "Win 7" SSD on the Gaming computer. As an aside, I copied/cloned the entire Win 7 SSD from my Win 7 computer, and installed it onto an aux 2 Tb SSD "Slave Drive" on the Gaming comp. Perhaps, since it also contains the Win 7 OpSys, I seem to be able to play all of the games stored there on my Win 10 computer. Unsure how this is possible, but it seems to be happening, somehow. This last aside, do you think this is a correct plan of operations? Suggestions? Part of the reason for doing this is that a mutual friend is having difficulty getting EAWPRO running on Win 10, and I wanted to go through the Start-to-finish procedure, taking notes step-by-step. Eventually, I want to install most everything now running on Win 7 computer into the new "Gaming computer", but that will take some time and effort. Anyway, Critique of my Win 19 "step-by-step" plan, when you have time, and suggestions, please. Needless to say, this would not be possible without your efforts, and your Help Site. Thanks!
  11. We all know that Aux keypads can help with instant, single key pushes as compared to multiple key pushes. Let's assume that mappable keys are a necessity with any aux keyboard. That said, and given that different games will require a different number of "mapped" keys to an aux keypad, how many "aux" keys are usually necessary? Please list essential aux keys by game, if possible. The number of essential aux keys is , as will be seen. Second Part: The reason why I mention this is that there is a certain keyboard available with 24 programmable, and user-labeled keys available. This particular keyboard is NOT cheap. The USB keyboard is pretty much indestructible, having Cherry mechanical keys, and it is resistant to liquid spills, as well as some other mishaps. It is a full-size, commercial, keyboard, with a USEABLE mouse pad. I have used this exact keyboard, commercially, for a few years, and it has withstood daily commercial use without mishap. It is probably the only POS piece of equipment in my establishment with which there have been no problems. There are various versions of this Mfrs keyboard available, some less expensive than the one herein linked. Note that the various un-assigned keys can be labeled by the user. Linky: https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/417892/CHERRY-LPOS-Large-Point-of-Sale/?cm_mmc=PLA-_-Bing-_-Office_Machines-_-417892&msclkid=c179081b815715df5495550c47d97e02&gclid=CIOg4c_Aj-MCFcOmxQIdLq0PVw&gclsrc=ds By all means, search for best value/best features/best price. Those users of existing keypads this alternative will doubtless find this alternative unattractive. Perhaps users considering buying Aux keypads, this alternative might be interesting. I am reluctant to suggest this device, except that it has survived many years of daily abuse, and has not only mappable keys, but a touchpad that works. No commercial interest. YMMV. Submitted for consideration
  12. Auxiliary Keypads

    Hmmmmm. Are you saying that EAW users cannot use aux keypads, with user-defined keys?
  13. I'm an idiot user, but can plainly see that EAW versions of games are best served by having more than one forum. After all, if the primary depositary goes extinct, where will all the info reside? We have all seen extinct sites, and doing so is a very sad thing because all the work the modders that contributed to such extinct sites was in vain. So, let's not let it happen again. As is said in the armed forces, "Two is one, and one is none". May I ask that EAW users not only post on alternate sites, but copy and paste their comments/posts here? Doing so would support the game overall, not to mention this site. The primary goal is support of the EAW/UAW sim, and NOT any particular Site. FWIW, I have zero connection in regards this site. I humbly ask your consideration for the good of the EAW sim, and all its variants.
  14. EAWPRO NoCD version

    Just so I understand you correctly, and stating it another way, EAWPRO is intended for versions of the game beginning with v 1.2, and so on upwards from there. It is not compatible with versions prior to v1.2. Are these two statements correct? Is there an "upwards" limit as to the base version of the game over which EAWPRO can be installed? If so, where is that point? Many thanks!
  15. Making selections and user choices

    Sounds good, VB. It's gratifying that newcomers can be easily accommodated, whilst simultaneously accommodating the more experienced players. Best of both worlds.
  16. EAWPRO NoCD version

    Great! Can you provide exact web addresses for the downloads, please?
  17. EAWPRO NoCD version

    I have had to dig deep into the WayBack machine on many occasions to come to the understanding that the Interweb is a fragile thing, and broken links to older stuff are common. Hell, valuable info even a few years old is sometimes impossible to access, unless the WayBack machine has crawled it at the proper moment in time. Mark's Help Site is such an invaluable resource to the EAW sim! I don't know of anything quite like it. Mark, you have created a resource that has helped this sim to struggle along, and perhaps even exist at all. You have done this, almost single-handed, and not made a dollar from it I'd call that a fair start towards a respectable legacy. After all, all the wonderful creations offered by the Modders DEPEND on your Help Site to get Newbies to get the game running right, or even installed and running, period. Old-timers go there as well, as we all know. Thanks, Mark!
  18. As one who has personally used MarkEAW's Help site to 1) Get EAW up and running, and 2) Get it running WELL, and properly configured for my modern HOTAS, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Absolutely a Must-Read resource.
  19. Making selections and user choices

    Having read your comments carefully, and while being no EAW/EAWPRO expert, I have always believed that the game user should be, by default, given the widest amount of choices possible, as long as the choices/individual selections are provided with a useable/intuitive GUI. There are two alternatives, one being an experienced player, who will endure a certain amount of hassle in configuring the game, and a newbie, who will likely give up in frustration when presented with a GUI that is confusing or very difficult to master. EAWPRO, being based on the fairly decent GUI of the original game, benefits form a good, intuitive GUI. MarkEAW's Help Site is invaluable in teaching the newcomer how to modify the INI once the game is installed. I know I found it so when configuring my (long-since standard) 8-position hat switch on my HOTAS, not to mention getting EAW running in the first place. Thanks Again, Mark! So, my suggestion is to favor the newcomers, and keep the user GUI fairly simple and easy to use. If a new user becomes enchanted with the easy-to-use game, then they can be provided with detailed instructions as to how some of the initial settings can be modified. As far as dumb AI planes, that strikes me as somewhat time-related. For example, there were very few "dumb" German fliers in 1940, but many in late 1944/early 1945. As contrasted to the Germans, there were plenty of "dumb" Brit/Allied pilots on 1940, but very few in late 1944/early 1945--and many more of the good Allied ones, since they were rotated-out to train the fledgling pilots. There were many reasons for this switch-over in pilot quality, most of it due to training and experience. We all know the story, so no sense repeating it here. So, I suggest the "KISS" (Keep it Simple and Stupid) for the benefit of the newcomers, and allowing everyone the option to configure the game as they choose. If the GUI can be modified to accomplish this, so much the better, as long as it is done in an easy-to-use manner. If this is not feasible, then may I strongly suggest providing easily-understood READMEs, appropriate labeled as to their intended use, be provided for the benefit of all? Respectfully submitted, RIBob
  20. Did the computer come with the sound card from Dell, or was the sound card an add-on? Sorry for your horror story. If you were buying a similar computer today, for the same purpose(s), what would you do differently now?
  21. While we are all familiar with MS Windows Updates, and their automatic receipt/install. it appears that various mfrs of Mother Boards do not automatically download firmware/software updates for their products. IOW, various device drivers and BIOS settings are NOT automatically downloaded, unless MS deems them worthy of inclusion in their offerings. This afternoon, I spent some time using Dell downloads to update 3 of my 4 computers. I was surprised that my 2011 laptop needed so many updates, not least to the BIOS. Quite a few driver updates, and some entirely new features were installed on a computer which was, according to MS, fully updated. I can speak only for Dell computers. Perhaps other Mfrs of MoBos do not automatically upgrade their products. Dunno. What I did was to google "upgrade BIOS on Dell computer". that led me to www.dell.com/support/downloads. From there, I found the "downloads" tab, and entered the requested "Product Code", which defines your computer, at least as it left the factory. From there, I was shown a huge number of possible downloads for my computer, including the most essential one, the "Dell Update" download. I installed it, and ran it. It knew the configuration of my system, as it stands right now, and provided specifically targeted downloads for my Win 10 machine, including a BIOS update. Installed all the upgrades, and all is well. Computer now up to spec. My Win 7 computer is taking FOREVER to accomplish this same process; for what reason I don't know. Will probably need to re-set the power settings and run it overnight. So, it seems that the older one's computer is, the more things might need to be updated, and the more time it will take. No surprise there. OTOH, the upgrades are probably more meaningful than smaller upgrades on a more modern computer. FWIW, Dell recommends that periodic upgrades, vis "Dell Upgrade" feature be done as a part of "normal" maintenance. Call me an optimist, but I like to think of these Updates/Upgrades as being useful improvements over pre-existing software/firmware. In a related vein, a few weeks ago I googled how to upgrade my wireless router. I managed to access it via my computer, and installed a firmware upgrade. Prior to this, I did not know that was possible, let alone necessary. Call me surprised. Submitted for consideration.
  22. Oh, sure I have long known about the "Update Driver", "Rollback Driver", and "Uninstall Driver" options. That's fairly old hat. As said, it is part of normal maintenance. I always go to the GFX card's mfr for updates; that's basic. I suppose, after hearing VBH's horror story, that if I had some other high-falutin' cards installed, I'd have them updated solely by the mfr. What I am talking about in my first post goes beyond that a bit, and provides a means where Dell will provide updates for the BIOS, Chipset, and other DELL stuff (for your DELL) after evaluating your computer. The updates offered are user-selectable. So, Dell offers this feature, if you choose to use it. I have not investigated it, but perhaps AMD offers a similar feature/option. In some cases, during my laptop Dell update, new features were apparently installed, or at least existing features were updated along with a new name. Recall that on my (2011) laptop, which has been constantly updated by Microsoft, I went from an I3 CPU to an I5 CPU, as well as upgrading to an SSD drive, and upgrading from Win 7 Home to Win 10 to Win 10 Pro. With those upgrades, the CPU change especially, I am not surprised that the updated laptop might well benefit from some judicious upgrades from Dell. There were about 10 in all, IIRC. Your computer might need more, or less. BIOS was definitely updated, as well as some drivers, some basic DELL features, CPU/Chipset, some modified/additional features, and so forth. I suppose I did not explain well-enough the Dell upgrade feature in my first post, so perhaps the fault is mine. May I suggest that you all give it a try? I was pleased with the results, and you may be as well. The downloads are user-selectable, fortunately. Submitted for re-consideration.
  23. Fly EAWPRO at the EAW Launchpad

    I'm coming, albeit at a slower pace than I'd like. Soon.
  24. EAWPRO NoCD version

    You make some good points. I understand that successful, longstanding practices are only discarded reluctantly. Your observations go beyond that, of course. However, the EAW Community is in decline, and some measures must be taken to counter-act this decline, lest the game, and all the Modder's contributions fly off into history, to never fly again. My remarks on the "one-click", immediately-accessible version of the game pertain to all versions. I very much want this sim to continue to exist, and it sems some changes in the way of things will be necessary to accomplish this. Your opinions on the subject are welcome.
  25. EAWPRO NoCD version

    Your highly significant contributions to the community have not been ignored, I don't think. But at least part of this discussion has been about a one-click download for potential brand-new users of the game; that being the easiest way to attract new users, which the community badly needs. A simple, one-click playable download of a good 1.x version of the game would be a good start, IMHO. Adding-on versions of EAWPRO would be a relative simple process. While your version of the game is very nice, it is also very elaborate, and requires some knowledge on how to use it to its' fullest extent. With all due respect, the GUI needs alittle work, and V1.60 could certainly benefit from a well-written set of instructions. I say this not in criticism, since I respect your work, but trying to play your sim is, for the inexperienced, quite daunting. submitted with all respect.

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