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This package represents the CF-100 MK-4B version as used by the RCAF in North America. The squadrons/skins were based in Canada so this pack isn't a good fit for a typical install and should only be used in a North American centered installation.

The date range runs from March, 1955, until December, 1962.

NOTE:  Due to the large size of this upload 3 additional skins will be uploaded as a separate package.

Additional skins here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/94108-cf-100-mk-4b-norad-skins/

I'm using the NORAD suffix to avoid any confusion with the European versions although the CF-100 MK4 service introduction pre-dates NORAD by about 3 years.

The skin jpeg's are quite large and I've noticed some frame rate issues when flying over Hi Res terrains but no issues over the stock terrains. The model does use distance lods.


Normal installation, just copy and past the files into the appropriate mod folders. If you already have the MK-4A installed you can skip the sounds, decals, pilots [seat] and weapons except the CF-100_RP which has had a not required jpeg removed, or just remove the jpeg from the rocket pod that was included in the MK4A upload.

Additional information in the ReadMe.


Sundowner: Aircraft model, cockpit model, various ini work, some skin work, research.

1977Frenchie: Skins, decals, hangar and loading screens, research.

Baffmeister: Flight model, some ini work, some research, package compilation and readme.

Wilches: Beta testing and research.

Crusader: Research

Paulopanz: Loadout TGA  [Thanks!]

The Canberra_2 engine sound and Mk3 ejection seat are included but not sure who made them. There is also a CF-100windsound which I might have made but don't remember for certain.

This package is subject to the CombatAce Modders Licensing Agreement


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Add link to additional skins.
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